7 Proven Shopify Marketing Strategies That Help You Increase Sales
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7 Proven Shopify Marketing Strategies That Help You Increase Sales

Jenny: Hey everybody, and welcome back to
my channel. I am so excited to have you guys here today
because I have been telling you now that we are preparing to do our Shopify marketing
series, and it is finally here. I’m just so excited. I’m going to go over the first blog post with
you guys, because it’s going to give you a guideline of what our blog series is going
to be about and the content that’s going to be in [00:00:30] it. Jenny: What it’s going to be is it’s going
to be on seven proven strategies for marketing your Shopify store. The first thing that we’re going to be going
through is making sure that you are designing a great looking website, because if you don’t
have a nice looking website nobody’s going to stay on your website to shop. The next thing that we will go into is going
to be social media integration and how that’s important for you [00:01:00] store. Also, email campaigns, how to do them, why
they are important. Yeah, and then of course also some upselling
and cross selling promotions. Such good stuff, you guys. I’m really exited. How you can also engage your customers with
a live chat on your website. Then of course content marketing, which involves
YouTube videos and blogging. Then also possibly offering a loyalty program. Jenny: [00:01:30] I’m so excited because I
know that as we get deep into each one of these topics, I know for a fact that they
are going to help increase your sale. They’re going to help you to create a beautiful
website, to be able to pull your customers in, and be able to start getting in those
sales. So, yeah. Just make sure that you guys are filling out
… Click on the link below, fill out that form. Subscribe to our blogs, make sure you’re getting
those into your inbox. Also make sure [00:02:00] too that you are
subscribed to our channel and hit the bell so you get the notifications. That way that as I am doing the videos on
them that you will be seeing them. All right. Well, I will see you guys later. Bye.

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