5 Star Wars Products You Won’t Believe Exist
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5 Star Wars Products You Won’t Believe Exist

Okay, Link,
since you are the one
with the most “Star Wars” knowledge
and the least social life, – um,
– ( laughs ) I’ma play a little
game with you. – I’m going to say a “Star Wars”
themed product.
– Mm-hmm. Of course, this franchise
has been around for years and it’s so popular
that it has just spawned – all kinds of–
– Oh, yeah. – derivative products.
– Mm-hmm. And they get weird. And so I’m gonna just,
I’m gonna read two, and you tell me
which one is real. If you get a majority
of these right, three out of five,
you get to keep whichever ones you want, ’cause we’ve got
some of them here. – Oh, yeah.
– All right. The ones that
aren’t real? Uh, ( laughs ) – here’s you first one.
– All right. Which of these is
the real food stuff? Mm-hmm,
beloved by many. Or… – Uh.
– ( chuckles ) Like a pre-made patty
that you can grill? That’s shaped like
a hand? That sounds pretty
far-fetched doesn’t it? Yeah, Jar Jar Binks
tongue sounds like something that, you know,
a licensing department would come up with. – Is that your answer?
– That is my answer. You’re right,
these first one’s
are a little easy. Unfortunately,
we don’t have this one… – Link:Ooh!
– Rhett:Because it has been
discontinued, but basically,
Link:I wonder why.Rhett:It was a lollipop
that let your child, or you,
make out with Jar Jar. Oh, my gosh. ( imitating Jar Jar )
Meesa not interested. ( laughs ) But you gotta admit, all the practicing
I did with pillows back in middle school, – That would have been very–
– If I had Jar Jar, I would have been
a lot better by the time
I got to high school. Was it flappy or was it…? Well, it’s a lollipop so
I don’t– – Yeah, that’s not
– It’s not a gummy tongue. That’s not realistic.
It should have been
a gummy tongue. Kids get yourself
a gummy tongue. Good, I didn’t want
that one, I’m glad you don’t
have it. Okay, one for one.
Uh, which one of these
under things is real? Under things? ( laughter ) No way. Or… Ooh. I can make immediate
use of that. – Well…
– ( laughter ) Personally? ( chuckles )
I’d throw it on right now. – I don’t understand.
– I hope that’s real.
it’s the X-wing. That– that one’s real. There’s no way that
the diaper is real. Okay. Oh, no you have– don’t– don’t– I’m not even gonna look. Oh, Rhett.
Seriously? ( buzzer sounds ) Are you serious?
What… ( laughter ) – Rhett: Um.
– This can’t be happening. This moment isn’t real. – Rhett: I mean…
– Did you make that? Yes, we actually–
we’re not able to procure them, uh, so Daniel made some
that are basically exactly like what we found
on the internet. And I gotta say,
I’m loving every second of it. My view’s not great. It’s too–
come on, come on. A little dumpy
in the back. – You need to fill it up.
– ( laughter ) Um, okay, so to clarify,
Dan made it. but because we couldn’t
acquire it, – but they are acquirable…
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – By some people.
– What do you think? My mind is blown,
I don’t want to talk
about it anymore. Okay, Link,
you missed that one
just in case– Adult diapers?
What? Yeah, I just–
if you start smelling
something, – just know that,
I’m okay.
– ( laughter ) Okay, which of these
camping products is real? That sounds awesome. Or… …the guts. Ooh! I think that is my
favorite moment from
“Star Wars.” Like, I remember that. It’s like one of my
first memories as a kid. Seeing him get inside
of that thing. – You want that to be real.
– Link: It’s amazing. – I hope that one’s real
– It might be. – and I hope you have it
and I want it so bad.
– Ooh. Is that your answer?
But I want the sleeping bag, – but the tent too…
– Okay. – They’re both real.
– Nope, you gotta pick one. Uh, the tauntaun. Let’s let him know
if he’s right! ( laughs )
Hey, there he is! ( laughs )
Look at that! – Yes.
– And there’s a Chase
inside. Get out of our
sleeping bag, Chase. – It has a tail.
– Why is it yours? Because this is what
I’m gonna choose. And look,
hey, look, a lightsaber… Whoa, oh, Chase. ( laughter ) – Are you naked in there?
– You really got comfortable
in there. – Are you serious?
– No, no, it’s just
brown pants. – ( laughter )
– Oh! I thought, I know–
he’s been vacationing
a lot lately. I thought maybe
he got some tanned thighs. I– I would fit– I thought there would
be more guts. Stop focusing on
what’s inside. It didn’t–
it’s gut-lined. – There’s a gut–
there’s an intestine lining.
– Yeah, that’s cool. Now, for the full effect,
you can throw in
a dead raccoon. Uh, which incidentally, we just a met a woman,
an E.R. nurse who said that a woman came in–
yeah, Chase you can leave. This is totally true. A woman came into
the E.R. with a dead
raccoon under her shirt. And she was clutching it. And it had one eye open. – So, if you can–
– And I believe it because
they showed me a picture. And if you can find
a dead raccoon. Or if you can find
that woman. She’s probably got one. Just throw it in there. That’s one way
to stay warm. – Okay.
– We don’t have an explanation, but it did happen. So, you got that one right,
Link, you’re up to two. Which of these is
an actual “Star Wars”
video game? Or… That’s not right. Hmm. Well, that one seems
more reasonable, the Han Solo thing. But I don’t know. A Sims clone, meaning it’s not made
by the Sims, uh, officially. Or sanctioned by
“Star Wars” officially. – But I do think that
it does exist.
– It’s Sims-ish. I do think that
it exists. So, I’m saying,
Chewbacca lovemaking
simulator. – Okay, let’s show him
the clip!
– Clip?♪ I’m Solo, I’m Han Solo ♪♪ I’m Han Solo, I’m Han Solo,
Solo ♪
♪ Yeah, feeling good tonight ♪( buzzer sounds )
– ( laughs ) – ♪ I’m Han Solo ♪
– Harrison Ford would never
stoop so low. He would never make
those motions with
his body. He was stoopin’
kind of that low. Uh, that was of course,
“I’m Han Solo.” A parody of
“Ridin’ Solo” for an X-Box Connect
game called, “Connect Star Wars”
that basically no on
bought. Hmm. But the Sim thing
you should think about. Hey, Link, you’re
two out of four. You got to get
this one right to walk away with
the tauntaun sleeping bag. – Tauntaun.
– Or anything else
that we have. Which of these pieces
of footwear is real? – Or…
– Very feasible. …otherwise known
as rollerbladers. ( laughter ) I’m trying to… what a BB-8 rollerblade
would look like. It’s like your–
your leg goes down
into a BB-8 and then you can’t
see the blades. Crocs are very feasible. Um, I think it’s
the rollerblades. Just because I really
hope that they exist. – Final answer?
– And I think you’re going
to surprise me. ( buzzer sounds ) Link just lost
Chewbacca crocs! And they’re mine now! Because you didn’t
get it right. Oh, dang,
what size are they? Well, those are size 12.
Oh, my size. – Because we knew
you would probably lose.
– Dang it. Seriously? – Uh, yeah. These ranged
– You’ve always wanted crocs. between $13-$72 depending
on size, but you can put no price
on the shame that I’ll feel
while wearing them. $13 and $72? ( laughs )
Yeah. That’s quite a range
for some crocs. Material, man.
You know what, Link? You can have ’em,
merry Christmas. They’re too big,
I– I– want you
to wear ’em. Merry re-gifting. – Okay.
– But I’m gonna make
those rollerblades, Stay tuned,
because it is time for: Project for Awesome. Link:Your mornings
just got better,
with our boiled for safety mug,available at mythical.store.

