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7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

– Oh, they’re video chatting!
They predicted Skype and cake. – I’m still convinced that the writers of Simpsons
are time travelers. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we predict
a really great episode. – I predict you’re right.
– Okay. That’s good. Me too. (chuckles)
– (claps) How come? – (FBE) We are gonna go
through eight TV shows and movies that have accurately
predicted the future. – Interesting.
– Oh my gosh. I love this kind of stuff.
– Oh, I love these, because they’re just chance,
but it’s so creepy at the same time. – (FBE) Before we get started,
we just wanted our viewers to know that we will have
to mute any clips that have music, but we’ve linked
the original videos down below. – Okay. I’ll try not to sing
The Beatles while I react in this channel. (chuckles)
– (Gazelle) Good evening, Zootopia! – Shakira! And the Super Bowl.
– Oh, that’s pretty similar to what she was wearing
at Super Bowl. – Oh! The Shakira dress
at the halftime show? I saw this on Twitter.
– She wore the same outfit. (laughs) – I thought it was kind of scary
on how the dress is literally the exact same as hers.
So, I don’t know if they got inspired when they saw this movie
or it just happened to be a coincidence,
but I’m gonna say they got inspired. – Oh! So, that was supposed
to be like a halftime performance as her as an elk?
How long ago was that? – I thought it was so funny,
because right after the Halftime show, like on Instagram,
they had the side by side videos of her and that,
and people were like, “Oh my gosh.
She ripped them off.” It’s like no,
that’s literally her. – (FBE) Many were pointing out
that in this 2016 animated film Zootopia,
Shakira’s character was performing at what also seemed
like a halftime show. Not only that,
but Shakira also wore the exact same outfit.
– That’s gotta be on purpose! It’s spot on.
– I want someone to ask her if she noticed this.
Was this intentional? Was this a nod to the film?
– It had to have been on purpose. That’s not a coincidence.
– That just has to be a signature Shakira wardrobe.
They’re like, “She likes that one. Put it on her character.
Put it on her.” (chuckles) She looks good in red.
You cannot deny it. – (Homer) Gotta get a juicer.
Gotta drink juice. News wait. Won’t get chest pain
from answering the phone anymore. – (laughs)
– Oh, god. – This is the one I just saw.
This one had me– it was kind of scary
how kind of almost spot on it is. – (man) Please don’t tell
the supervisor I have the flu. – Does it have to do
with that damn coronavirus? – (Bart) Hey Dad,
this came for you in the mail. – Is this about
the coronavirus? – (Homer screams)
– I don’t think we can give Simpsons credit
for predicting illness. – Oh, so the spreading of a virus.
– (Skinner) Flu germs entering every orifice in my head.
– Oh, wow. Oh, wow. (chuckles)
Oh my gosh. – (reporter) The dreaded Osaka flu…
– This is the virus? Oh, that’s kinda weird. Whoops.
But it happens! – Okay, so what year was this?
– (FBE) 1993. – Oh my god.
– I’m still convinced that the writers of Simpsons
are time travelers. There’s a difference from, you know,
getting one or two things that are just like, “Oh, wow,
you kinda happened to get that right.” And then you go from 10 to 15 things
that are getting it right, and it’s still going on?
That’s terrifying. – (FBE) So, in a 1993 episode
from the Simpsons, their fictional Osaka flu
from Japan infects Springfield. Many online are now
drawing similarities to the coronavirus scare
that’s happening right now. – But that’s not even Japan.
And it’s just germs. Germs come from countries
all the time. That’s kind of how they work.
– That’s insane. It’s just like, “Oh,
let me just write a little book about this virus or whatever,”
and it’s happening. My brain’s kind of
everywhere right now, because that’s so crazy. Damn.
– (FBE) Simpsons in notorious for predicting these scenarios.
We even have an entire episode dedicated to these predictions.
How do you think they’re continuously doing this?
– Well, like I said, I mean, if they’re coming up
with different ideas, anything is possible, I guess.
It could happen. But it does seem to be
really specific, so I think that’s
what makes it creepy. – Once is a coincidence, right?
Twice, give it a coincidence. But after it’s so many times
it just keeps predicting, predicting, predicting things,
it makes you wonder how. – Is it just destiny
that everything ultimately is going to happen?
You know, you go, “Oh, well let’s just
watch this show regularly and maybe that’ll be
the next thing that happens.” A scary thought.
– What happens at the end of the episode?
