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7 Steps BEST Marketing Plan for a Law Firm | How to Market | Attorney marketing & Advertising

Closed Caption by YouTube Automation… The 7 steps best marketing
plan a law firm … best marketing plan for a law firm I
wanted to share this with you first of all you could be an attorney okay you’ve
been an attorney somebody may could be a circle and they’re probably missing out
on this big time information about to share with you that’s number one you
want to let them know that we’re here and you can actually blow up their law
practice by simply applying the seven steps that I’m about to share with you
over the next few minutes here okay there are very simple steps idea in fact
right under your nose and chances are they’re missing out on it okay it’s a
big opportunity that’s been presented here now if you’re not a law firm maybe
your network marketer you’re following me from that world your real estate
wholesaler you are any of those things medical doctor primarily if you run a
private practice you are primarily a marketer okay so you need to know that
okay because if you don’t acknowledge that you are gonna fail especially in
this digital age right now okay so one of the many reasons why businesses go
under so often is because they stopped focusing on bringing new clientele and
they stopped focusing on bringing new customers and new business they stopped
and all they never really got started the got lucky in the beginning they
never really got started right away I was actually when I started back in
2005 I was actually the last part I did some marketing but it was more or less I
didn’t really understand the concept I was just doing it so when business
started to flow back in early 2006 I stopped marketing okay marking is
something that any private business private law practice any type of size of
business she’s never stopped okay and when I say never stop it’s okay to stop
all cool stuff because the old school stuff like yellow books and things like
that it’s just complete waste of money okay complete waste of money because
there are better ways for you to utilize your resources part of your resources is
your marketing dollars your marketing budget there are better ways and if
you’re not paying attention to that your competition is paying attention to that
okay and what’s gonna eventually happen is you’re gonna get wiped out by a
competition if you don’t pay attention to how you manage your marketing dollars
okay I don’t I don’t care how rich you are you need to pay attention to the
best way to disburse or two to roll out your marketing dollars so that’s why I’m
gonna be talking to attorneys law firm people with private practices today I’m
gonna give you these several steps best marketing plan this same seven steps is
applicable to any type of business you may be running out there same exact
steps it’s applicable so so pay attention but I want you to pay
particular attention to how I relate it to a law firm and how this is gonna
relate to any type of business now let me just tell you something really
quickly I want you to know that your money it’s in only one it’s in
somebody’s hands right now okay revenue coming into your business
is in somebody’s hands as we’re speaking okay it’s in other people’s hands okay
and Greko don’t would say who’s got my money right so the money you’re gonna be
paid is in somebody’s hands and the only way you’re gonna collect our monies is
based on how much value you’re given into the marketplace okay it’s based on
how much value you’re bringing into the marketplace first okay you lead with
value first okay you lead with value first it’s not the other way around you
don’t collect money first okay you lead with value first that’s the way it works
in the real world and it’s always been that way but sadly the the marketing
shifts like the marketing media shift with the modern times okay so basically
you know that once upon a time it was radio dan was terrestrial radio then it
was TV and today is the Internet okay so most of your clients are gonna
come from doing some kind of search on the Internet okay sometimes interrupt
marketing works okay but I personally don’t think it’s the best way to use
your marketing dollars your marketing resources your marketing time I
personally don’t believe that the best way to use it is to spend money I
believe spending money should only you be used
to target people that I’ve already seen you in the past okay
people that I’ve already engaged in your content in the past you can we engage
them by spending some few dollars because there’s a higher chance that
they’re gonna buy because in the first place they searched you out this ordered
you out and they found you right so chances are maybe the baby came in the
room something happen life happened the husband came in the room why they were
about to buy and didn’t buy anymore right so remember I’m gonna be sharing
with you the seven steps the seven steps primary thing you should have at the
core of your business today and if you don’t have those core things that the
core of your business today I don’t care if you’ll be successful right now is
only a matter of time your business is gonna crash and you’re gonna say yeah I
heard that one guy talking about this some few years back trust me is
happening to a lot of people right now and I’ve made some prediction some three
four or five years back and a lot of people are wishing they were on the
forefront of that situation right now but this this one timeless timeless
factor that was there right which is you’re gonna make money the money you’re
gonna make the revenue you’re gonna bring to your business so your practice
to your law firm is going to be directly proportional directly proportional to
the amount of value you bring into the marketplace that make sense it’s gonna
be directly proportional to the amount of value you bring to the marketplace
it’s not the other way around you’re not gonna make money first before you do
