5 Red Flags To Look Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency
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5 Red Flags To Look Out For When Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

– What’s up everybody? Today we’re gonna talk
about five red flags to watch out for when you’re
hiring a digital agency. (upbeat music) – What’s up guys? Shlomo here. Got Chris Mechanic. Today we’re gonna be talking
about the five red flags that you should look out for
when hiring a digital agency. Chris and I have been on
many, many sales calls and we’ve talked to a lot of prospects who’ve worked with previous agencies or prospecting with other new agencies and we’ve put together a
list of the top five things that you should really be careful for that if you hear anyone,
any agency pitching you that mentions any of these five things, run for the hills. They are not someone you wanna work with. So we’ll kick it off with Chris. Chris, you wanna talk about number one? – Yeah, black box. We call it the black box syndrome. So if there’s an agency and they probably won’t
lead with this information, but we see more times than you would know agencies that will hold accounts, such as like your paid media account, behind a black box where
you don’t have access to it. So this is a really easy one to sniff out. And it’s very important that you ask, hey will we own these accounts? Is a really important one. And, will we have access to be able to log into these accounts? Because if you don’t and
you have to part ways with that agency then it’s a big mess trying to move it over. – Yeah, a lotta times
they’ll be like we own it. They won’t give it back to you. All the money that you
paid for the time you lost, all your data, everything
you built up for, you’re starting from scratch again. So definitely be careful of that. – And along with that
is proprietary systems. – That is the worst, the worst. – I think agencies build these
things to kind of lock you in because it adds switching costs. – Yeah, yeah.
– Which makes sense, but it’s not very.
– You should know that when you’re having
a website built for you, if it’s proprietary
there’s no reason for them to go proprietary, there’s
WordPress out there that is standard across the
board, anyone can use it. They’re only going proprietary very likely because they’re trying to lock you in. I see this a lot with very
niche, we make dental websites. – Right.
– We make this plastic surgeon
websites, whatever it is, and we make it on this proprietary system that if you ever leave us, you’re not to have your website anymore. So we’re the only ones
that can make changes. – Number two.
– Number two, guarantees. Anyone that guarantees you that they will be successful is lying. Because no one can guarantee when it comes to digital marketing, because the landscape is always changing. There are things that are happening, they don’t know your business well enough, they don’t know your sales process, they don’t know your product well enough. If they guarantee you
that they’re gonna be able to get results, right away
you know that they’re lying and they’re just trying
to get your business. Guarantees, you see that
a lot in SEO, right? – Yeah, like guaranteed ranking. – Guaranteed ranking, impossible. – Yeah, it’s definitely
impossible to guarantee that. Sometimes they’ll be like, we guarantee that you’ll rank for 10 keywords, but they don’t necessarily tell you what those 10 keywords are. – Right, or if those
keywords have anyone else competing against them. – Yeah, so you wanna
ask, well what keywords? But generally you wanna steer clear. And that kind of goes
along with over-promising. A lot of agencies unfortunately
tend to overpromise and under deliver.
– Yeah. – Which sucks for us
because we kind of have to, most of the prospects that
we deal with have been jaded at some point in the past by some. – Right, we don’t sound as exciting, but we’re more realistic in
what’s actually gonna happen. Yeah, stay away from guarantees,
look more for strategy. Look for like, well what’s the strategy, where are you going,
what’s the actual path to be able to reach our target audience, to drive conversions. Look for that, stay away from guarantees. Number three.
– Yeah, and then, this is one of my favorite, I called them 600 a month-ers. (chuckling) These are agencies that are too cheap. From a buyer’s perspective, if one agency’s charging 10,000 a month and one’s charging 600 a month. That’s attractive because it’s cheaper. But this is the ultimate example of you get what you pay for in this industry.
– Exactly. And people think they’re
getting away by being cute. They think, oh I’m saving money. If you’re spending for paid media, and having someone who’s
one of the 600 a month-ers, or whatever it is, it
has to make sense, right. Manage that, it’s going to be
much more expensive for you because you’re gonna end up,
A, losing your actual ad spend and be paying this guy. So be focused more on,
I would say, our ROI. If the agency’s charging a lot of money it’s because they’re probably
good at what they do, and they’ll probably drive an ROI. So steer the conversation
as opposed to price, like how much you price,
but steer it more towards how is the return on the
investment gonna work out given the agency plus the ad spend. – Yeah, all right and then fourth is actually an interesting
one, it’s digital DNA. So you wanna ask your agency basically, how did you get started? What were your original service offerings? Because there’s a lot of
we do that too agencies. These are agencies that started
maybe with more traditional, maybe on the print side or the radio side. And then of course digital emerges, social media gets all
hot, search gets all hot, so they wanna add that service line. But all to often it’s like
basically they just have one guy who does digital, who
doesn’t really know that much about any one given thing. So if digital is not clearly in their DNA, and you’re looking for a digital agency, you should probably
find one that does have. – Yeah, those design agencies
are some that you see, our services that we also do
PPC conversion, optimization and everything else.
– Everybody does PPC. – Right, right, so yeah
be looking for that. Make sure that their
foundations are digital and not something that
you want to look for. Number five is lack of specificity. Which means that a lot of times when you’re pitching the deal, or you call someone and
say, hey what’s going on, this is my business, this
is what I’m looking for, can you help me? And they say, yes, I can help
you, yes, I can help you. – Here’s a proposal.
– Here’s a proposal. – I’ll send you a
proposal in five minutes. – Exactly, we can do it for
whatever amount a month, we can do it, yeah. So basically, they didn’t take the time to look at your account, they didn’t take the time
to look at your analytics, they didn’t take the time to
look at your conversion rates. They have no baseline,
they have no benchmark to know whether or not they
could be successful with you, But they want your business
so they’ll just be like, yes, we can do that. – Yeah, and for me personally, we take a lot of pride
in the work that we do. Our business is based
heavily on our reputation, so if we mess up it’s definitely
not good for business. So any time that I’m
talking with the prospect I always wanna kinda
open up the hood, dig in, Check out their analytics
and check out their accounts to be sure that we absolutely can help before we pitch a deal. And if I see an instance where
I don’t think we can help or add value, I’m the
first one to admit it. – Exactly, just yesterday
we were talking about that, that ad account we were looking at, they give us access. Part of our sales process
is always first step is get access to analytics,
AdWords if relevant, Facebook, and we’ll take a look and
see, can we help them? Who’s working on it now, are they doing a good job or are they not, what’s the potential for us
to come in and actually change this around and make it great. And if we can’t do that,
we won’t take the deal. – Yeah.
– So yeah, if an agency’s pitching you and they go straight for the proposal, they don’t try to get more
information on your business understanding, stay away. – Yeah, now if you’re
looking for an agency, a good digital agency,
you know who to call. But if not, if you have any questions, feel free to comment, likes,
comments, always appreciated. And thank you for your time today. – All right.
– We’re out.

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