50 Niche Products To Sell in 2020 | Dropshipping ideas #bestdropshippingproducts
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50 Niche Products To Sell in 2020 | Dropshipping ideas #bestdropshippingproducts

Are you looking for niche products to sell
in your dropshipping store? Then stay with me to see 50 unbeatable product
ideas. Hello! My name is Olesya from AliDropship In today’s
video, I will cover 50 highly-sought-after niche products that will make it easier for
you to decide what to sell for your dropshipping store. If you’re new to AliDropship, we offer an
advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to easily build your website and find inventory
from AliExpress suppliers overseas. We also offer custom-built online stores from
scratch so it’s easy for anyone to become a business owner. Be sure to click our link in the description
box to learn more about who we are and what we do. Now, let’s take a look at 50 niche products
to dropship in 2020. Number 1: Personal safety items
Personal safety is no joke! Especially when it comes to potentially dangerous
activities. So it’s no wonder people want the latest
tools to protect themselves and their possessions from everyday danger and inconvenience
Fingerprint lock Anti Theft backpack
Auto tracking security camera Reflective shoelaces
Alarm keychain Number 2: Gadgets
Technology is evolving every single day. As a result, gadgets become more affordable
— and more in demand. With new innovations coming to market every
year, it’s a smart idea to capitalize on these trends. What products can you offer to your customers? Activity tracker
Wireless keyboard Touch control headphones
Noise cancelling headphones Portable speakers Number 3: Cozy home accessories
In an age where everything needs to be Instagram-able, you can’t forget about everyday home items. Home decor has been a highly-in-demand niche
whose items sell fast. So get on board with these sure-to-sell products
that deliver convenience and comfort to any home! Humidifier
Sunrise alarm clock Vacuum bags
Cupboard hangers Laundry basket Number 4: Kitchen supplies
Cooking may be fun for some — but it can also be a dreaded chore for others. So unless we start making domestic robots,
humans are still going to have to do the work. However, in the meantime, you can offer shoppers
some really cool, handy kitchen supplies that will make it easier to cook, store food, and
wash the dishes. Fancy felt coaster
Retro metal plates Oven thermometer
Stove protectors Portable blender machine Number 5: Eco-friendly items
Going green and reducing environmental impact has been a growing concern year after year
for many consumers. Luckily for you, we’ve been able to pinpoint
some unique go-green items that can entice customers while improving their quality of
everyday life. Solar powered toys
Foldable water bottle Reusable shopping bag
Outdoor LED string lights Beeswax cotton wrap Number 6: Lifestyle items
When people buy everyday essentials, they’re often attracted to fancy or one-of-a-kind
designs. Sogive your customers the chance to show their
personality with some stylish, handy accessories! iPhone 11 case
Luggage tag Key case
Hand warmer Glasses case
Number 7: Office supplies You can bring personality into the office
space, too. Make your workspace your unique space with
stationery supplies that can brighten up your day and help a coworker in need of something. Pencil sharpener
Stapler Stationery case
Paper clips A4 folder
Number 8: Home fitness equipment Going to the gym — AND paying for expensive
membership? That’s SO last decade. In 2020, bring the gym into your home! We’ve searched hard and found amazing gym
equipment that is sure to encourage shoppers to buy and maintain their figure — all without
leaving the house. Home fitness set
Resistance rubber band Adjustable workout bar
Yoga mat Pull rope
Number 9: Pet supplies If people need safety, good health, and entertainment
to live a long, happy life — then so do animals,too! Target animal lovers and pet owners alike
with these must-haves for dogs and cats. LED collar
Pet bed Cat toy
Water fountain Waterproof mat Number 10: Fashion items
Trends come and go — but style is forever. If you’re considering owning your own fashion
empire, we’ve curated the most up-to-the-minute items that are sure to start your 2020 with
high sales and many happy shoppers. Black raincoat
Shorts Denim jacket
One-piece swimsuit Jewelry hair comb And there you have it — 10 fast-growing,
in-demand niche products you can capitalize on for the 2020 year. If you’re still unsure on what niche is
the best fit for you (or just need a little more guidance), I highly suggest reaching
out to our team to discuss a custom made store. Our team of experts can work with you to discover
where your business passion and potential are. And if you already have a dropshipping store
set up, but just need a little more help, we offer additional services as well. From advertising, to store reviews, and even
importing products and data entry, the AliDropship team is always ready to help.. Just click the links in the description box
to learn more As always, I hope you enjoyed our video today
and found it helpful for your dropshipping journey. Be sure to give this video a “like” and
subscribe to our channel — and turn on bell notifications to know exactly when we drop
a video. If you have ideas on dropshipping topics you’d
like us to cover, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next week. Bye-bye!

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