more you’re gonna do more okay so everything I want to share with you is
gonna be surrounding that same concept okay so step one step
one step one is to identify you need to identify who your ideal customer what
they want okay so you need to identify what product you have so for a law firm
your product is somehow some way you serve customers that need defense or
people that need somebody to help them claim their rights somebody that needs
them to advocate for their rights right I don’t know how you define exactly what
you do in your world you know how you define it you know what your product and
your services are but we don’t want to assume that we want to identify the
product force so it’s the first P of the three P’s you need to identify three P’s
okay and the first of that P is to identify because you need to pick a
niche okay you can say I’m all type of lawyers I can do real estate that can’t
you can’t say that okay when you are tackling this seven steps you need to
pick the one that you want to focus on and then once you finish one circle or
want cycle of step sevens then you can repeat the same thing for other places
you may specialize but bottom line here is you need to identify a unique product
or service that you want to go after okay step two is to identify the second
P okay step two is to identify the second P and what’s that who’s your
ideal customer people right people is the second P who’s your ideal customer
who is that person that you’re so good at serving them that when you serve them
they’re gonna be so happy that they work with you right or maybe you haven’t
worked with anybody yet but with that ideal person that you really feel like
you’ve mastered the game on how to help them
fight or advocate for their right Eloy in the form of a defense lawyer in a
court or in the firm of the other way around or as a real estate lawyer you
help people protect their right you help people protect their assets you need to
identify who those people are so the second P is fee you need to do that you
need to write it down if you don’t write it down you’re gonna waste a lot of time
and possibly money in advertising to the wrong people
so the first two Stef’s is very simple identify what your
product and your service are second P identify the people that your product
and services will serve the third the third step is to identify the process
you want to use okay so maybe you have a practice at your firm already you have a
process that you take people through ones that come in through doors a
customer you need to put that down on paper and understand because once you
implement the next four steps here right you’re gonna need that process to be in
place already okay once you see there’s no point bringing traffic of people
through your doors if you don’t have a similar process in place to help them
and actually serve them so they can become story success stories for your
firm so you need to be documenting your success stories and that’s part of the
things I’m gonna be sharing with you here over the next four steps step four
is to invest time into researching you need to invest time into researching the
pain of your ideal clients those people Rae me to do some time you spend some
time you probably know these things already but I promise you when you write
these things down it’s gonna have a lot more effect on the growth of your firm
then as you mean that you know it you probably know it but there’s something
about writing things down you need to do some research and write down the pain
exactly on an emotional level what is the pain that your ideal customers are
dealing with so for example let’s say you’re an injury injury write protection
lawyer type of thing right what kind of pain is that person that just had an
accident is going through what kind of pain
could they be going through or maybe they don’t even know they’re going
through pain they may be going through some heartache they may be going to some
other crisis in their life that their loss has cost to them and they may not
know what that thing is or maybe they can’t speak it out in words the best way
if you have existing clients is to speak to some of them and find out in their
own words what is it that they’re going to if you have experience you probably
know what these things are and you need to speak this and write those things out
okay so the pain the second thing that you need to invest time in
searching is the questions that your ideal clients would have so you need to
invest time in that you need to also invest time in researching the problems
common problems that your ideal customer would have so that’s what step four is
and you need to write these things out by the time you’re writing these things
out I would suggest to go for one hundred okay so sometimes it may even
seem redundant okay in other words people may be going through the same
problems but they may communicate it in three different ways
that would be three different times you need to write it down so when you had
all that together that’ll be a hundred you need 100 why why did I say 100
because you’re trying to dominate here you need to literally wipe out your
competition with the with the next three steps I’m gonna be sharing with you here
okay step 5 you need to learn how to replace their
pain with pleasure chances are you really know how to do
this because again I’m only speaking to law firms right I’m talking to a lawyer
I’m talking to an attorney that’s already has a private practice and
you’re trying to dominate you need to replace that plane with pleasure in
words okay in word you need to write them down you need to answer a bunch of
questions so from that 100 list of questions pain and problems that I told
you in in step four you need to write down what the solution what the pleasure
would mean what would pleasure feel like you need to write those out right you
need to write out the you need to also write down the answers to some other
