$6048 Dividend Investment Robinhood 2019 (Taking Profits Extra Income)
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$6048 Dividend Investment Robinhood 2019 (Taking Profits Extra Income)

in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys
my dividend investing portfolio tell you guys how I actually reached the six
thousand dollar mark and I’m gonna also go over how I take profits on a lot of
my stocks as well so watch this video till the end so I can show you guys how
I earn extra income every single month for my portfolio so for the Robin Hood
challenge I’m obviously using Robin Hood you guys can find that in the App Store
or the Google Play Store and every single week I deposit two hundred
dollars into my portfolio I try to grow it as big as I can I’m usually just
investing in dividend stocks and I’m also trying to take profits here and
there with a few trades I’m not too much of a trader I don’t condone training
actually but it is a skill that you can learn to develop and that’s what I’ve
been trying to do over the past few months so I’m not gonna try to make this
too complicated I’m gonna try to stick with the basics here this portfolio
right now is worth six thousand forty eight dollars and forty seven cents on
the day I’m doing very well I’m up about seventy-five dollars which is about 1.2
percent of my portfolio on the week it hasn’t been too good down about half a
percentage on the month here I’m up four percent on the three months chart I’m up
4.5 percent on the one year chart I am almost up 20 percent and on the all-time
chart here I’m just up ten percent and that’s because I messed up in the
beginning of my stock trading career trying to day trade some penny stocks
and trying to swing trade some other stocks as well that’s a long story go
check that out in my previous post I talked about there but let’s jump right
into the portfolio here so my main goal for the past few weeks is to just buy
this one stock I’m trying to build up equity in Realty income this company
pays monthly dividends and it is a real estate investment trust so if you ever
wanted to invest in real estate but you didn’t have enough money to put a down
payment on the house Realty income might be a good substitute that you can invest
in right now I have seven shares just about almost $500 worth of equity in
this company and total returns as you can see is about seven dollars and
seventy cents it’s not too high dividend yields is around four
percent so that is a really sustainable dividend yield and I’ve owned this
company since October and I’ve been slowly building my equity in the company
slowly accumulating shares every single month or try to at least and as you can
see you know my dividends has been increasing little by little more lately
lately has been increasing a lot faster because I have been buying a lot more
shares so for my last dividends I received 1,000 my last dividend I
received about one dollar and thirteen cents and right now I’m gonna be buying
one more share of Realty income for sixty nine dollars and sixty cents and
it is that easy Robin Hood does not charge you Robin Hood does not charge
you any Commission’s so all the trades are free which is something that’s
really good for beginners so the one reason why I like Robin Hood so much is
because I can just buy one share at a time without paying any commissions or I
can sell one or two shares of some of my stocks here and not pay any Commission’s
so in today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how I take profits on some of my
stocks the stock market is right now it’s almost at another all-time high
very bullish the market is very bullish so for my strategy I’m investing in two
dividend stocks and dividend stocks they tend to pay out dividends every single
quarter or every single month and that is what I do all I do is just buy these
companies and I collect the dividends whenever they do payout a lot of the
companies that I own are paying monthly dividends just going down the line here
just going down the list here this month I probably collected around 36 to 40
dollars worth of dividends let me see yeah closer to 36 dollars and next month
I’ll be collecting a lot more dividends because I have like these bigger
companies that are paying me out like AT&T AT&T will be paying me out about
$12.75 and AT&T is a really good stock that pays a very high dividend and that
is just one way that I make money from my portfolio is to collect dividends the
second way is from capital gains so as you can see in the last three months my
portfolio has gained in value four percent in the last year my portfolio
has gained over 20% or just around 20% and capital gains
is the second way that I like to generate value from my portfolio and the
third way I would say it might be the most difficult way to generate value for
my portfolio and that is to collect profits
the basic strategy here is to buy low and sell high that is something that is
a lot easier said than done it’s a lot easier said than done you might have
heard that term or phrase many times when it comes to investing in the stock
market so let me show you some examples of how I collect profits on some of my
stocks that I’ve been buying I’ve been buying stocks since September of 2018
that is when I started this Robin Hood challenge and only recently am i taking
profits because typically I’m more of a buy and hold investor but this is
something that I’ve been trying to learn and trying to do and I’m just sharing
this with you so in the past week I’ve been doing a lot of selling because the
stock market is just I believe it might be overvalued some of my stocks might be
overvalued for instance like today I sold two shares of coca-cola yesterday I
sold one share of Starbucks agency one of the biggest Holdings I have in my
portfolio I sold five shares also yesterday and and again last week on
July 15th I sold 10 shares of agency I’ve just
been taking profits as these stocks keep going up in value and let me show you
how I actually do that like I said this is a lot easier said than done one month
ago around June 27th I’m not exactly sure on the date but I bought 25 shares
of a GNC so on May 30th 2019 which was about two months ago I bought 25 shares
of agency for $16 and 36 cents I thought that this was a big dip and only
recently in the past week I’ve been taking profits so every single time
