5 Steps to Creating Your Profitable Marketing Plan – Part 1
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5 Steps to Creating Your Profitable Marketing Plan – Part 1

Hey, everybody! It’s Christine Parma of Christineparma.com
and I am back here with you live again for today’s practical business training to help
you create an amazing business and frankly an amazing life that you love too. I am Christine Parma from Christineparma.com,
you can see that right below and I help amazing, ambitious momma entrepreneurs to create profitable
businesses without working 24/7, sacrificing everything that they love in the process and
generally making themselves crazy because as moms you know, we have a lot to juggle,
so I help momma entrepreneurs to create the time they need through creating the systems
and the processes so that they can get paid to do what they love and be an amazing mom
too. So you can find out more about how I help
momma entrepreneurs at Christineparma.com. So today’s topic I wanted to do, I might
do it a little bit differently today because, you know, normally I mean I bring the information
and I bring the value and I started outlining what I wanted to talk about today which is
about creating your businesses year-long marketing plan and one that’s actually going to make
you money and not, and I don’t want it to be some kind of overwhelming burdensome task
for you to do. So I started outlining it and there’s a
lot. There’s a lot of what I want to share with
you because I want to break it down into a step by step process that is totally doable
for you no matter where you are in your business. So, I decided today I’m going to do part
one. I’m going to share the first step. Maybe the first two steps depending on how
long we can go here, but I wanted to make it very digestable for you and easy to implement. So, today is going to be part one of the five
simple steps to creating your business’s annual money-making marketing plan. Now I want to start off with this, and that
is, you know, if you are a solopreneur, if you’re a momma entrepreneur, most of the
time we are solopreneurs also, we need a marketing plan. You need a strategy around your marketing. No matter where you are in business, you need
to do something you know have a plan other than throw spaghetti at the wall, see what
sticks, you know, just get something out there sort of strategy. I call it the willy-nilly strategy because
you’re wasting a lot of time and a lot of effort with that strategy and it’s probably
not leading to the kind of results that you want to have if that’s what you’re doing. And I can talk about this because I’ve been
there right? So, we want to have, I’m going to type this
up here right now, a marketing plan. Whoops! If I can type marketing plan around here around
my microphone. So, and if you have questions as you go along
or comments, please share them in the comments below. I can actually, oh, and I couldn’t even
spell plan right. Hahaha. As you can see. But it’s supposed to say marketing plan. That’s what happens when you live broadcast
and type at the same time. But anyway I can bring up your questions and
comments on the screen and I am happy to answer them as we do the broadcast. So, you don’t want to have a willy-nilly
strategy. Because it’s, it takes, it’s kind of coming
from a place of frenzy and desperation and feeling like often, and feeling like you’ve
got to be doing all of these things that other people tell you to do in order to grow your
business and have a profitable business. Now to some extent, you know, it’s true. There are things, basic marketing promotion
things you need to be doing to raise your visibility and get in front of your dream
client audience so that they can find you. So that they know who you are. Now you can do livestreams like this. You can do other things to market yourself. But you need to choose, right? If you try and do everything, you’re going
to be driving yourself crazy and that’s where a lot of entrepreneurs get into the
overwhelm because they are trying to do everything instead of being, choosing consciously a couple
of, one, two, or maybe three strategies that they’re going to implement and implement
with consistency. And so that they can, they can be out there
in front of their audience. So, that’s kind of the preface to creating
this marketing plan. So, let’s dive into actually the first step
of creating the marketing plan. And the first step of the marketing plan is
being really clear on how it is you’re going to create money in your business through the
year. So, do you offer your services just a straight
up services like coaching services? Are you, do you offer programs? Do you offer, you know, products. Usually I’m speaking mostly to service-based
providers because that’s really my niche. If you, whatever it is that you’re offering,
then you’re going to, you need to have a strategy around how you offer that. How you launch it. How often you do that. So, you know, if you know me yet, you know
anything about me, you know I’m a huge fan of programs. Because programs equals, let’s see if I
can actually type this right, this is what happens when you have a program. Or you could call it a course too. Programs equal profit. And the reason it equals profit is because
people have, first of all, it’s a lot easier sell because people have confidence in systems,
right? People versus just you know a coach that maybe,
hi Ben, thank you so much. Let’s see if I can do this. If, you know, people like to buy systems instead
of just buying programming packages of services a lot more. Hi Ben!. So, in the program, when you have a program
created or course, then that gives you a lot of time and effort leverage for you so that
you can have the capacity to market yourself in different ways. You have the time, the energy to do that,
you can serve more people and ultimately more people get helped. So, programs equal profit. So, you need to decide. This first step is, what is it that’s going
to be your profit maker? How are you going to be creating money in
your business? So if let’s say you have a program and you
