5 Phases of Marketing | Phase 5 – Post Sale Marketing
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5 Phases of Marketing | Phase 5 – Post Sale Marketing

Hey everyone Travis Robertson here real
estate coach and CEO and founder of Robertson
coaching international, a company designed to help agents like you create businesses that
support your life not businesses that run your life. So
what I want to talk with you about today is the last of the five phases. We’ve been
looking at the five different phases of marketing, five different phases that all your
leads are gonna go through and we’re going to wrap it up now with the last phase what we call post sale marketing. post sale marketing and this
is the second area where most agents businesses fall off. Now I’m also mention that each one of
these phases has a question that you have to answer in your marketing plan. The question is
how can you stay top of mind with your past client and
your sphere of influence? See what happens is most agents
when they wrap up a deal, what do they do? They’re on
to the next client and the reason is because they need to
make money and they feel like you know what this person just spent all the money
with me that they’re going to spend with me and I’m gonna move on. Instead this is
where your repeat and referral business begins. So what does this
look like? I want to give you a couple ideas that
our clients utilize to stay top of mind with their past clients and their sphere of influence. The first is
what we call our one one one follow up and the one one one follow up is this: we want you to call all your past
clients one day after the sale, one week after the sale, and one month
after the sale. Now I know what you’re thinking but what
if they have a problem? I don’t want to get dragged in or
sucked into their problem that I may not be able to fix. And you
know what? You’re right. You may not be able to fix it but chances
are good that you know more about fixing their problem than they do, right?
That’s what makes you the expert. And are they expecting to hear from you
after the close? Chances are good they’re not. So this goes above and beyond and it’s a
great way of involving yourself in a big life decision and delivering beyond their expectations. The second thing we
would encourage you to do is send out valuable educational mail updates, email updates, regular
communication; what we like to call 27 to 33 touches to your past clients and sphere of influence every single year. Now one of our clients go so
far as to do 81 touches to her past clients and sphere of influence. Now, I know what you’re thinking 81 touches? Isn’t that’s spam? But
what’s interesting about this is she’s never had one person ask to stop receiving information from
her because she provides value and she mixes it up. It’s not all email, it’s
direct mail client parties; it’s invitations to things
that are happening in their community and people love it and they find a
valuable. So these are just a couple of ideas things that you can do to stay top
of mind with your past clients. If you want more
information on these five phases or anything else that we’ve covered what I want to do is noticed that the
links to the previous four phases are in the bottom in the description at this
YouTube video or you can visit us online at travisrobertson dot com where you can get more information on
us, our programs, our training or even our coaching program because we
would love absolutely love to serve you with
everything that we do. As always I appreciate your time,
appreciate you watching this video and I look forward to seeing in the next
one. Take care. and we’re designed to help agents like
like you create businesses that support your life not
businesses tha that each one of your clients are going to go through from recording … is that a yes? okay sorry.

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10 thoughts on “5 Phases of Marketing | Phase 5 – Post Sale Marketing

  1. Fantastic, all these phases is very valuable, this is worth a lot.  Thanks for your generosity to share this for free.

  2. I work with Travis! He is taking this Baby Boomer to the next level. 
    I am so satisfied with your service Travis. Thank you.

  3. I found this extremely useful as someone who is about to begin in Real Estate. Really appreciate the effort you put in making this short videos (great quality by the way). Love your style. Keep it up, serously!

  4. Travis ~ I attended one of your classes in Phoenix and thoroughly enjoyed it! Following up with your videos on line. Thank you for all your help and giving me new direction!

  5. I love the way how smartly you pick dresses for each of your videos. You started with something casual and ended it with more formal so that at the end of the series everyone should take you seriously and should believe in you. And guess what I took your valuable lessons seriously. Thanks for helping man.

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