5 Ways To Earn Money From Home During The Quarantine
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5 Ways To Earn Money From Home During The Quarantine

So we haven’t, no. Hello. I need you to give me the names
of everyone who service this room. It’s an emergency. I know
I’m going to get you home [inaudible] sound faster
than we’re figuring it out. Wait, wait, stop. This is not going to be one of those
videos that fear mongers and makes you afraid. This video is going to shine
some light on this bad situation. And today we’re going to tell you five
ways to earn money from home during the corn teen. Oh well it’s good. My people, my name is
Devin with the channel freedom saga, where we hope you rate
your own path to freedom. And in today’s video we’re going to be
telling you five ways to earn money from home during the corn team. So
if you’re excited for that, smash that thumbs up button and
let’s get into it. All right. Step number one, you’re at home, you’re
quarantined, you’re away from people. And more than likely, you’re
probably cleaning things. You’re going on a cleaning frenzy.
And what happens when you clean? You find a bunch of stuff you didn’t know
you had you forgot about and you don’t need. So what should you do with it?
Step number one is you sell that stuff, get rid of it. Also, especially if you have any kind of like
trendy thing like a sneaker or fashion or electronics man that
stuff resales like crazy. You can flip it on Facebook or eBay
or Amazon or anything like that. All it takes is about three minutes of
research on Google to determine how much you can sell it for and
somebody will want to buy it. It might not be the most
lucrative thing you can do, but it’s definitely a way you can make
money from home and you’re going to be cleaning and getting rid of stuff anyways
so you might as well profit from it and all right or am I
right? You know I’m right. Smash that thumbs up button cause you
know I’m right. All right, let’s move on. Two number two side note before
we move on on ebay.com right now, look at all this weird stuff. People
already saw Pokemon cards. Dude, if I can find my old binders from when
I was 12 I could probably sell all kinds of that stuff. I had like a lot.
Okay. I, I don’t know if this is a, some kind of a coat.
You got Xbox, computers, sneakers, that look kind of dirty kitchen
stuff. You got all kinds of stuff. Okay. I just want to show you a quote
now we can move on to do step number two, get a job with click funnels. If you’ve
watched any of my videos in the past, you’ve heard me talk about click funnels. It is a sales funnel software and it
is not only the most powerful one, but as of recently, it is
the fastest sales FOMO song. They just released a huge update that’s
gonna make the speed way faster than anything else out there. One of the ways they did this was they
a software that automatically resizes files that are too large. So if you
upload like this big, like 4k picture, it’s obviously going to be huge
and didn’t take a lot to download, but their software will now auto resize
it. Not only just make it smaller, but downsize the file. Huge. So click funnels is awesome and they have
some remote jobs that you can do from anywhere as long as you have internet, which you do because you’re watching
this video. So how you do that, you go to goto.clickfunnels.com/careers
and see what is available. Scroll down. They have some pretty awesome compensation
for oneK competitive salaries, but that’s not the best part.
Okay, so let’s say you do this. When I hear tech support, which from an
insider friend that told me all of this, it’s barely ever talking
to them on the phone. It’s mostly email and chat support. So literally you could be chilling
in your PJ’s telling people how to do different features and
ClickFunnels and getting paid. Probably the coolest thing about
working with click funnels, remote jobs, if I wasn’t making good money already, I would definitely do this
for this reason alone, they give you their click funnels
platinum package for free. Now that’s huge because normally
it’s $297 a month for that package, but it also comes with a ton of different
training resources in there on how to like be profitable and making
your own online business, which we’ll talk about later, but that
is probably the best thing to do. Now, if for some reason you click on it and
there’s no available positions right here, then another thing you
can do to look for remote jobs, these go to flexjobs.com
and when you’re there, click on this little button that says jobs and then you just browse for
jobs that you want to do. There’s tons of different options. I still think click funnels is probably
going to be one of the best ones because you know a free platinum package, but literally graphic design services, insurance science research,
the list goes on and on. As you can see, all you gotta do is click
on one of them and then click apply. It’s pretty straight
forward and with this one, between this one and click funnels,
you have a lot of opportunities, so you’re sure to find
something that you like. Option number three to earn money
from home during the quarantine, become a tutor. This is especially awesome if you’re a
parent because more than likely you’re going to be teaching your kids
something at home already, so you might as well get paid for
it. While you can’t. How do you, do you go to VIP kid.com you can see up
here in the search bar and then right here you can set your own schedule. You can teach one-on-one and
you get paid up to $22 an hour. Now that’s awesome because again, you can pretty much be chilling in your
PJ’s teaching kids stuff that you’re probably already MBF to do
anyways with your own kids. Might as well get paid
for it whenever you want. Maybe after the kids go to bed
