5 Vacation Rental Marketing Fundamentals
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5 Vacation Rental Marketing Fundamentals

Not sure if you’ve got this whole marketing
thing mastered? Well, nail down these five components and you’re golden. Hey there. I’m
Heidi, and I’m a marketing strategist for vacation rental homeowners. I help provide
marketing education to help you drive more rental bookings. If you want to improve your
vacation rental marketing, be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell to be notified,
because I post new videos every Tuesday. I have been studying successful vacation rental
listing and hosts for several years now, and also really learning from my own experience
as a vacation rental host for five years. After really understanding what works well
for a listing and for a house, I have boiled down these top five components to really a
successful marketing framework. In this video I’m going to share what those are. I love
this topic, so let’s dive in. Fundamental number one is know your ideal
guest. You may already know who that is, and if you don’t, really dig deep to understand
who your ideal guest is. I’m sure you’ve had lots of different types of guests come in
through your home, but take a second to reflect back on which ones are the ones that you get
the best reviews from. Which ones are the ones that your home is perfectly suited for
them, whether it’s families with young children or couples looking to get away for a weekend.
Whatever that is, zone in on who your ideal guest is and who your home best serves.
Fundamental number two is connect with your ideal guest. Once you know who you truly best
serve, then you want to make sure that your listing is speaking to this ideal guest through
the headline that your using, your photos and which amenities it’s capturing, and, of
course, your description. For example, if you are really best suited for a family with
young children, then you are going to want to make sure that your listing is addressing
their needs, desires, fears, questions, all of that good stuff. So you’re of course going
to want to make sure that you have the amenities that speak to them and tell them, “For your
convenience we have a high chair and we have kids life jackets,” whatever that may be.
But then you might also want to think about what is a family with young children going
to be fearful about. Maybe if it’s a pool, you want to assure them that it is a gated
pool. Really put yourself in their shoes, think about what kind of questions they’re
going to be asking and what they’re going to need a property to deliver, and then make
sure you’re showing them that you deliver against those desires, fears, amenities, et
cetera, and that your listing clearly communicates this.
Fundamental number three, stand out in your market. Of course, the first thing you’ll
want to do is make sure you have professional photos taken of your place. There are still
so many owners not utilizing professional photography, so it is a really great way to
stand out in the feed and it really makes sure that your home is presented in the best
light. Then, also, you can stand out in the market by really providing some amenities
that are great for your ideal guest and that you know a lot of others in the area aren’t
providing. So figure out what that might be and what is going to get that extra special
notice or attention because you’re providing something included in your listing that your
competitors are not. Think about that so that you can stand out in your market.
Fundamental number four is all about conversion. Fundamentals one, two, and three was really
more focused on attraction and getting eyeballs on your listing and making sure that you’re
attracting your ideal guest to your listing, but now conversion is all about going from
the view to the booking. So they’ve landed on your listing, but now is your listing doing
everything it needs to do to covert them? The first step here really comes down to description.
You want to have a really nice skimable description that addresses all of those common questions.
Some people will have a nice, really short description. I think that as long as it’s
skimable, meaning you’re using headlines and you’re breaking the text out into just a couple
sentences and really using bulleting, it’s okay to have a longer description. I have
found that it really helps with the conversion because I’m answering their questions upfront
and they can very easily skim my description and pinpoint the question that they have.
Then they don’t even need to send me a question and wait for a response.
But then that moves into the next really important component here, is all about timely responses.
If you are getting questions before they book, make sure you are answering them as quickly
as possible. I always say under an hour if possible, but definitely under 24 hours because
that’s what the listing sites use to determine if you’re a responsive host or not. So focus
on those two factors to really improve your conversion.
Fundamental number five is deliver. Deliver the experience you promised in your listing
description. You want to make sure that you were 100% accurate in your description of
the home and the photos that you presented, so that when they come to visit their expectations
are met. But then to take that one step further, go above and beyond. Have some kind of surprise
and delight factor, whether that’s a welcome note or a gift basket, or just something really
unique and personal that you can offer that they don’t know about prior and that you can
really surprise and delight them. Then, of course, your home is very sparkling
clean. That is going to be a key component of delivering upon the expectation that your
guest has. Ultimately, this is all going to drive a wonderful review. That’s what’s going
to get your listing working even harder for you. The more great reviews you have then
the better your listing is going to perform. It all comes full circle, as long as you are
really delivering upon the experience that you outlined in the profile and ideally going
above and beyond. Those are the five marketing fundamentals
that I have found to be extremely important to vacation rental marketing success. If you’re
just getting started with your vacation rental, or you’re really just starting to focus on
the marketing side of things, I have the perfect resource for you. It’s called The Vacation
Rental Marketing Roadmap, and it will be your guide of the most important areas that you
should focus on and the most common mistakes that I have seen when rental homeowners are
first getting started. Be sure to grab that, I’ll provide the link below. It’s free and
it will be sent directly to your inbox. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to
subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to be notified because I post new videos every
Tuesday. I would love to hear from you in the comments. Let me know where you are in
your marketing journey and if you have any questions for me. Thanks again, and I’ll see
you next week.

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  1. Hi Heidi– Great rental tips– I once rented my home to my ideal client, and they trashed the place 🙁 But, you have to take a chance at some point. Also, I am a realtor in Charlotte, and Marketing a rental is similar to how I try to market myself…. Know my ideal client, and know what they are looking for and what their concerns may be !

  2. Really good content. We are contemplating renting out our apartment while we travel so this is really useful. Also passed it on to my sister who has a holiday rental property and I know she would find this useful. Thanks

  3. This is a really nice video. Seems it's all about the ideal guest. True of most marketing it seems. Love your examples, thanks!

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