right now so every single share that I sell up a GNC I’m making $1 and for
every share that I’m holding for over a month I’ll be collecting dividends on
that as well so you can see how all of these
profits will just add up little by little so specifically for a GNC I have
100 shares as my core value and during the dips I would buy more than 100
shares and that is what I try to trade with and so right now I still have 10
shares to trade with if the price just keeps going up I’ll just be taking more
profits as the price keeps going up and if I find out that it’s very undervalued
I’ll just keep buying on the dip and wait for it to turn around again and
sell when it goes up buying low selling high like I hate saying it because it is
a lot more difficult than it seems I use another app called think or swim
let me show you guys what it looks like think or swim is another trading app I
think they are connected with TD Ameritrade so you guys can even trade
stocks on this app if you want to but I only use thinkorswim just for their
graphing tools that I use to figure out when I want to sell and when I want to
buy certain stocks so so you guys know I’m really cheap thinkorswim is free to
use so go down so go download it and go check it out I’m pretty sure I’m pretty
sure you guys will find some value in it let’s take a quick look at my
thinkorswim platform here so this is the watch list all these socks on the
watchlist are from the Robin Hood app and some other ones that I’ve been
taking a look at so let’s go take a look at agency investments so as you can see
here things look a lot different than Robin Hood you can see a lot more
information and the graph is just a lot crazier a lot more detail and here we go
on the top chart here is very similar to Robin Hood all it does is just tell you
the price action and tells you the price of a GNC and on the bottom here is the
RSI this is an indicator that tells you basically when the stock is overvalued
and when the stock is undervalued so taking a look at the graph here when a
stock is oversold that is generally when I’m looking to buy and when a stock is
overbought that is when I’m looking to take profits this is not gonna be
perfect every single time this just gives you a general idea of you know how
the price action is working so again without trying to get too complicated on
the RSI graph anything over 70 points is over box and anything below 30 points is
oversold around May 31st around the time when I bought the dip or what I believed
was a dip as we can see here May 31st the RSI said that it was under 30 which
was around 20 points and that’s when I bought and then on the 22nd around this
time the Rs I was just above 70 so that’s where I decided to take profits
you guys can use this indicator yourself it is free for everybody to use and you
guys can track all of your stocks with it and you guys can scroll through all
of your stocks to see if they’re overbought or oversold and you know come
up with your own strategy on how to use the RSI indicator just say just a
disclosure I’m not a professional trader here I don’t know all the answers you
know I’m learning a lot of this as you guys are learning a lot of this whatever
information that I find helped me make some money I’m gonna share that with you
so RSI indicator it’s a great tool that a lot of traders use so go check it out
learn more about it and you can potentially make some money with it as
well so for my last example here with the thinkorswim platform I’m gonna be
taking a look at coca-cola I sold one or two shares of coca-cola today and let’s
take a look at the RSI here so the RSI was saying that coca-cola is at seventy
two point six eight points and that’s why I decided to sell coke today just to
take some profits and if we look here on the price chart coca-cola has seen like
such a crazy run over the past year from lows of 44 dollars to a high of 54
dollars you know it’s it’s almost a no-brainer that I had to just take some
profits off the top I still have a big position when it
comes to coca-cola when it comes to Robert had portfolio I’m still I still
have a shares which is around 500 just under $500 worth of equity so those are
the three ways that I generate extra income with my portfolio right now I’m
not just buying and holding I’m doing a lot more I’m collecting dividends that’s
the first way I’m getting the appreciation when it comes to my stocks
so generally the S&P 500 this is an ETF showing the sp500 index it goes up
around 6 7% every single year on average so if you just hold on if you just do
buy and hold you guys will you know be already in a good position to make money
just from capital gains the third way that I’m trying to generate income the
key word here is trying is collecting profits taking profits when my stocks
are I feel that they’re overvalued I use the thinkorswim platform and the RSI
indicator to back up some of my strategies and some of my theories when
it comes to valuing some of these stocks as well so if you are interested in
anything I talked about in today’s video links are in the description so you guys
can go check that out there check out these videos here if you want more
content from me some videos about my investing strategy personal finance real
estate I’m into all of that that’s what I love that’s what I love doing and like
the video if you haven’t liked it already subscribe to the channel I try
to come up with three videos every single week hit that notification I love
your 3000 I’ll see you next time bye bye

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    Looking forward to breaking the $1k Mark on my end soon. Hope you'll follow along in my journey … New sub today (about time, been following you 😆)

  10. I do a mix of dividends & swing-trade investments. My swing trade investments bring in high profits in a short period of time and then I use a percentage of those profits to buy more dividend stocks. I just profited $489 from Tesla. Keep up with the Dividends! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Indicators like RSI or MACD are lagging signals generally. If you ever need some tips on trading I'd be happy to help!

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  18. BTW Robinhood has RSI for desktop version only and other things like MACD. Hope this helps bro! Click expand on the graph thing

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