5 Tips for Effective B2B Lead Generation: An Inbound Marketing Video Tutorial
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5 Tips for Effective B2B Lead Generation: An Inbound Marketing Video Tutorial

Hello, I’m Victoria Chemko, Principal of
Umami Marketing. Today I’ll be talking about top tips and tactics for effective
lead generation keep on watching to find out all the details in this edition of
the digital marketing postcard this question comes from a b2b software
client who’s been running digital marketing campaigns and wants to
understand how to effectively generate more qualified leads through their
online presence of course to do this you’ll need to produce an integrated
strategy to tie all the pieces together so here are some of the underlying
tactics and considerations to keep in mind for your b2b lead generation 1
content marketing you can create lead magnets or offers these are ebooks
templates reports and guides that are gated so that a visitor will receive the
goods when contact details are submitted or host your webinar b2b businesses
often benefit from these and she definitely shouldn’t overlook trying
them out blog regularly create detailed insightful blog posts that provide
thought leadership to your target audience and answers all those questions
that they’re likely asking at some point in the buyers journey and create video
content for example you could publish on-demand videos for those who don’t
want to read loads of text when learning to search engine optimization and paid
advertising organic search is a great way to drive new traffic to your website
who will hopefully convert into leads for your business at a minimum you
should make sure your site is set up for success on the SEO front for a longer
term play with paid advertising campaigns helping drive more immediate
traffic and leads make sure you add relevant calls to action throughout your
website content and landing pages for paid campaigns so you encourage
prospects to act right away SEO and paid advertising will help complement your
overall strategy helping make prospects aware of your content and offers 3
social media marketing one of the most obvious social platforms to use for BW
lead generation is LinkedIn that said for any social media marketing
strategy to work you have to have a strong and unique presence in order to
stand out from the millions of other users competing for attention build out
a professional and robust profile for your business account on LinkedIn so
that any b2b lead looking at your page will immediately understand what the
business is and what they do then be active connect with past and present
colleagues and join relevant groups that have members who could potentially
become leads for your business you can also use other social platforms to
optimize the opportunity for lead generation link to your website from all
social accounts ideally to well-designed landing pages with signup forms and use
calls to action to promote your business services and products for email
marketing a main contributor to the growing success rates and email
marketing is marketing automation marketing automation tool sync up with
your CRM to automatically send highly targeted and personalized emails to your
website visitors in each stage of their buyers journey then you just personalize
your content and emails to the each of these specific segments that would be
relevant providing additional value to the reader email an offer such as a new
ebook or white paper that may lead them to contact your company to take the next
step and continue to nurture your audience use workflow triggered
newsletters lead nurturing campaigns to your target persona segments use dynamic
content and mobile optimization 5 integrate these pieces and continue to
optimize use all of these content pieces and tactics in tandem to ensure that
your overall strategy is integrated and works well together
make sure to optimize parts of your content on an ongoing basis from your
calls to action to your landing page copy to your forms and your individual
offers and media themselves over time you’ll get a clear picture of what helps
and what doesn’t that will then feed into your ongoing marketing strategy and
decisions learn improve your conversion rates and in turn generate more leads
profits and revenues for your business so to summarize top tactics and tips for
effective b2b lead generation strategy in
food content marketing SEO and paid advertising social media marketing email
marketing and then the integration of all these pieces to continue to optimize
so now that you understand more about effective b2b lead generation please
check out our recent blog posts covering more useful inbound marketing tips and
if you like this video subscribe to the Umami Marketing Youtube Channel and our
monthly digital marketing postcards I’ll be back again next month in September to
answer more of your questions so I’ll see you then. Take care!

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