5 Advanced Tips for Instagram Marketing
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5 Advanced Tips for Instagram Marketing

– In this video, I’m going to be talking all about Instagram marketing. And I’m gonna give you five
advanced little tips and tricks to use to grow your Instagram and to grow your business. (electronic melody) Hey folks. Mr. Gavin Bell here and in this video I’m going to share five of my favorite Instagram marketing tips. Instagram is one of those platforms that is just so ripe right now. The potential to have conversations, to meet new people, to create great content, to provide value to an audience and get that audience into your funnel and into your business is
just too good to pass up on. And I see so many business owners not getting it right. They’re doing some of the right things but they just don’t have all
of the right things there. And so in this video I
want to share with you five advanced tips that are
gonna take you from here to here on Instagram. Tip number one is to change
your name on Instagram. Most people will typically
just have their name like Gavin Bell, but what we want to do is change that name to
something like marketing tips or bridal dress shop or something that people are
going to be searching for. And there’s two reasons
we want to do this. First of all, is that piece of real
estate on your profile is in bold and it’s
gonna be the first thing that people see. So if they come to your profile and just see your name, that’s cool. But if they come to your profile and you have something
like digital marketing tips that immediately tells them
what they’re going to get from following you on Instagram. Now, if we look at our Instagram profile really what it is is a sales page and it’s a sale page to either
get somebody to follow us or get somebody to message us or get someone to click
the link in our bio. So we want to use every
part of that profile and the name being the
best and biggest bit because it’s bold to get
somebody to take that action. So we want to use that
in order to get people to take that action that
we want them to take. The second reason we want to do it comes down to search and it’s like I’ve just spoken about. If we have digital marketing tips when someone goes onto Instagram and types in digital marketing tips we are more likely to come up number one. So on Instagram we’re always
trying to find new ways to get reach, to get found. That’s why we use hashtags. If we have our key words in that name, we’re more likely to be found when somebody types in those search terms. Tip number two is to use
the highlight section of your Instagram feed in a way that drives
people to take that action or drives people to follow you. So what a lot of business owners might do is have things like a specific
conference they were at. Like social media marketing world and it’ll just be pictures
from the conference. Or they might have something
like the weekend with my kids or my holiday to Bali. And these things are all great. Don’t get me wrong. But they’re highlights for you. They’re highlights so you can go look back at your highlights and go, “Oh, wasn’t that such a fun
holiday with the children?” They’re not there to
get a business result. And what we want to do
is use our highlights to get a business result. Whether that’s somebody following us, someone clicking the link in our bio, or whatever it may be for you. So I want you to think about what could you put in those highlights that would actually be of value to your audience? So, for example, I’ve
got in there some results where I just share all
the results of my program and people that have worked with me and the testimonials and
the case studies that I have because when someone
comes onto my profile, they read that I’m a Facebook ads guy, then I show them the results, they’re much more likely
to take me seriously, it shows authority, and they’re much more likely to go, “Oh, maybe I can get those results.” My third tip is to use Instagram TV. What I’ve found when I’m
posting videos on Instagram you get a far better reach when you post a video through Instagram TV and then use the preview feature to post a preview of
that Instagram TV episode onto your feed. So, here’s a little tip for you. If you have let’s say a 55 second video, you’re not able to put
that onto Instagram TV with a preview to your feed. It has to be 60 seconds or more. So what to do is just
edit five more seconds into that video, even if it’s just a blank screen. So it allows you to
post it to Instagram TV which then allows you
to post it as a preview into your feed and you’re
gonna get much more reach and way more views and the reason that this happens is because Instagram TV is
a relatively new feature for Instagram and because
it’s a relatively new feature, they overindex it in the platform and so you’re more likely to
get people watching that video because it’s on Instagram TV. My fourth tip is to use what Gary V calls the $1.80 tactic which is going and
searching relevant hashtags relating to your niche,
your space, your industry, wherever your audience hangs out and to go and find all the top pictures and each of those hashtags and just to leave your two cents to go and drop a comment or to drop a DM. So for example, you might want to go
and look at the hashtag from a conference that you
know your audience is at. For me, that might be something like social media marketing world. So I go to the hashtag and I look at all the pictures that people have posted
from the conference and I simply just go onto the picture and just leave my two cents. Leave a comment, and that starts a conversation with you and that person that you know is in your audience because they’ve used
that specific hashtag. So this is like an outbound method which takes a lot of time and effort but because you’re taking time and effort, people are always like taken
aback and they’re like, “Oh, this guy’s left a comment. “Who is this guy? “I’m gonna check them out.” And then they might follow you. Before I get into the fifth and final tip, if you’ve liked this video so far, please be sure to drop a like, drop a thumbs up, drop a comment
if you’ve got any questions or any thoughts on the things that I’m speaking about and be sure to share with a friend. Okay, so tip number five is to use line breaks and paragraphs when you’re writing out a caption. If you’ve tried to write out
a long caption on Instagram you’ll probably know that you’re not able to create different paragraphs just using the return key. What it does is when you post it it just puts it into one big paragraph. But there’s this really cool tool that I’ve used which I’ll link below which allows you to just
copy and paste your text into the tool. It then creates the line breaks for you. You copy and paste that back
into Instagram and boom. You’ve got a really nice,
well-written caption that will capture people’s attention. It’s gonna take up more
real estate on the feed which means people are
gonna spend more time, more attention on it which is always good. And it just looks and feels good. It reads like a proper post
on Facebook or LinkedIn or a blog post, making it easier to read and if people are spending
more time, more attention then Instagram are going to share that with more people. It’s gonna overindex in the
algorithm and the platform and it’s just a really good thing to do. So I really like to, if I’m
writing out a long post, to use that line breaks just to take up more space to make it look better, to make it read better and it’s always really worked. So those are my five advanced
Instagram marketing tips. Things that if you use and utilize you’re gonna get more reach, more followers, and
hopefully more people driving into your funnel and therefore
your business will grow. If you liked this video, drop a thumbs up, drop a comment, share it with someone
that needs to see it, and as always, please be sure to subscribe and hit that bell notification ’cause that’s my surname. And like I always say, it just makes me feel really good. And of course, go follow
me over on Instagram @MrGavinBell or at MrGavinBell.com. As always, have an amazing day. Have an amazing week. Have fun, be happy, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

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