Does everyone die? I’m just trying to find out
the end game! Should I be doomsday
prepping right now? What’s that episode?! – (Lucy) I think you’re really
gonna like it here. And obviously, everyone’s in…
– Yeah, it’s Parks and Rec. – (Lucy) …because of the Cubs
winning the Series. – (Dwyer) Yeah, it seems really nice.
– Oh, is this the Cubs winning the Series?
Sports. – (Lucy) …because of the Cubs
winning the Series. – Oh!
– (Dwyer) Yeah, it seems really nice. I mean, I am gonna
miss Pawnee, though. – Did it says Cubs
in the World Series? Dang! And Parks and Rec
is way older than that, ’cause the Cubs just win
a couple years ago, right? – I remember that.
When the Cubs won, everyone flipped out.
– I’m from Chicago, you know, and oh my god.
We waited forever for the Cubs to win the World Series.
– (FBE) So, during the show’s final season, Parks and Rec
predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series.
Even though the episode aired in 2015, Sam and Andy’s trip
in this episode took place in what was 2017.
So that episode, they were a little bit in the future,
which means the Cubs would have had already won the championship
in 2016, which they did. – That also means that Leslie Knope
could still be president someday. – That’s a little weird,
’cause there is a lot of teams, a lot of probabilities.
But at the same time, there’s so many guesses
as to who’s gonna win, so someone’s gotta get it right.
– Parks and Recreation, in my opinion,
was not a show that existed on some, you know,
different universe or on some different plane.
They were with us in real time. And so, to say something
like that so confidently and for it to happen,
that’s incredible. – (Ross) Have you seen this?
It’s our new alumni website for college.
– Oh, I know those guys. Aren’t they friends?
They’re friends with each other, right?
– (Ross) You can post messages for people, let everyone know
what you’re up to. – Social media!
– (Chandler) …faster way to tell people that I’m unemployed
and childless. – (laughs) The prequel to Facebook.
– (Ross) It’s actually kind of interesting to find out
what people are doing. Remember Andrea Rich? – Is this Facebook?
– (Chandler) The girl that wouldn’t sleep with you?
– (Ross) Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Well, her internet company went under, and she lost
an ear in a boating accident. – (chuckles) Oh my god.
– (Chandler) Bet she’d sleep with you now.
– So, maybe Zuckerberg watched this episode
and he was like, “Hey, that’s a good idea.”
– (FBE) That was from an episode of Friends which aired
back in 2003. In the episode, Ross is basically
describing to Chandler what is essentially Facebook.
– But I bet on Ross’s website, his mom never tries
to share him with memes. – (FBE) A full year after that,
Mark Zuckerberg launched what at the time
was called The Facebook. – No way! This was before?!
What the hell?! No, that’s weird.
That’s like someone– to make up a social media
before it even happens. I wonder if people
were thinking about it. They were like, “Oh,
we should do this.” And Mark Zuckerberg’s like,
“[Bleep]. I’ll do it.” – (Spacely) Jetson, I apologize.
– (George) Well, Mr. Spacely… – Oh, the Jetsons.
– Awww. – (Spacely) …that I got
a biiig mouth. – FaceTime.
– So, they’re FaceTiming? (chuckles) – Oh, they’re video chatting!
They’ve predicted Skype and cake. – (Spacely) …more reasonable hour.
– They’re FaceTimin’. (laughs) But it’s funny,
because it’s not the idea of a cellphone,
it’s more like a call box. – I remember laughing about a lot
of this and going, “Oh yeah, I’d like that.
That’d be handy.” Did I think I’d see it
in my lifetime? Nah. – 100 years ago,
there were very specific images associated with “the future,”
and we focus on not having flying cars, so we’re like,
“Nothing’s impressive,” but we have a lot of shit.
I can look at someone’s face on my phone across the world.
– (FBE) All right, so that was the animated series The Jetsons,
which was way ahead of its time and technology, because it aired
back in the early ’60s. – ’60s? Woo.
– That’s real predictions. That’s 60 years
in the future predictions. – (FBE) The internet wasn’t even
created back then, yet there were cleaning robots,
flat screen TVs, and as you just saw, video calls.
– Which is literally what we have today,
like the Roomba and FaceTime. Crazy.
– I can’t imagine life without the internet, (laughs)
so it’s so weird to think of them just thinking
of this concept without that to back it up.
