6: What is a Marketing Plan?
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6: What is a Marketing Plan?

Today we are going to talk about marketing plans. What’s a marketing plan? It’s a comprehensive blueprint which outlines an organization’s overall
marketing efforts. Wow! That sounds complicated. What does one consist of? Well, any marketing plan is dependent on the value proposition. Wait. What’s a “value proposition”? It’s a promise of value that is delivered and acknowledged. It’s also a
belief from the customer that value will be delivered and experienced. That’s too complicated! Well, in other words, it’s just a product or service, or a combination of
both. Oh. That’s easy! The term value proposition can apply to:
1. an entire organization, 2. a part or parts of an organization, 3. customer accounts, and 4. products or services. Let me write that down. Start with the 4 Ps. I know those. Product, Price, Place and …..? And what? What’s the fourth P?

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