want to kind of have a launch around this program. And launches are great ways to offer a program
because it, you create a sense of urgency around when the cart is open, when the cart
is closed, people respond to that, it’s a very basic psychological programming and
people often won’t even, and to think 80% of sales are made on the last day of the cart
open. So, it’s the pressure of the deadline that
finally gets people who actually want to say yes anyway to commit and say yes. So, say you’re going to have, you know,
you’re going to launch a program, or you’re going to have, you know, even just a marketing
push around your services. So, the first step is you need to, after you’ve
decided what those profit-centers are going to be for you, then you need to map them out
on your calendar because everything that you do for your marketing strategy is going to
be around supporting that program that launch or the promotion of your services, promotion
of your brand in a very specific way. And the mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs
make is they’re kind of promoting everything at the same time. They don’t really, they, maybe they’re
new in business or they’re just at the stage that they’re offering one-on-one services
and so they don’t, they don’t have like a plan, a strategy around actually promoting
their services because they’re kind of promoting it all the time or bigger mistake, they’re
not promoting it at all, right? So the biggest mistake is not promoting, right? Big, not even going to bother typing it, you
guys got it. So, it ends up being that, the marketing strategy,
doesn’t have any, how do you say, strength, or teeth around actually helping to usher
people into your program or working with you or buying your products because there is no
sense of urgency and there’s no plan for your content. What are you laughing about Ben? Ben says lol. Maybe the mistake that people don’t have
plans. You can specify. Give me some clarity around the lol. Hope you’re not lol-ing at me but that’s
okay if you are because I love you anyway Ben. Anyway, so, in the whole scheme of creating
your marketing plan, you know, the first step I want to bring this home, you have to know
what you’re selling and when you’re selling it at specific intervals throughout your year. You know, the goal is for you to be creating
consistent income. You know, throughout the year. Or consistent periods of income. You know because the truth maybe, if you are
working on up to a big launch. Up to a big, you know say group program launch,
I’ll be launching a group program in the fall. So, end of August, beginning of September. There’s a lot of work that you do prior
to promote your launch to do I guess line up all your ducks in a row so that your launch
is successful and some of it may, a lot of it may not be intentionally profit-making,
so there’s a period of time that maybe heavily promotional where if you get some clients,
or you know, people buy your online course that you already have up or sign up to work
with you one-on-one, that’s a side benefit which is great but the energy and the marketing
you’re doing is really around supporting the successful launch of that particular program,
product, or service, you know three months down the road. The speed you pick up on the runway is what
gets the plane off the ground. Exactly. And I know Ben you have experience in this
because Ben wrote, I think it was last year, launched his book out to the world which is
awesome and amazing. So he knows about, firsthand about doing a
launch. And a big launch that you get the momentum
going so that your launch can be successful and you can fill your program or fill your
calendar with one-on-one services if it’s that you know, or sell your product or sell
out your book. You know, make it a New York Times number
one best seller. Which actually, just a side note on that,
if you do have a book, I hadn’t, I just thought about this, thank you Ben for bringing
it to mind, a kind of, I don’t know if it’s a secret strategy anymore, I was really wowed
about it, it was probably over ten years ago, when Harv did this around the launch of this
book, there are strategies, if you’re selling a book, to really create a lot of sales on
a particular day, a particular couple of days that will bump you up the best seller list
very quickly. It will land you, be responsible for landing
you, like say I’m a New York Times number one best seller list. So, a lot of times when people write a book,
and you know I just put this book out there and people are going to buy it, but there
are specific strategies, which are really launch strategies, to get your name on that
best-seller list or bump you up higher on that list so that you can claim best-seller
author, you can create a lot of buzz around your book launch at the same time and you
can create more sales and more profit for your company. So, you know, one of those strategies is taking
pre-orders, and I don’t know if it works the same way now because books, book launches
aren’t my particular niche. But you have the pre-sales and it runs them,
you run them at, like all at once, so that it registers a bunch of sales on one particular
day. Ben says another reason to open and close
the cart, yes. You know, a lot of people are kind of in perpetual
launch and I know, I know there are some people who are successful with this, with evergreen
programs, even evergreen high-end programs. I think it’s harder, you know, to have,
you can have an evergreen service but like when it comes to a particular program or course,
especially if it’s at a higher price point that if you don’t have, if you don’t have
the open and closed carts, then you don’t have that psychological pressure for people
to buy in right then and join your program and Ben says yes because the rankings are
done weekly and this is talking specifically about book launches. So, yeah Ben would be somebody to tap, sorry
if I put you on the spot there, Ben, about book launches, maybe he offers consulting
