5: First Day at the Office in the Marketing Department
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5: First Day at the Office in the Marketing Department

Are you the new hire? I am. I’m Mike Pulley. I’m the new marketing manager. I’m in charge of international direct marketing. I’m Nancy. Nancy Madison. I’m the Public Relations
Assistant. You’ve done direct marketing before?
=Have you done direct marketing before? I have. I’ve been doing this for three years. But, this department is much bigger than my old one. Who do you report to? I’m under Sam Smith, the Director of Marketing.
He was in the interview. Is Sam Smith also in charge of Public Relations?
Who do you report to? He’s not. I report to Daniel Black, the Public Relations
Supervisor. They may make him Director of PR
if they decide to create the position. The public relations department only has three people. But, if we get the contract for the new campaign, they’ll promote him, and we’ll be hiring other new people. So, we won’t be working together. We will sometimes. The Marketing section consists of your department, the
sales department, and customer service. We are under the same VP. Our research and development department works closely
with your department. Who is Jennifer? She was also at the interview.
Is she in R & D ? You won’t be working under her. She’s in HR. She just does hiring. She pays your salary too. She’s single. Are you single? That’s an inappropriate personal question. I should go to the HR department and report you to Jennifer
for sexual harassment. No! Please! I’m begging you. I’ll do whatever you want. That’s right. Anything I want.

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