5 Tips for Music Producers * Music Production 101
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5 Tips for Music Producers * Music Production 101

Today I’m gonna share my top five tips for
music producers Number one organize sounds name your files and have a solid filing system
Number two choose the setup based upon your own research. Don’t go solely by somebody else’s recommendations. What may work for others may not be the optimal
situation for you. Number three Know when to stop adding sounds. Leave room for lyrics and for the song to
breathe. Number four use good headphones. Over the ear headphones are ideal for recording
studio situations. Avoid headphones that enhance the sound. Headphones that enhance the sound are not
good necessarily for studio mixing and the studio environment. Last but not least, as a producer I would
look to work with the right people. I would confirm that there is a release date
and that there is a release that will take place some time in the future if you’re gonna
be working with someone. Especially if it is on a contingent basis
for sales. If they don’t have a release coming out, then
they won’t have any sales. Somebody that is of integrity, so you wanna
work with somebody that’s trustworthy that’s gonna come through on what they say they are
gonna do within your relationship whatever relationship that might be. You also want to look at the artist that’s
gonna represent what you are wanting to promote with your music. Because your music is gonna be attached to
that person. So whatever it is you want to represent, I
would take that in consideration when working with artists and building relationships with
people that you are gonna be working with in the music industry.

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