5 Trade Show Follow Up Email Templates – Marketing for Manufacturing 2019
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5 Trade Show Follow Up Email Templates – Marketing for Manufacturing 2019

Hi everyone it’s Ryan from protocol 80 here with another marketing video for manufacturers Today we’re covering trade show follow up emails You attend trade shows to find valuable leads for your manufacturing company But do you have a plan in place to move those leads through your sales funnel after the show? By the end of this video You’ll have five copy/paste ready templates for quick and effective email you follow ups So before we get into it, go ahead and click here to subscribe to protocol 80 We’re posting lots of helpful time-saving marketing tips for manufacturing companies find something new to try today. Alright, so your first template looks like this This one gives both parties time to recharge after the show while gently reminding your lead of your conversation That way once you’re available for a call It won’t be like starting at step one again The next handle it gives them even more details about your company and request a follow-up chat This is also a great time to use the HubSpot meetings tool making sketch in the breeze and eliminating the need to go back and Forth over email I’ll link a video in the description If you’re interested in our third template, you’re sending along information that reinforces what you spoke about at the show If you are chatting about a particular service your company provides now would be a great time to send on any resources That might help them further understand what you can offer This could be a blog post FAQ page or any other resources you think are relevant our fourth template tries to suit their pain points If the leads spoke to you about something, you know Your company can help them with be sure to remind them that you are willing and able to system This could be another great place to include any relevant digital resources. They can reference what service you’re talking about before the call Our fifth and final template reminds them of any trade show specific offers If you were offering an exclusive trait of discount promotion or offer for your leads Reminding them that their eligible is a great way to keep the conversation going now you have your follow-up emails ready to send but what about before Amy even during the tradeshow click the card for a Manufacturer’s complete guide to email marketing for trade shows. PA is free downloadable document you can take with you It includes detailed strategies to keep your new leaves hot Well, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon here on protocol 80

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