5 Amazon Affiliate Marketers Making BANK
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5 Amazon Affiliate Marketers Making BANK

We’re going to be going over five Amazon
affiliate marketers in this video who are making just Bank, right? And it’s
gonna be really exciting because we’re going over 5 different niches, people.
We’re going over the baby stuff niche, okay? Because that’s just so much baby stuff. Maybe
you’re a mom and you love researching baby stuff. I’m going to show you
somebody making a ton of money just talking about baby stuff all day. Camping
stuff. You could talk about camping supplies and you know the best stuff to
camp. You know ultralight or heavy weight or whatever.
Drones, vacuums and even if you want to talk about TVs, it doesn’t matter what
you’re interested in. We’re all interested in something. There’s some
products we all like. And we can talk about them on the internet and make tons
of money. Very nice full-time incomes, multi-million dollar incomes. And come
over here. So, I’m going to show you it right here on my computer. I’m going to show you
their websites and then I’m going to expose everything they’re doing. Now, I may get
some hate for this but I don’t care because the people needed and I hope you
like this because this is going to be a lot of fun going through their sites. Okay, so
here we are on Google. And what I’m going to do is I’m gonna show you the first niche
which is ranking very well in Google. In fact, I think all these are. Now, I’m just
wondering. I mean think to yourself. How many of you think you’ve never seen an
Amazon affiliate before, right? Can you recall the last time you saw an Amazon
affiliate link? Can you? Now, a lot of people probably, you might be in the
audience thinking I’ve never seen an Amazon affiliate link. You know, it’s
alright there really people making money with Amazon affiliate. It’s all over the
place. And for sure you’ve clicked on them. I’m doing a search for best baby
diapers right here. Anybody who’s had a baby? You know, everybody wants the
best. And we’re going to search you know, we’re just gonna go to the number one
result right here, okay? 7 best disposable baby diapers. Oh, it’s a nice
article talking about you know, how to pick baby diapers, right? You know, we have
all these different products. Okay, okay. Interesting for sensitive skin.
Anybody see the in Amazon affiliate links? Some of you did and they’re
literally everywhere on this site, okay? Every single diaper has an Amazon
affiliate link associated with it. So, anytime somebody buys from any of these
links, this person, this site called babyliss.com is making money from your
purchase, okay? Isn’t that biased, right? Aren’t they just trying to sell you
stuff, man. No, this is how commerce has done. This is how they get the money to
afford the website and to put a full time effort into talking about baby
stuff and working from home. You see, they have Amazon affiliate links, they also
have Walmart affiliate links as well. So you can just click there and boom, you’re
taken to Amazon where you can buy the Pampers. Now, it’s funny because you know
I asked my wife. I said, “Oh, have you ever clicked on an affiliate link?” And she
said, “No, what are you talking about? I don’t click on that scammy stuff.” And I
said, “You just clicked on one.” She said, “What? What are you talking about?” I said,
you just clicked on that thing to buy that baby thing.” She said, “that
wasn’t an affiliate link.” I said, “Yeah, it was. Look at it.” You know… And she was like,
“Oh!” Most people don’t even know that they are supporting so many affiliate
marketers. But this industry is so huge, it’s so cool. Okay now let’s go to our
next subject which is camping. For people new to camping, you know many people
might type in the word camping necessities. Okay, so this keyword is
searched a cool 3,600 times a month in the US. That means a lot of people are
searching for it and related terms. So, we’re gonna scroll down and we’re going to
pick a side. And let’s let’s check this one. 21 camping essentials. And if I’m new
to camping, I might want more. You know, I might think I need more stuff. So, I’m
going to select this link. It says the gear you never want to forget. Okay, I’m going to
buy every single thing on this list. Now, it’s recommending some shelters, some
tents now. Let’s say I want a camp in Utah in the fall. Select this tent the
cold-weather tent. Okay. And it brings me to another page where it gives the best
5 tents. And I’m just going to pick their number one tent.
The Arctic of intent with vestibule. Now, if you’re catching the drift, yes. Boom!
