5 (Proven) Steps To Hit Your Digital Marketing Goals In 2019
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5 (Proven) Steps To Hit Your Digital Marketing Goals In 2019

okay so you want to get things done
right and you want to get better results hi I’m John Lincoln with ignite
visibility I’ve worked with over 1,000 online businesses in so many different
environments and today I’m going to tell you five ways to get more and get more
accomplished out of your digital marketing in 2019 so let’s go ahead and
dive into it and make sure to watch the whole video because every step is
incredibly important for you to have success okay so the first step is that you need
to have a goal what is your specific goal do you want to get to 100,000 in
revenue a month do you want to get to a million in revenue a month you need to
know a specific number because if you don’t there’s no way that you can build
a program to target it to so the second thing you need to do is set the strategy
so that you can accomplish that goal so what is the specific strategy that
aligns with that individual business unit so that you can get there for
example you want to get to 100,000 dollars a month in revenue you are going
to drive 10,000 of that from Facebook you’re gonna drive 80,000 of that from
email marketing and you’re gonna drive the remaining 10,000 from Google Adwords
that’s the specific strategy and you’re gonna do that by implementing this
specific creative campaign so that you can reach that goal so putting that into
a one sheet laying that out so you can see specifically what is the strategy to
get to the goal that you’re looking to accomplish okay so the next thing that
you want to put in place are kpi’s or key performance indicators so what this
means is for Facebook what are the key indicators that you’re going to be
looking at to see if you have progress to reaching that goal for email
marketing what are they going to look like and for Google AdWords what are
they going to look like using our initial example so for email marketing
it might be list size it might be click-through rate and then it could be
amount of traffic and then conversion rate and associated revenue and taking
that aligning that with your strategy and your goals for each of the different
channels for digital marketing that are gonna have to do with the strategy that
you’ve laid out okay item number for execution what is the execution plan to
make it so that you’re implementing each of the items that go along with the
strategy and that align with the KPI so that you can hit those specific KPIs for
example if email marketing you’re looking to grow revenue
10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 etc what is the specific work that goes into it is
it one blast a month and then turning into two blasts a month and then four
blasts a month refining and segmenting the lists and in what process are you
doing that are you split testing different images within different
segments of the list and are you ramping up the amount of sends then eventually
putting in place an automation campaign that would be an example of that on the
other end if it’s on the Facebook side our what what’s the process there right
and the work that you’re actually implementing are you taking all the
email addresses are you building a custom audience are you then creating a
look-alike audience are you then testing each aspects of that look like audience
and really laying out all the work that needs to be done so that you’re aware of
all the work that needs to be done so that you can hit your KPIs that align
with your strategy and that of course relate to the specific goal that you’re
building this whole campaign around and then item number five a timeline what is
the exact timeline to get all of the work done that aligns with your KPIs
that aligns with a strategy that aligns with the goals right so taking the time
that I should lay out the timeline for each channel for digital marketing that
aligns with the specific strategy is really important and that aligns with
the work that you need to do to support that strategy so making sure you put in
place a clear timeline is really really important if you do these five things
you’re gonna have massive success with your digital marketing put yes if you
are going to do this or yes if you are gonna try this I would really appreciate
it make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and share this video with
other people so that we can crush it with our digital marketing in 2019 have
an awesome day

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8 thoughts on “5 (Proven) Steps To Hit Your Digital Marketing Goals In 2019

  1. Yes, you are right without goal we can't measure the result and accomplish that we wants.

    The problem is that by exciting we makes a goal but there are so many things exists that lead to distracts from our goal. So, to avoid from distraction, I have developed habits to do in daily basis that helps me to do all the thing time-to-time from morning to before sleep to accomplish my goal.

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