before they wake up, take a nap, or if they’re outside playing,
if you’re not that strict, if you have a backyard or
something, before I move on. Another way you can get paid with this
is if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see that they have
an affiliate program, which basically means if you and your
other quarantine homeys partner up in all want to be teachers. If
you tell them about that, you get paid for every person that you
signed up and that’s pretty awesome. So he gets a little bit of a double pay
thing that you can teach people online, kids online specifically, and then you can go blast on Facebook or
other social networks about what you’re doing to make money from home. And
if they sign up through your link, you can pay for that too. It’s
pretty sweet. As most of you know, I was going to be a teacher but decided
not to because of all the politics. But after finding this, I might start doing this on the side
just because it’s really a remote job. You don’t have to deal with most of
those politics, so that’s pretty sweet. Way number four, to earn money from home during the
quarantine is become a freelancer. What’s a freelancer? Well basically if
you have any kind of skill at all, yes. Any kind of skill, you go to sites like Fiverr
or even upwork.com and you
just outsource that work. So let’s say you want to write an
article. If you’re really good at writing, you go up there over right here where it
says become a seller and then you tell people that you can
write articles for you. So let’s say if someone wants to write
a blog but you don’t want to do all that technical stuff, you just
want to do the writing, someone will come to you and be like, Hey, write me a blog about the top
five dog breeds that don’t shed, or something like that. And then you
just whip out an article like that, meeting their requirements, they
pay you, and then you’ve done it. The cool thing about
that is it’s as needed. So you put your services out there on
these freelance sites and then people come to you when they need it. So you
don’t have an hour of scheduled, you don’t have to do any
required daily tasks. You could, but you mainly just do work as needed
browsing some of the marketplace for fiber. Anyways, there’s, you can see all of the different
options here for you and there’s more, but these are just some of the main ones. So like if you’re really good artists
and you can do graphics and design for people’s websites, which
I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s huge because as for myself, I have the artistic ability of a
turtle that is blind. It is not good. I am not a good drawer. I do need some
help in that category. So if that’s you, you can do that. If you have a radio voice and
a super power booming voice, you can do music and audio or voiceovers,
things like that. Specifically, if you’ve ever seen
like whiteboard videos, my voice might not be the
best for whiteboard videos, but somebody with a booming radio
voice that’d be grateful and you might, that might be you. You
can do it too. Really, you don’t have to narrow
yourself down to one of these. If you’re talented in a
lot of different ways, you can set up different fiber sites
for all of your set skills and they get paid for each of them. The more
people that are in home right now, the more they’re going to be
looking to outsource this stuff, to work on their own projects
like YouTube, the for example, if I didn’t want to talk in this video, I could outsource someone to do it for me. It’s pretty awesome and you can
charge starting at $5 but up to, I’ve seen thousands of dollars
depends on how good you are. Way to earn money from home during
the number five is do start your own business. Now there’s a variety
of different ways to do that, but really starting your own business. I have seen countless people start and
grow into the six figures if not millions in under a year by starting their own
business and one of the best ways to do that is sell stuff people
already want to buy. If you want to know more about that, I’ll leave a link in the description
where you can not only check out all the other resources I’ve mentioned, but the first link will be specifically
at a start your own business and at the time of recording this right now for as
little as $7 they’ll tell you everything you need to know to get it up and
running in the next two weeks. Here’s why you might want to do it. If any of these other sites
that we’ve talked about go down, you’re not going to worry about
because if you have a business, you are putting all of these skills and
all of these factors into one area and selling that stuff and it might sound
crazy selling stuff during a time of panic, but I did it just in
my last video I talked about, or even during this time, I woke up to a commission for several
hundred dollars in just one day. So people are still buying. The people love to buy stuff and if they
can’t go out to the stores to browse and buy things like that, more people are going to be online
looking to buy stuff that way. So now’s a great time to get into it.
I haven’t been profiting like crazy, which is crazy to say out loud because
you know, quarantine and all that, but it’s, it’s awesome and
it can be awesome for you. It just takes a little bit of
work just like everything else. So if you’re interested in it,
click that link, get signed up fan. If you’ve enjoyed these five ways to earn
money from home during the corn deem, make sure to leave me a huge like
rating and smash that like button and subscribe. If you want to
see more videos like this, it really helps the channel out
and I just really appreciate it. So thank you for watching. My name is
Devin. I hope to see you in the next one. Peace [inaudible].

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