That was another affiliate link. And a lot of sites who talk about products are
using affiliate links. So this company is using affiliate links every single tent
that’s being recommended is an affiliate link, okay? Every no matter which tent you
pick. No matter which product you end up buying that they recommended. The knives,
the survival supplies, medical supplies, jackets. They are all affiliate links. So,
no matter what you buy, they are going to make money. And that’s how people pay for
the internet. That’s how people support their lifestyles around the world. And
many of these people… Nobody really talks about this stuff. But there’s hundreds of
thousands of people out there that are running these little businesses with
little blogs making money every time people purchase products. And you’re
adding value to the world as well. This person is adding value to the world
helping people camp and making money from their recommendations. Now, what I
really like about this person’s approach compared to the baby list approach is
where as the baby list approach, they were recommending the best baby diapers.
And you’re going to pick one of you know, all the ones they reviewed, right? You’re
not going to like… Maybe somebody will buy like you know these diapers and these
diapers and these diapers to split test them against each other. But I think
that’s more of a marketer thing whereas people on this side, they’re saying, you
should buy these 21 things. So, people will theoretically buy 21 different
products to go camping with. That means a lot of money. If you’re spending a
thousand or $2,000. 10% of $2,000 is $200.
So, one visitor could make this person $200 in Amazon affiliate commissions.
Which is pretty good. So, really all you need is one visitor to go buy that whole
list a day and you’re set. Now, here’s another search. Let’s look at
the TV niche. So, something I searched recently was Best TV for video games.
You know, this search only gets 590 monthly people searching for it. But it’s
a pretty big purchase, right? You know, I’m expecting to pay a lot of money for a TV.
Now, let’s click the first result right here and we’re going to click the first
result. What we see is the best 4k gaming TVs and boom! Look at this. Again,
these are Amazon affiliate links all the way down the line. So, here the person is
recommending TVs. This is $1600. And just to give you the math on that, $1600 times
10% is $160. So what I like about this person’s strategy to being an
Amazon affiliate, instead of targeting you know, where’s the baby list; they
targeted you know really cheap goods. $27 and you know $20 for a pack of diapers.
And you were going to select one of them. They would make 1 to 2 dollars, right?
From each person who bought a product from their site. Whereas the other person
recommended 21 products. So, buy all those products. You had to pay like it’s a 1-
2 thousand dollars. It’s that person, if people bought everything, they made a lot of money.
Whereas here, this TV… No matter which product you select, you are going to spend a
lot of money. So, instead of getting people to buy a lot of products, they’re
getting people to spend a lot of money. No matter what you’re going to buy. And you
know, I’m in the market for a gaming TV. Of course, I’m expecting to spend a lot
of money. TVs are expensive especially ones built to do the best if
I’m looking for the best gaming TVs. So, there’s different strategies you can
employ. And personally the way, I recommend doing affiliate marketing is
if this is something you’re going to go after, high ticket items are probably the
best place to start. Because real… You only need one person to buy from your
website a day. And you’re making an extra $160. So that’s much
easier than trying to sell like 100 people diapers, right? So, getting
a hundred people to buy rather than just getting one person to buy. I like high
ticket better. I think it’s bigger money. Now, let’s look at two other
examples of what our high ticket items. Now, if you are getting a lot of value
from this video, type in “Amazon money “in the comments here because Amazon is
giving out a lot of money all over the place. And you should get some of it. In
fact, you should get as much as you want. Because frankly, you shouldn’t be working
a job. You shouldn’t be going to school. You should be making money online. You
deserve it. Take back control of your life.
And if you want to see more videos on how you can be an affiliate marketer and
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online. Have like multiple properties at this point. All that stuff. And I don’t
have a job, right? I don’t have a job. It can be anywhere I want in life. And
you’ll get me as one of the people in your network. You’ll also get access to
40 hours of videos from me and mini courses that you can check out. So, let’s
get to these final 2. What I call you know, their higher ticket items.
Drones and vacuums, we’re also going to get to your bonus which is a home depot
affiliate. Let’s check it out. So, here we are. If we search best vacuum cleaners. If
you’re seeing the pattern, people looking for the best of a particular product is
a really good place for an affiliate marketer to come in. Because you’re
searching for the product itself like a particular vacuum cleaner.
Amazon will probably show up number one. But Amazon doesn’t like actually have a
site that’s like “Here’s the 5 best vacuum cleaners.” Where as individual
companies do. So let’s check out this. The 10 best vacuum cleaners of 2019.