That’s actually kind of weird. – Maybe whoever came up with it
was inspired by watching it or, you know, thought,
“Hey, that’s something that maybe we could do.”
We try to imagine what the world is going to be like,
and who knows? I mean, we won’t– probably.
I mean, 100 years from now, we won’t be here to see it,
but who knows what could spark someone else to do something.
– (JD) …the whole afternoon researching the war in Iraq.
– Scrubs! – (JD) …into the spirited debate.
– Love Scrubs. – (Cox) What a jackass. Wow.
– (people angrily muttering) – (JD) Come on.
No one wants to debate Iraq with me? – (Janitor) I’ll debate Iraq with you. – Oh, I didn’t know
he was on this show. – (JD) Prepare to be dazzled.
– (Janitor) Okay. In my opinion, we should be
looking for Bin Laden in Pakistan. – Ohhh. (chuckles)
– (JD) You have that globe nearby? – Is that where we found Bin Laden?
The janitor knows everything! – That’s a pretty specific line
right there. – Things like that,
it’s oddly specific and also gets
into the political realm, so it’s a little scary
to be able to predict that. – (FBE) That was
the comedy series Scrubs. And in that 2006 episode,
the janitor throws out that the U.S. Army should be
looking for Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.
Sure enough, fast forward to 2011 and Bin Laden was found in…
– Pakistan. – I don’t know.
I can’t explain that one. Interesting.
– Wow. That’s interesting. It just makes me wanna see
the thought the process, right? It makes me wanna
interview the writer. – I’d love to hear
what the writers thought. I’d really be amazed–
I’d like to know was it because they were
so politically astute that it made sense to them
that he would be there? Were they just playing around
and going, “Oh, well, put it over there somewhere”?
You know, I’d like to hear how they managed
to pull this off. – I think that writer knows things. I don’t know how they felt, but I feel (whispers) that they things things. – (boy) This is a video game!
– Oh! I was gonna say, “Where’s Back to the Future?”
– (boy) My dad taught me about these. – Now, this, I’ve seen so many times
it’s not even funny. – It’s so funny to look
at how people thought the future was gonna look like.
– (Marty) I’m a crack shot at this. – (game characters grunting) – (laughs) It looks so rinky dinky
compared to now. – (boy) You mean you have
to use your hands?! – (boy 2) That’s like a baby’s toy.
– (laughs) – (Marty) Baby’s toy?
– They predicted the Kinect. – There are so many different ways
we play with video games now, where we do like VR or any other type
of full body sensor motion, where we don’t have to use
our hands anymore. – (FBE) So, given the title
of the film, who knew that Back to the Future
was actually predicting the future? – I mean, it’s in the title. (laughs)
– (FBE) It predicts several things in the film that had not yet existed
including hands-free game consoles. But it wasn’t until the early 2000s,
right, that companies like Xbox Kinect and Nintendo Wii had launched
and let gamers control on-screen actions using voice
and gestures. – That’s insane. They were probably
referring to something they thought would happen in the future-future,
and the fact that that’s what we have today– not even today.
It came out a while ago. – It’s interesting.
You go back and you look at old media and you see people’s
kind of wish lists of what they think the future is gonna look like.
And then, some of them, they pick and choose.
It’s things that people worked on and listened to and created.
And it’s cool to see kind of what they wanted
come to fruition almost. – This is weird.
I feel like a lot of it is just futuristic movies
and they’re just taking their best guess.
They’re like, “What would I want to see happen?”
And then they write it down. – (FBE) Finally, some consider
these predictions, like the ones you saw today,
to be predictive programming, which essentially means the government
or the higher-ups are using media to make the population more accepting
of future events. – That’s some looper [bleep].
(chuckles) – (FBE) Do you think these
were predictive programming or were they just
harmless coincidences? – I think they’re probably
harmless coincidences. But if I wrote it,
I would definitely say I was predicting the future.
– So, somebody knows that this is what’s gonna happen?
Oh, come on. No. I’m not buying that. – It’s coincidence or clever writing,
you know, educated writing, an educated guess.
It’s not predictive programming. I will never go
with a conspiracy theory, no. No, no, no, no.
– I don’t think they’re predictive programming
only because it seems like they’re happenstances
in certain episodes. I don’t subscribe
to predictive programming, that idea of
predictive programming, no. – Hey, everyone!
Lauren, producer here at FBE. – And I’m Josecarlos,
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– Bye! – Hey, everyone. Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
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Bye, everyone!

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