6/18/1991 Cincinnati Commercials
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6/18/1991 Cincinnati Commercials

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practically no time by the team is the fastest type relief known and for hours of relief primatene tablets with the asthma reliever doctors recommend most we will return for the second half of days of our lives in just a moment Channel five brings you a 4th of July's star-spangled spectacular at 7:00 watch the Reds and Braves live from Atlanta then channel 5 takes you to River Bend for the Cincinnati Pops musical celebration of America don't miss this fourth of July star spangled spectacular only on channel 5 first a founder will touch but the hood ornament they decided to try it this summer there's excitement in the air and everywhere else The Rocketeer rated PG parental guidance suggested starts Friday at a theater near you coming up at 5:30 on newsChannel five adult videos are the hot topic in Butler County today video store owners are meeting with anti-censorship groups to talk strategy we'll tell you how they plan to keep adult videos on the store shelves also will asbestos concerns keep stander from coming down Sunday we'll tell you about the new controversy surrounding the destruction of sander Hall I will show you how your generosity is paying off big for an older couple in danger of losing their home join us at 5:30 on newsChannel five Channel five your exclusive 24-hour news channel we can'twe that you can't stop with the head when something on your mind this could get up for something to eat look at that jokes you acid indigestion it's time for extra strength roll a fast 1,000 milligrams strong now that smells relief sorry sorry my nose won't stop honey when allergies come on this strong benadryl comes on strong very good friends and now that I use fix it and I can tell the ref what I really think makes event and forget it before I switched to Fixodent Jones peanut crunchies only blip delicious Fixodent and forget it hmm Fixodent is the strongest holding denture adhesive you can get it even stands up to the hottest liquid with my older teas if I 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seen him on his hit NBC comedy Seinfeld now see him live the guy who invented head cheese was hungry it's the comedy event of the summer toilet water there's another dynamite name for a product see Jerry Seinfeld live at Music Hall June 21st for tickets call Ticketmaster in 7 4 9 49 49 presented by NBC and channel 5 doden will leave you so will husbands and lovers but not your sisters your are you've got don't miss the powerful must-see season finale of sisters Thursday at 10:00 9:00 central hop on NBC you'll take thousands of showers in your lifetime which can damage your skin so use aloe and lanolin soap Hollow is legendary for eeling skin so no matter how many showers you take use aloe and lanolin soap from Georgina I would never have described Payless as being trendy but then we passed by the campus shoe sale oh I did a double-take hey canvas shoes for the whole family my corns are they feel hot right now oh they pay less they were a lot less expensive finally a trim we can afford to keep up with right now at Payless men's canvas shoes are on sale for just $6.99 we don't think it's canvas are $4.99 or two for nine dollars for twice the value cool again Kayla from Hidden Valley comes a delicious way to give up fat and cholesterol take heart take heart fat free salad dressing sell all the delicious taste you'd expect from Hidden Valley lively French breach trim booties take tight the good for your dressings that tasted room from hidden well PMS the symptoms are physical somebody stop and that means no ordinary PMS does so much here might old PMS helps it all go away a new American cheese snack idea Grill it up and lights it up so little fingers can pick it up cut it up burn it up guarantee they'll eat it up American cheese kids are up for it any time have you seen Sally lately every time I'm sick to see lab and there's 60 sisters next Sally see what you've been missing on Sally today at 4 on youth channel 5 [Laughter] [Applause] this is an update from your exclusive 24-hour news channel 5 good afternoon I'm Betsy Ross making news at this hour police in Columbus say the drunken driver is now charged with vehicular homicide after a horrible accident early this morning that accident left three people dead place in our area are investigating the burglary and the rape of an 84 year old woman and Mount Washington at least a third such incident it's half in that area more news in an hour and a complete report coming up tonight at 5:30

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