questions so some of the hundred list will be questions you need to write down
what the answers would be okay and and of course you need to the solutions to
the problems that they have okay so and that takes me to step number six again
you’re probably doing already okay so most people right now in this digital
age one of the biggest mistakes they are making why they’re not dominating is the
only do step six they’re doing they are in fact a
practicing lawyer right but they’re losing business to other people that are
smarter they have these seven steps in place okay
because eventually they will find those other people and you lose some clients
okay maybe have repeat clients by the way you can
have repeat clients as a way around that but let’s say most of your clients are
one-time customers they’re not exactly once time customized if they can refer
people to you and again this total domination right here is how you’re
going to have people referring people to you because you’re gonna be in people’s
you’re gonna be on people’s radar all the time so referrals will keep coming
through the doors right so step six is where most people already do your doing
what you do you love doing what you do but like I said we’re gonna have step
one through five and then hatice’s step seven because primarily if you own a
private practice you are a marketer your job is business development your job is
to bring more clients and more clients every day through the doors that’s your
responsibility and the same thing applies in any type of business that if
you own any type of business it’s your responsibility to generate needs
generate traffic every day and the best type of traffic generate this free
traffic free and organic traffic or night organic traffic means they are
already searching for you and this seven steps plan is exactly how they’re gonna
find you you know we’re literally reverse engineering people that are
already searching on the search engines to find you but everyone else is doing
the you know place a place order just local business for everybody else doing
that the part that most people are not doing is what I’m about to share with
you right now okay that’s the part that most people are not don’t we just step
seven everything I told you to write down and step four and step five and
step four you’re writing down pain questions and problems step 5 you’re
writing you’re spelling that you spelling goes out in 100 right
step 5 you’re you’re replacing that with pleasure in the form of writing them
down right what would that feel like to help these people solve their problem
right but also you’re actually writing down the solutions you’re also writing
down the answers again a total of 100 right step seven is where you create
content out of all this material you create 100 pieces of content
now I said 100 not because you’re gonna stop by 100
because I know that once you do 100 this is gonna become second nature
you’re gonna totally dominate your local area when it comes to what you do right
you’re gonna get so much business coming to your door you never want to stop at
100 that’s the whole point of the 100 dream content okay so essentially the
tea ILD TD T stands for teach you create
content in the form of videos and the form of audios and the form of articles
and you create this content you put them and on the major networks okay the way I
wrote it down in my code here is teach for free regularly on major online
network such as YouTube Facebook on your blogs on iTunes
so those are the major network of the digital age it’s no more ABC it’s no
more your yellow book is no more your NBC it’s no more CBS it’s now YouTube
Facebook Google iTunes Instagram is now this platforms now you don’t have to try
to dominate all of them from the beginning you can start with one but
there are ways that you can syndicate the distribution of your content to all
of them in one shot and that’s some of the stuff that I cover in my free class
so in my free class with isola talks calm slash mastermind as well as some
Larry 80s and Tom uxs and Xerox dot-com slash mastermind where you go there you
be able to attend a free class where I go into a little bit more details on how
to rank your content at the top of the search engines so that when people find
your content you have a troop of customers so it’s not just good enough
to create content you’re gonna be creating a relevant content but quite a
few things a little bit of you things you’re gonna be doing to make them rank
so that when people are searching for answers to their problem when they are
searching for solutions to their problems you’re showing up with this 100
pieces of content and you have a troop of new clients coming to your door every
single day free traffic free leads and let’s paid sign up for your life so go
through that class olá cockscomb slash mastermind that’s where you want to go
through to get into a little bit more of details on
how we do that so hopefully you’ve been enlightened on today’s episode I don’t
know what you’re waiting for if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe
right because I’m gonna come up with content like this all the time that can
help you in your business and your practice and your private practices in
your endeavors and sending your message out into the world into spreading your
message right out there I’m gonna continue to create content like this so
make sure you like you subscribe and make sure you go to that link and beyond
on the class it’s a free class and and also I think in addition to that I’m
gonna send you three free videos with case studies of people that are using
this to successfully blow up their business already into the millions of
the last people are making millions upon millions of dollars doing exactly the
seven steps I just shared with you here today so that’s what I have for you
today hopefully even enlighten and educated and I will see you on the next
one peace

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