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100 thoughts on “5 Star Wars Products You Won’t Believe Exist

  1. not a fan of these short 8min episodes…. guys cmon bad form i used to make this show part of my wake up routine but 8 minuets!

  2. We have seen a lot of both Rhett and Link in past episodes, but it never ceases to amaze me the lengths they are willing to go to… Rhett in a diaper… REALLY? LOL

  3. The adult diapers are for disabled adults who want to have designs on their adult diapers instead of looking like a giant baby. It's not much but it's a tiny shred of dignity.

  4. People who haven't seen Star Wars (very few) are probably feeling like they're missing out. (Who's Luke and what does he look like? Who the heck is Jar Jar Binks?) Betcha they just skipped today's entire episode.

  5. I burst out laughing when Rhett dropped his jeans to show off the Adult Diaper. At least I didn't drop a "Death Star" though. XD

  6. The dancing Han Solo aspect of Kinect Star Wars is arguably the worst part of what is otherwise a very fun and overall great game.

  7. When they said dancing simulator and Han Solo, who else thought of " IM HAN SOLO, IM HAN SOLO" from Star Wars Kinect before they did.

  8. I basically have the chewbacca crocs but they are penguins.
    After wearing them too the beach, there will always be sand in them ;-;

  9. Im very late watching this video and I have no idea if anyone already mentioned this, but in the Sims 4 there is currently Star Wars Character outfits and skins you can use, no Chewbacca though unfortunately.

  10. he said that no one bought the dancing Han Solo game but in my mind i that, wait… i have that game…

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