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41 Things Americans Say Wrong | Expert Market

CV Resume Mobile Cellphone Ring someone Call someone Bin Trash can Cash point ATM Secondary school High school University College Telly TV Lift Elevator Ground floor First floor Second floor Third floor Fourth floor Holiday Vacation Paid maternity leave Postcode Zip code Photocopy Xerox Jumper Sweater Trousers Pants Pants Underwear Bum bag Fanny pack @!*? Don’t… Petrol Gas Lorry Semi Pritt stick Glue stick You alright? ‘Sup? Skive Play Hooky Crisp Chip Chips Fries Biscuit Cookie Scone…cake…thing Biscuit Courgette Zucchini Aubergine Eggplant Coriander Cilantro Mug Mug Pen Keyboard Keyboard Mouse Mouse Marker Marker Sellotape Scotch tape Boot Trunk Bonnet Hood Football Soccer Trainers Tennis shoes Rucksack Backpack Hoover Vacuum Cheers mate Thanks dude

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36 thoughts on “41 Things Americans Say Wrong | Expert Market

  1. только я не понял кто был американцем, а кто англичанином 😂

  2. so many are wrong ffs. no one in England calls it a telly it's a TV. fag is slang for cigarettes so brits still say that. and we don't call them hoovers and if you do you are probably wrong as hoover is a brand not a type of thing. did you even try with this video?

  3. A lot of these, e.g. Hoover, Xerox, Pritt stick, Cashpoint etc. are brand names so strictly speaking the other term would be more correct in a generic sense – except Sellotape/Scotch tape, which are both brand names, so it'd be better just to say sticky tape or adhesive tape. Also, ring/call and telly/TV are interchangeable.

  4. just saying the reason our language is called English is because the brittish made it up. so the brittish terms are correct

  5. In Ireland 🇮🇪,
    Mobile/cellphone : phone
    Trousers : pants
    Trainers/Sneakers : runners
    Pants/underwear : jocks
    Football : soccer

  6. American's can't pronounce the words "Arctic" or "Antarctica" correctly. They nearly always say "Artic" and "Antartica". I'm surprised this one wasn't mentioned in this video.

  7. I'm English they weren't chips, they are fries. Chips are thicker. Also the ground floor 1st floor thing us dumb. The ground floor is the 1st floor. It's comes first.

  8. It's so funny that Brits think that because the English language was born in the UK that it automatically makes them correct. FYI the American accent is actually a lot similar to Shakespearean English as the the R's were pronounced and most American vocabulary used nowadays were used by Brits before such as fall instead of autumn or eggplant instead of aubergine. Both fall and eggplant is pure English words while autumn and aubergine were French borrowings. So basically American English is older than British English.

  9. When all things are done and dusted and arguments settled, and English accent opens more doors and earns more respect than any American dialect, try it and see….

  10. Quite a few words are simply ones that changed in England while the yanks were busy with, as usual, religion.

  11. This is just talking about accents, but…
    The modern day British accent was acquired in the 1800s and that is why American accent is so different. It is more similar the the British accent used back in the 1700s when America was still a colony. So pls don’t say our accent is wrong when it it is more original than the modern day British accent.

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