services, I’m not quite sure, but Ben, Ben knows about that. The book launching stuff. So, I just wanted to, I wanted to keep it
a little bit shorter today. And really focus in on the first step, which
is really start with the end in mind. What are you going to be launching? What are you going to be promoting? What are you going to be selling that makes
you money? And then that’s the starting point for everything
else that’s going to happen in your marketing plan. So, my plan, haha, is to share the other four
steps with you guys on other broadcasts, and I’ll be labeling them part one, part two,
part three, part four, probably part five. Oh, and Ben said he’d gladly do a belive
with me about this. Awesome! That would be awesome. You know I just got permission from belive
of one of the beta testers for the talk show format. So we will, I just came in yesterday and I
will definitely tap, we’ll play in something with ben because I know he would add a ton
of value and he’s just awesome, so I would love to do that, thank you for the offer Ben. So, I will be sharing this marketing plan
strategy in digestable parts for you and, to implement. So, here’s my challenge for you. If your marketing plan right now is willy-nilly,
thank you Ben, I really appreciate it. Is willy-nilly. You know, or spaghetti-at-the-wall sort of
marketing plan. Here’s my challenge. I want you to look at what it is that you
want to sell for the next twelve months. Whether it’s a program, a product, a service,
you know, or a book, or anything else in between, and I want you to start thinking about, and
then write on your calendar, you know, plan out when you’re going to be selling these
particular things. Now, when I say, like if you have an e-course
that’s an online course, an online course that’s available all the time, then you
can map, put it on your calendar as a particular push promotional period. You can kind of relaunch, you know, do a launch
around even evergreen to kind of push people into it again. Not push people, I guess raise it to their
awareness so they know it’s available. So, it’s kind of a launch, but it’s still
an evergreen product for you. So, put it in your calendar. At least four, I would say one a quarter. Four times that you’re going to be promoting
and selling a particular thing that you have. If it’s the same thing. I’ll make this caveat. Like you have one program and it’s the same
program, I wouldn’t, I would do it twice a year, not once a quarter, because then the
promotion kind of gets too much to promote the same thing to your list or to your audience,
they’re seeing it too many times and then the whole psychology pressure around oh I
need to grab this now because it’s not going to be available again for another six months
or another year. That wears off, so you lose a lot of that
persuasive power. So, map these, these promotions, and these
things you’re going to be selling your profit-makers, your money-makers into your calendar at least
once a quarter. If you can, you know. If you can, if you don’t have, if you’re
like freaking out. Do it for twice a year. You can always offer, you know, if you’re
doing one-on-one services, you can continue to offer your one-on-one services as a higher
ticket item throughout the year. You know, for example, I run programs but
I will, and I have this program launch that I’m working up to, and will be opening doors
to in the fall as a group program but I will probably still continue. This isn’t a promise. I will probably still continue offering a
couple of, you know, one on one work for creating your, around creating your high-end, higher-priced
signature program because people seem to want that. So, I will probably continue doing that. I don’t know. I may shut it down for this fourth quarter
of the year so I don’t do that. I’m undecided on that. But you can continue to do that if you want
to do that. So, that’s my challenge to you. I would love to hear what it is that you are
planning on promoting throughout your year. What are your offers going to be? And if you don’t know how to come up with
what your offers are, I have done some other trainings on offers and I will be doing more
trainings on how to create your red hot offer that really attracts your dream clients and
get, you know, people in the door so that you can thrive in your business and do what
you love and make great money and serve the world in the unique way that you do. So, I am Christine Parma of Christineparma.com. If I can be of service to you, if you want
to chat with me about how I might help you, you can type meet in the comments below, m-e-e-t,
not like the meat you eat. I didn’t think about that. M-e-e-t is how you need to spell it and I
will get back to you and we’ll get on the calendar. You can also check out my website at Christineparma.com. And I would love to hear from you. Any comments that you need below, I will respond
to you personally and answer any questions that you have. So I hope this part one of creating your profit
making marketing plan was useful to you, and that you do it. That you implement it. So, your homework, your assignment again is
to map out your profit-making, your profit makers on your calendar once a quarter ideally. And twice a year and that actually brings
me, I wanted to leave you with one last thought. You don’t want to always, always be promoting
because it’s going to burn you out. So, I know it may be tempting to try and do
a promotion every month. Maybe if you have something like a cd that’s
already recorded, already done, something small, you could do that, but you don’t
want to always, always be promoting. It’s going to burn you out and it’s going
to burn out your list and your audience too. So you gotta have some balance. So, once a quarter, I think is really the
ideal thing. So, take care. Have an amazing rest of your evening or your
day, depending on where you are in the world and I wish you amazing success in your business
and your life. And until I see you Thursday night Eastern
time. I wish you, yeah, an amazing time. And shine brilliantly. Take care, bye bye.

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