4 Ways To Make $800 Per Week With NO JOB🔥
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4 Ways To Make $800 Per Week With NO JOB🔥

What is going on everyone? Let me ask you
one question and let’s be really real here, who is sick and tired of having
their boss breathing down their neck with their fiery, stinky, hot breath like-
and just, ugh, having someone telling you what to do all the time and
micromanaging? I know that I definitely was, so in this video you’re in luck
because we’re gonna go over four ways, realistically, that you can make $800 per
week without a job and you can ditch that nine-to-five. And why do I pick that
number $800 per week? Because that was just under what I was making, I think it
was like nine hundred to a thousand dollars, I was making as an engineer, that
was my take-home salary after tax benefits and all that jazz. So it’s
more than possible to create an income without having a nine-to-five job by
doing your own work from home gig, side hustle, and by the way I just want to
make that point that these income streams are going to require some
hustle, a little bit of effort, but it is definitely possible with the ideas and
strategies I’ll show you today so go ahead and kick that fiery hot breath to
the curb and start making eight hundred dollars per week without a job. Alright,
so the first way that I wanted to talk to you guys about was focus groups. Now, I
actually love this idea more and more. When I was home for Christmas, my mom and
I actually explored some focus groups and one of the websites you can go to to
check out the available focus groups is focusgroups.com. I believe it’ll
pop up on the screen, but basically what focus groups are is they’re particular
jobs, but they’re more like research studies where you participate and you
get paid a fee to participate in the study, and it could be studies relating
to shopping, to research companies are doing on building new cars, really –
anything relating to life there is a research focus group and if you are a
good candidate, I think the applications take hardly any time- maybe
less than five minutes to apply, and chances are you’ll get selected. I think
one in five people are selected on average for focus groups and some focus
groups you can go and do the study in person, but some focus groups you can do
it online and that’s the really cool thing,
but definitely don’t discredit the ones that you go and do in person because I
have a friend who from one focus group on a Saturday, or maybe it was
a full weekend, on a weekend made a thousand dollars from one focus group
study for only eight hours of work. I mean, that’s quite a bit
of money, it’s a good chunk of change for participating in a fun research survey
on a weekend. so I would definitely check out focusgroups.com if you want to
learn more information about working in a research study. Alright, so the next way
that you could make money outside of your job is with a website called QMee,
which is a platform where you can get paid to browse the web, shop online, do
normal things that you would have already done in your daily internet
browsing life, you get paid for your opinion, shopping online, taking the
survey of the experience and that type of thing, and the cool thing is they do
pay you cash, well not cash, but through PayPal. So you can check out that
website if you are interested in making money with doing things that you would
have already been doing. Alright, so the third way you could start generating
income on a weekly basis is with renting a friend. Now, I know everyone’s like
“Marissa what are you talking about? That sounds scary.” Okay, I mean it’s no
different than any dating app, really, like tinder, bubble, or all these
dating apps nowadays. But with rent a friend, and also with a website called
show around, people will pay you when they arrive in a new city. So at the
making of this video, for example, I’m in Medici in Columbia, so if somebody got on
rent a friend and I put my profile on rent to friend, they could rent me. So
let’s say my rate was $25 an hour for me to show them around the city or go out
at any type of events they could do that and I could make however much
an hour that I put on rent to friends, so it’s kind of cool because you make a new
friend and you get paid for it. The idea is similar with show around. Show around
you get paid to show people around your city, to take them to different local
spots, to show them whatever they want to see. So you get to kind of make the rules,
make your own rate, and, of course, as you get better ratings on show around,
for example, you can increase your hourly and if you think about how cool this
actually is… So the other night I was going out with some friends, and
drinks here in this particular city are super cheap, I mean you can get like a
margarita for 2.50-3 dollars, right? So somebody’s paying you, let’s say, even $20
an hour, they’re paying for like a whole nights worth of going out. So
that’s like, if you think about it that way, it’s kind of cool. It’s just an
extra added bonus of renting a friend and showing people around town,
and so by the way, to interrupt this video, I did want to announce the
Instagram shout-out winner of last week of this video. I did a tribute to Kobe
