7 Best Cute & Funny NEW Christmas Commercials This Year | Christmas 2018
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7 Best Cute & Funny NEW Christmas Commercials This Year | Christmas 2018

on a dark Christmas night in times medieval lived a rotten old parsnip the root of all evil he hated carrots and ended their fame to one particular war know his name Kevin just in time for dinner in fact you are dinner carrots archenemies showed no remorse ruthless behavior was half of the course roast carrot anyone to take Kevin's crown as possible range but it soon became clear who's the finger for heads in the nuts a fairytale Indian for the carrot so brave with a sleigh ride from Santa Christmas was I think he moved further afield [Applause] [Applause] many dinner times that go on a day just like any other under humble tree I arrived humans came to see me from faraway places this holiday became known as the season of good dog they would honor me with a tree for my love of sticks balls for my love of fetch and paper for my love of wrapping year after year after year the world would celebrate the season of good dog and it was good until one year everything changed as always the world was getting ready and stuff but not as always wal K went a different way that was when I first met ah that night I couldn't sleep and it wasn't cats this time what if the season of good dog became the season of all no one would sober that but they the morning of the holiday I couldn't eat bite it and that's when I saw the true meaning of the holiday this wasn't about good dog how could it be this was about good dogs you're early [Applause] [Applause] come on now y'all it's snowing before the merrier Crickett keeps us sherry four lines of oh god that's a wreck ah great year guys so good man hey for New Year's we should watch fireworks from the water tower ah sorry I'll still be in Mexico yeah I'm gonna be in New York rose I'd love to hon but I won't be back from Aspen yet oh yeah no worries maybe next year oh let's take one more this time on my good side Wow the for the merrier cricket keeps us sherrier picture hey chip you're on TV that bad hats at another knock make it four yo or too little [Applause] take me Ramon [Applause] once a little hair welcome come on in hey could you stand right there yeah okay would you mind slating to camera I'm Selena Gomez and I'm auditioning for the coach holiday window display you have what it takes to be in the coach window oh I couldn't stand still so good well who's gonna watch me I'm just standing still well it's a classic holiday window you need to get some attention okay good and you are good in this goodness we grow and you're right for the coach holiday window oh yeah so you want to be in the coach holiday window lifelong dream inspired a thousand poems can I hear one can I keep the bag you okay working with owls owls yeah love owls cool I go out watching so for the coach window how do you feel about celebrities hmm like Selena Gomez I'm allergic to all humans okay give me some emotion happy holidays happy holidays happy holidays I felt that way the Santa Claus himself need the most trusted battery this holiday season maybe not maybe he could trust any batteries will do or he could just trust herself does Santa Claus himself need to stock up on the most trusted battery this holiday season maybe not maybe he could trust his son won't want something battery-powered and his daughter won't want something battery power and neither will this huge man or this tiny elf maybe Santa Claus could trust he won't want something battery-powered or you could just stock up under a cell

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19 thoughts on “7 Best Cute & Funny NEW Christmas Commercials This Year | Christmas 2018

  1. Jake they are impossible to rate especially when you're talking about Christmas Love and warmth. You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for this collection and Happy Holidays! Just ignore the Grinch below! You know who I mean!

  2. 1 to 7. Top to bottom

    1. Love it *R I G H T I N T H E N U T S (Aldi)

    2. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh., I didn’t se ethics until now, and it’s a masterpiece. (Manor)

    3. Same as last time, (Pedigree)

    4. You sure this isn’t uhh uhhhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t know. This ad is great though (HOW IS THIS ALDi)

    5, Uhhh.. This is amazing, powerful message (cricket wireless)


    7. … (Duracell)

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