7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making | Neil Patel
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7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making | Neil Patel

you're doing online marketing but you're finding that it's really hard to get results no matter what you do hey everyone I'm Neil Patel and today I'm gonna break down seven online marketing mistakes that you need a stop before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel that would release more videos like this you'll get notified you're probably wondering you're doing all these things but why aren't you seeing results well even if you're doing the right things if you're also doing the wrong things at the same time it's gonna hurt you and it's gonna avoid you from getting the results that you deserve so question for you how many of you are not seeing the results that you want if you're not seeing the results you want leave a comment below with know if you're seeing the results that you want leave a comment below with yes mistake number one not collecting emails it doesn't matter how good you are with SEO or marketing very small percentage of your visitors are ever going to convert into customers by collecting emails not only can you get people to come back to your site but you can convince them to convert over emails the moment someone gives you their email address think of that as a micro commitment they're much more likely to convert into a customer because they committed they already gave you something that's why you want to collect emails and you can do this through sliders or exit pop-ups you can do this for free using tools like hellobar the second mistake you're making is you're not collecting subscribers through push notifications are using push notifications out of curiosity if you all leave a comment with yes if you're not leave a comment below with no now there's free tools like subscribers com that'll make it easy you just add in a JavaScript or a WordPress plug-in and then when people come to your website you don't automatically subscribe through the browser in time you have new content or products or services that you want to sell then you can notify them through subscribers the reason tip number one on collecting emails and tip number two on getting more pressure notifications subscribers are really important is because you need to build a brand and this gets you into the third mistake see Google doesn't want to rank sites that aren't brands why is this there's an issue out there called fake news that's why they're pushing brands over anything else and it's not just gonna be facebooking and Google Ventures can be Twitter and LinkedIn and all the sites out there so when you get people back to your site seven times you're much more likely to builder Brandt it's called the rule of seven in marketing so with your site you want to provide an amazing user experience and when you provide amazing user experience create a great product create a great service it'll help you build a great brand over time the fourth mistake you're making is not interlinking you may notice on Google I'm ranking for terms like online marketing on page one probably wondering how do I do this a lot of it comes out to interlinking in my sidebar a link to my most popular pages of content when I write blog posts relate to online marketing I link back to the online marketing guide that talks about what online marketing is by having all these links it helps me rank higher the fifth mistake I have for you is just focusing on text-based content the future of digital marketing is moving to video it doesn't mean you should stop doing text it means you should also be doing video when you do video you're gonna get more traffic because everyone's lacking it LinkedIn wants it right now YouTube wants more of it Facebook wants it Instagram even wants it why is this they want to crush the television networks you look at things like the Oscars or traditional movie theaters they're not doing as well you look at traditional TV they're gonna get crushed why it's because of Facebook it's because of Google is because the Netflix so if you're there creating that video content you can be part of it and you're gonna get extra traffic because they want as much help as possible to crush these big old-school companies the sixth mistake that you're making is you're really sticking to a few marketing channels marketing is competitive people raise venture capital hundreds of millions of dollars just so they can compete in marketing and sales you need to do more than one or two or three marketing channels the more you do the better off you're gonna be the seventh mistake I have for you is not asking for the sale whether it's a lead or weather scheme people to buy your product there's nothing wrong with asking people to buy from you if you don't you're not going to generate any sales and everyone's like I get all this traffic through my online marketing but no one's converting why because you're not asking for a sale so if you avoid those mistakes you follow those tips you're gonna generate more sales do better and online marketing you're gonna crush it and if you need extra help check out my ad agency Neil Patel digital and if you enjoyed watching this video like it comment share subscribe I appreciate it Thanks

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49 thoughts on “7 Online Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making | Neil Patel

  1. How many of you are not seeing the results that you want? If you're not seeing the results you want, leave a comment below with "no". If you're seeing the results that you want, leave a comment below with "yes".

  2. Helpful video sir
    Sir would you recommend us any video maker or animation maker software or app for beginners ?

  3. Thanks for the reply… I have one more question I want to change my page's(which is ranking on Google) title and description how can I change it I try with edit post and after changing title and description update the page but the both title and description is not change how to change??? Please help….

  4. Hello sir I have a newly micro niche blog and and I check my position on Google twice in a day in smallseotools. Com sometimes it shows ranking on 27-35 position on targeted keyword and sometime it shows not in top 100 ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ…. What is the reason behind it… And what can I do… Please reply


  5. hi Neil, i think you should create a video on how you create your videos and the software's you use .so that we newbies will be able to create one for ourselves.thanks for the Ubbersuggest Tool it is playing a key role on my website

  6. Another HUGE mistake I've seen all too often in my years in the industry is "shiny object syndrome". I myself find this to be my single LARGEST downfall.

    It's really easy to see all of the great ways to make money online and get lost going down each rabbit hole, but sticking to one and becoming an expert/authority with it will have a WAY higher chance of bringing you tangible results.

    Thanks Neil!

  7. I have a blog with around 30k pageviews a month. I used hellobar for a month or so and saw no value. People just weren't using the push notifications. Maybe you could do a video on how to optimize hellobar usage….just my two cents?

  8. I agree about the videos a 100% but LinkedIn is pain in the butt when it comes to uploading the videos there. Takes forever and many time the upload fails

  9. You keep it real and inspirational, thank you for sharing and guiding it really helps, especially when one is thinking of growing a small business, great go to tips

  10. Thanks Neil. Very informative as usual.

    Lately I have noticed some of my sites have lost the image that appears to the right of mobile Google search results. For others it is a hit or a miss if it appears. Is there anything I should be doing to ensure this image appears as it has certainly hit clicks when it has disappeared?

  11. With online marketing it is important to stand out, if you do what everyone else does, you wont stand out!

  12. Awesome – i need a push notification! Any links welcome, ill ne starting my research asap! Brand power! Thanks Neil

  13. Hey Neil!

    I didnโ€™t understand the sixth one!

    What do multiple channels means?

    Starting new yt channels???

    Explain please

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