6 Marketing Habits of an Effective Church
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6 Marketing Habits of an Effective Church

Andy: Hey guys, I am Andy and it is Whiteboard
Wednesday where we break down information that helps your church. If you could do us a huge favor, please like
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every single Wednesday. So today I’m here with Dan– Dan: Hey guys. Andy: And we are going to be talking about
marketing habits of an effective church. Dan’s actually going to be zoning in on six
extremely, extremely important ones. So Whiteboard Wednesday is back, let’s get
to it, Dan. Dan: Yeah, it’s great to be back with you
guys, it’s been too long of a break, but I’m looking forward to catching up with you guys
in the comments below. So if you have any questions I’m gonna be
there so we can keep the conversation going even after this video. So let’s just jump right in. So number 1, as far as the most, some of these
effective habits, number 1, they tell stories. Now it’s more important than ever for churches
to tell their stories. Someone once said, “Words are how we think,
but stories are how we link.” And more than ever, people need to be connected
to the church, and we can use stories to accomplish that. And so here are some of the stories I think
churches can tell and they’re already available and you don’t have to go digging for them. Think baptisms. When someone’s getting baptism, they have
a story. You know, how did they come to this church? How did they get saved? You know, what led them to making this public
profession of faith? And those are great stories, those are some
of the best stories you can ever hear from people. And so what I’d recommend to churches is take
those stories, shoot a video, and the wonderful thing about a video is you can keep sharing
that story. But churches more than ever need to share
stories. You need to think in stories. There a really good book called Story Wars,
they can kinda read up on this, and it’ll kinda give them some of the steps to creating
stories and really being story driven. Andy: Yeah, I know off the top of my head,
I know some of the videos that really have stuck out with me at my church is just these
testimonials of giving, of just different things– Dan: And isn’t it interesting, like
if I asked you, “Hey, what happened, you know, six weeks ago in the announcements?” You’d be like “I don’t know.” But if I said, “Hey, remember when that person
gave their, you know, were talking through their baptism testimony,” you’d be like, “Oh
yeah, and then this happened.” It just sticks in our memory a little bit
better when we get a story. So number 2 is they advertise authentically. And so here’s what I mean, it’s not, I’m not
talking about like, “Hey we’re giving away a car” then you get to the door and you don’t
get a car. I’m not talking about that kind. I’m talking about authentically, like, and
here’s just a simple thing–instead of using stock photography on your church website,
use your own photos. I mean, man, with even like cell phones these
days, they take great photos, there’s no reason why your church can’t use your photos on your
website, on your publications going out. That’s just one way you can be authentic. And now we all know, you know, don’t fudge
your words, you know. If you don’t have, you know, if you’re working
on growing your youth program, maybe the word “dynamic”, “vibrant”, you know, aren’t the
words you wanna use when talking about your youth program. You want to be authentic. So there’s the takeaway there. Number 3, they wanna partner with other churches. There’s two specific reasons: One is it’s
gonna give them some feedback on how to reach their community. I’m not talking about just partnering with
churches in other cities, in other states, but literally, within that city. And what’s gonna happen is with that feedback,
you guys together will be able to know how to better reach your local community. It’s also gonna give you, with your church,
it’s also gonna help your members kinda see the bigger global goal of the church. It’s bigger than just our local body. And that motivates people when they start
to see the church on a bigger scale. Ok, number 4, we’re just trekking through
these: They participate in their community. I think with our churches, if we’re not careful,
we do everything within our walls, but more than ever we need to get outside. And our communities are watching, they’re
trying to see, are churches gonna be involved, and I was shocked with Fresno, man. I love our church, I love the way in this
last year we have just gotten tenacious on going to the crisis pregnancy centers, you
know, the Ronald McDonald House– Andy: The Fresno Rescue Mission. Dan: The Fresno Rescue Mission. I mean we are just getting out in our community,
and people are noticing. So I wanna encourage you, your city has needs,
they have big needs. And now your church maybe can’t accomplish
all of those, but they can do something. So, again, a good habit of a effective church
is they’re gonna be involved in the needs. Ok next: They are clear in their call to action. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked
up a postcard, looked on a website, saw a social media ad, and it’s really wishy-washy
as far as what they want me to do. Like, do they want me to, you know, see that
they’re having an event? Do they just want me to hold this postcard
in their hand? More than that, you gotta nail down, if it’s
a postcard you gotta say, “This is the event, this is the time, and we want you there.” Andy: We’re saving you a seat. Dan: Right, you wanna be careful about using
these over general, you know, “Hey, come if you feel like it and got nothing else going
on this Saturday.” That just doesn’t work anymore. So in your call to action you have to be specific. Now this may be your call to action on your
website, again, maybe on a mailer, it may be on a social media graphic, but just be
precise. Know what you’re trying to say, when it comes
to that call to action. Being muddy, you might as well not even put
it up there. Ok, and then lastly, they stay consistent. If there’s anything that, you know– some
people would say, you know, the biggest problem with church is they have cheezmo graphics
or, you know, the biggest problem is they don’t have a good website. I would say the biggest problem is they’re
just not consistent. You know, they try out a social media graphic
a couple times, or they put a couple posts up, you know, they do one baptism video from
four years ago, you know, they got their welcome video done and there’s a different pastor
in the video, you know, we kinda see it. You need to just be consistent. Build these into rhythms. So if you’re doing these for the first time,
here’s a hint, here’s a takeaway: build a little system to it. Build a checklist that can be redone. So obviously with your church, if you’re gonna
share a baptism video, there’s gonna be a couple steps through there. So take the time and document that, print
it up, and that way you’ll always be ready to go with the next baptism. Man, this one is so important. Your community has needs.You know, it’s one
thing to go out and pick up trash on the side of the road once, you know, or one time a
year, but man, you would be– it’s not like people are coming out in droves trying to
help your community, and your church can have that reputation of, man, they love our city,
they’re helping our city, and you guys can own that. And that’s such a neat thing. Andy: What a way to impact your community
like that. I mean, for people to see that your church
is doing something in the community, I mean, it’s just a way– Dan: But it’s gonna take
consistency. It’s gonna take more than once, more than
twice. It’s gonna take, you know, just day in and
day out, making that a reality. So this is kinda the six habits here, and
I hope they were good takeaway. If you have another habit that you can think
of, man, leave it in the comments below. If you have any questions on any of these,
man, you can catch me in the comments. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation. Andy: Thank you for joining us Dan. This was Whiteboard Wednesday and please like
and share this video so we can continue doing this stuff for you guys. So you guys have a good one!

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  1. Thank you for this practical advice on church growth. We recently began & are actively looking for ways to grow our small membership. Thank you very much!

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