5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools – Comprehensive Digital Marketing on Slatecube
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5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools – Comprehensive Digital Marketing on Slatecube

– [Instructor] By popular demand I’ve put together a list of all of the tools mentioned in this course and this was a request by students, so if you have a request, please do let me know as well. Now, I will be showing you how to use each of these tools in a lot more detail as you go through the lectures but I did want to share my five favorites with you right now so that you can benefit from them straightaway. Now, all these tools are free and I’ve put a little star beside my five favorite ones to really highlight them for you. So, if you wanna get your hands on this list, just click on the resources section of this lecture to click through. Now, my number one favorite tool is Keyword Everywhere. This is a free SEO tool and it’s fantastic for doing market research. Once you’ve got the tool installed, you can type anything into Google and instantly see the search volume for a word or phrase right underneath the search bar and I use this information for two things. Firstly, to get ideas for content, so for example, I can see that almost 3,000 people per month search for SEO checklist, so I know straightaway that that is a topic my target audience are interested in and it could be a good topic to create a blog post or a video around. Now, the second way that I use this search volume data is to assess demand for a business or product idea. So, for example, if I type in digital marketing course, I can see that over 40,000 people per month search for that, so I know there’s a lot of demand for it, so I’d really encourage you to use these tools to assess both demand for your content and your business idea if it is a new one. Now, my second favorite tool is similarweb.com. This is a great tool for competitor analysis and it puts a ton of information at your fingertips. So for example, I’ve typed in udemy.com into SimilarWeb and now I can see where they get their traffic from geographically. I can also see where they get their traffic coming from in terms of the different marketing channels and normally you would never have access to this information but now you can use this tool to really uncover your competitors’ marketing strategies so you can just replicate them for yourself. Now, my third favorite tool is canva.com and again, this is free and Canva enables you to easily create professional-looking designs very quickly. They’ve a ton of templates and you can use it to create blog graphics, social media posts, marketing materials and much, much more. I’ll be showing you later in the course how to use it to create a Facebook page header and YouTube channel header later on. My fourth favorite tool is vidIQ. Now, once you’ve got this installed, you can see all of this extra information beside every single YouTube video. It’s a little bit like the SimilarWeb for YouTube. You can see how many subscriptions have been driven, what keywords they’re trying to rank for and even an SEO score so you can really look at this information for each videos, improve on what your competitors are doing and beat them so you can really get more views from YouTube. Now, my fifth favorite tool is not really a tool but it’s a 24-Point Google Analytics Checklist that I’ve put together for you and this will really help you set up Google Analytics correctly, track marketing analytics and get actual insights to increase your sales and I wanted to share with you now because it isn’t available anywhere else, essentially, this is what we’ll be doing in the Google Analytics section bringing you through the step by step so I think it’s good to just get your hands on it now and make a copy for yourself. So, those are my five favorite free digital marketing tools. Get your hands on this right now on the resources section in this lecture and as an exercise I’d encourage you to go ahead, set up the first tool, the Keyword Everywhere tool and then type something in related to your business just to see the monthly search volume. So, go ahead and do that and I’ll see you in the next lecture.

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