So, we click there. Boom! We get a bunch of vacuum cleaner reviews. And
they’re giving their personal opinions. You know, Best Overall shark navigator
upright vacuum. And boom! Another Amazon affiliate link. And this is not
a super high ticket product like we’re looking. But it’s still $170. So
you make it cool you know about 16 bucks if somebody buys this. But here’s
the kicker: Best vacuum cleaners gets way more search volume than people looking
for TVs. 90,000 people per month are searching for the best vacuum
cleaner. So, that’s a lot of people. So, each individual sale might not be as big,
you’re only making about you know 20 bucks. But there’s a lot more people
searching for it. So, there’s always a give-and-take of volume versus
how much commission you make. Personally I always go as high ticket as I can go.
Now, another strategy and alternative strategy is, if you’re teaching somebody
how to do something, right? If somebody’s looking for how to pack for a
camping trip or how to water a garden or how to set up a raised garden, how to do
anything, right? You can actually teach people how to do something and offer
them product recommendations. Because often times, you know, if I was going to say,
“How to be a YouTuber?” Right? I might talk about camera equipment. I might talk
about a computer. I might talk about a camera stand and all this other stuff.
And people would want to know “What camera do you use? What stand for the
camera do you use? What kind of microphone are you using?” Because they
might want to buy that equipment. And I could teach people how to do that then
put up Amazon affiliate links. And that’s what this person is doing here with
teaching people how to fly a drone. So, we see this, “How to fly a drone?” We’re going to
click this link. We see this is an article. This is a guide of how to fly a
drone. It’s a very long guide. But throughout this guide, I’m not going to walk
you through it all. But basically, products are talked about and you can
buy drones. They’re drone buying guide. You can buy drones from them. And drones are
not cheap. So, here we are on their number one drone selection pick and as you see,
boom! Once again, $1500. Drones are a great, high ticket item. A lot of people are
buying them and some affiliates got to make
commissions. So they did a very good job. They’re teaching people how to fly
drones and then they’re saying this is the best one to buy. When somebody buys
this, they’re making somewhere like $150. It’s an
article. It’s up on the internet. It’s been up on the internet for a while
now and they just sit back wherever they do in a hammock in their house. And
literally, make money while they sleep. That’s what being an affiliate can be
once you start getting it down. Now, this final 1, I’m going tO give you just an
example from the home-improvement nice for a home depot
affiliate. How to paint a fireplace. They have all sorts of home-improvement stuff.
You can shop for paint, they recommend paint from Home Depot. They give you
brick cleaner and ladders and all this stuff. And the great thing about home
improvement items is they can get very expensive. You can spend a lot of money
remodeling a house or fixing something around your house. And you can make money
from every single thing involved because people are doing their research on the
Internet. Great ideas. Join their affiliate program. Again, home depot as an
affiliate program. Every company has an affiliate program. We did it. We did it. We
went through 6 people’s websites that are making Bank
with Amazon’s affiliate program and Home Depot’s affiliate program. It’s very easy.
And I hope this gave you ideas of how much stuff you can do. How many items you
can talk about anything around you can be talked about online. You can help
people out with and you can earn money doing it. It’s like so easy. If your mind was blown, okay? If your mind was blown, type in the comments “mind
blown” because I want to know if this sort of con. And if showing other
people’s sites, helps you get ideas for how you can make your own money. How you
can get you out of the rat race. How you can actually start creating freedom for
yourself. So, you are working around your own schedule and not anybody else’s. That
would be fabulous. And I need to know that. And also, if you want to go deeper,
subscribe to my channel. I already talked to you about the money club. Join the
money club. If you’re in the money club, type in “money
club.” There’s so many opportunities out there. You don’t need to work a job. You
don’t need to go to school. You don’t need to let the social media
use you. You can use it. You can be the blog. You can be the Pinterest or you can
be the Instagrammer that people are clicking on your links. They’re engaging
with your content and you’re the one making money. You’re the one living for.
You’re the one out there enjoying nature you’re the one spending time with your
family traveling around the world or whatever you want to do. You just got to
take action. You got to realize that you can do this too. It shows you 6
different examples. If you subscribe to my channel, you will see examples every
single day. So, I look forward to seeing you in the next videos. Until then, live
free, learn a lot and talk to you soon.

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