Bryant and his millionaire habits that he taught us and the winner of that
shout-out on Instagram is moments_of_reflection38, so thank you so much for
your thoughtful response on what Kobe Bryant taught us about millionaire
habits, and your thoughts about what your favorite moment was and him teaching us
about the Mamba mentality entrepreneurship and what he
taught us about being great, so thank you moments_of_reflection38 for your
thoughtful comment. Alright, so the next way to start bringing in some extra
income in cash per week is with a website called onespace. So think of onespace as a upwork or a Fiverr website where it’s a freelance website, but it
really is more of a quick side hustle type gig that you can get online. So with
onespace, it’s free to sign up, you create your profile and the cool thing
about it is you can mark all of the skill sets that you are good at. So maybe
you’re a good writer communicator, maybe you can do some video editing, some
graphic design, there’s all kinds of different options to choose from on onespace. So that’s really cool because when new job openings and opportunities come
up the system matches your skill sets with the new positions. or not
positions. but the new jobs for different businesses or influencers that are
available. and so you would get paid directly from that website once you
complete the work. and the work can range from anything from virtual assistant
work. like entering receipts into a database to copywriting- like I said
graphic design. or any type of freelance skills
that you have, so I just mentioned four ways and you’re probably thinking “Oh,
this video is not over.” That’s right, I totally bring the heat and over-deliver
on this channel, so if you have not already go ahead and smash that
subscribe button, hit the notification bell for more videos just like this one
I post every single week and if you are really interested in building an online
business that is wildly profitable, has no salary cap, you can really dominate
online in whatever niche or expertise you have, I would highly suggest you
download my subscribers to sales blueprint which teaches the exact steps
on how I built my six-figure online business with the YouTube platform. I
know I give a lot of advice on side hustles and work from home jobs on this
channel, but I think the end goal and the idea is to eventually build your online
business, to have that freedom, that location independence, be a digital nomad,
have more time with your family, etc, etc. Alright, so the next website where you
can start to make an income online and this is the fifth one, I believe, is
Google opinion awards. Now, it’s kind of similar to what I mentioned with QMee,
and so Google, obviously, they’re reliable and trusted will everyone probably
uses Google every day, but they team up with these big brands and so these
brands leverage Google’s audience so that they can get feedback and customer
experience surveys on how they are doing with their services and the experience
of their products. So these companies, they want real user feedback and this is
where Google opinions is really good, because you can help out
with these companies and give them feedback on whatever type of product
that they are marketing and delivering to the public. The only drawback is that
if you have an Android you get paid in cold hard rewards points or gift cards
which, hey, that shouldn’t be taken lightly, these gift cards are, they’re not like dumb gift cards, they’re gift cards that you would
actually use, like gift cards on amazon.com, etc, etc, but if you do have an
iPhone you are eligible to get paid for PayPal. So I would check out Google
opinion rewards for more information. Okay, so
the next way to start making an income online and to start your side hustle is
with the website called scribie. So scribie is a website where you can become
a transcriptionist and you can help businesses, and brands, and influencers,
and anyone, really, who has video content, help transcribe their videos into
subtitles or into captions, etc, etc. So it’s taking the audio files, listening to
the audio files, and transcribing them into a subtitle.
So transcribing has become in super high demand lately, you see it all the time on
IG TV videos where they’ll have the IG TV video and they’ll have the
little subtitle, so it’s really important for these businesses to have these
transcriptions because a lot of times when people are browsing Instagram,
YouTube, or wherever, they aren’t always able to listen or to play the audio
because maybe they’re on their phone and they’re not supposed to
be, but they could easily read the transcription and so that is why it’s
really cool to be able to make that quick cash. You can sign up for free
on scribie, you can start being a transcriptionist right away. So, everyone,
I really hope that this video has given you massive value and I know that if you
like this video, you are going to love, love, love, love, this video right here,
people have raged about it, it’s called 12 side hustles that you can do in 2020,
and that video starts right now. I’ll see you on that video. I’m, alone, producing a
six-figure income with just my Adsense revenue. It sounds kind of weird, but I
think this is actually kind of cool.

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