7 Warning Signs You Should Get A New Job
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7 Warning Signs You Should Get A New Job

(typing roughly) (grunting) (sigh) – To quit or not to quit? That’s the big question. Are you thinking of quitting your job and looking for a new career? Are you waiting too long to move on? Studies shows that 85% of the people actually hate their jobs. Means that if you randomly
talk to anyone on the street, out of 10 people, nine
of them will tell you they don’t like what they do. Now maybe, you’re a little it scared and you’re thinking about, “Well, should I do it? “Should I not do it. “Should I wait for a few months “and see how things are?” Well, here are seven warning signs that you should get a new job. Warning sign number one, you go home and you spend
a majority of your time complaining about your
co-worker and your boss. So, you go home, you talk
to your wife, your husband, your spouse, your boyfriend,
girlfriend, your family, and they ask you, “Hey, how’s work today?” “Oh man, let me tell you. “Oh my goodness, “let me tell you about Suzie. “Let me tell you about John. “Let me tell you about my boss.” It’s always complaining. It’s something always wrong and you’re bringing a
lot of negativity home and the conversation always
ends on a negative note. Well, that’s sign number one that maybe you should
look for a new career. Warning sign number two, you dread going to work everyday. In the morning, the alarm
goes off, do you get excited? It’s like, “Yeah! Can’t
wait to get out of bed “and go to work”, or when the alarm goes off you’re like, “Oh my god, here’s another day. “Here we go. “Gonna be stuck in traffic.” That’s a challenge. Do you always during the work days, you know, the hump day, right? Especially the hump day, you’re like, “Oh man, finally
halfway through the week “and it’s just two more days, then it’s the weekend!” You live for the weekends, and when you get to Sunday, the Monday morning you are like, “Oh my god, Monday here we go again.” You dread going to work everyday, that’s a sign. Warning sign number three, you are less productive at work or you are bored often and lack passion. If it during work hours, you are checking your
Facebook every 20 minutes, you are playing around on Instagram or you’re playing video
games on your apps, chances are this may not
be the right career for you or come on, come on,
let me give you a clue, just between you and me, if you’re working right now, this is during work hours, you’re watching a video on YouTube called “7 Warning Signs
You Should Get a New Job”, chances are, guess what,
you should get a new job. Warning sign number four, you know you’re going to be fired. Maybe the company that
you are working for, they are downsizing or sometimes they call
that re-engineering. You can see the team shrinking as each quarter goes by, from 500 people to 450 to 400 to 300, well that’s a clue or maybe
it’s not the right company to start off with anyway. Maybe it doesn’t fit your talents, that you are not at the right seat or it’s not the right position for you, not the right role for you or maybe you have no
interest in the industry, but you just kinda got
into it a few years ago. Now you’re kinda stuck. You gotta think a little bit ahead. If you know that the
company’s not going anywhere, and you know you’re gonna be fired, it’s just only a matter of time, you want to think ahead because for your future jobs, it’s easier to explain to
your new, potential employer, saying that, “Hey, you quit, “and you’re looking for alternative”, versus, “You got fired
and you got laid off.” So, think ahead. Warning sign number five, you feel stuck and hopeless. See one of the basic
human needs that we have, as a human being, is the need to grow. We want to be better. You’ve heard of the saying before. If you’re not growing, you are dying. So, with your current job, if you don’t get excited about, and you don’t see a future, you don’t see where the
next level is gonna be, and you feel you hit that glass ceiling and there’s nothing to look forward to, and you don’t feel that you’re growing, that the job is not challenging enough, or the people around you,
they’re not challenging you, and you just feel kind of the same, and you don’t see a plan. Three months, six months,
a year, two years from now, where are you gonna be, and the future, tomorrow, the next year, that is so blurry, then maybe it’s time to
look for something else, or maybe you’re just
drinking a little too much. A bit too much alcohol. You’re going to the bar a
little bit more frequent than usual. Well, you might as well be a bartender. Get a new gig, right? Warning sign number six, you are complacent. Now, you could say, “Oh, I’m comfortable”, but there’s a big difference
between being comfortable and being complacent, right? That you are not growing
and you are stuck. If you catch yourself
saying stuff like that, “Hey, I don’t have time
for new job search”, or “You know what, this
job it will do for now”, or “Well, you know what,
I’ll just see how things are. “I’ll stay around for few months”, or “You know what, I don’t
have to be the VP of blank.” If you catch yourself
saying that, guess what? Complacency, and very often complacency comes from fear that you’re afraid to grow. You’re afraid to step
out of your comfort zone, and remember, your comfort
zone is your income zone. Warning sign number seven, you’re not treated like a person. Maybe the company that you’re working for, they don’t value you. They don’t cherish and
appreciate who you are as a human being, your talent, and you feel like just a number
on a punch card everyday. Everyday you go to work, you just feel like, “I’m just a number.” They don’t know you. They don’t know your
goals, your aspirations, and I’m not just talking
about getting praise. I’m talking about, are
you getting positive, constructive criticisms
from your higher ups, so you can get feedback. ‘Cause how are you gonna grow? How are you gonna be better? How are you gonna learn more? How are you gonna be a
better version of yourself if you’re not getting coaching? If you’re not getting feedback? If your manager, your
boss, is not coaching you, and is not helping you becoming better, than something is wrong. So, how many of these
warning signs do you have? Comment below. Do you have one, two, five, or seven? All seven of them. If you have more than five
of these warning signs, chances are, it’s time to move on. It’s time to look for something else. Now, maybe you’re thinking,
“But Dan, I can’t just move on. “I can’t just quit my job. “You know I’ve got a family
to take care of, you know?” I understand that. It is your duty, it is your obligation, it is your job to take
care of your family, and how are you gonna do that if you’re working at a job that you hate? If you’re working at a
job that has no future? I believe the best way to
quit your job is to develop what I call a high income skill. What is a high income skill? It’s a skill that pays the bills. With high income skill you can freelance. You can supercharge your career. You can take your
business to the next level without getting into debt, and without a college degree. If you want to generate high income, if you want to set your own hours and set your own schedule, and you wanna do what you love
by actually helping companies to generate more revenue, click the link below and check out my four part
training series for free. I’m gonna share with you a
model that I’ve helped so many of my students from all around the world to quit their job and
find fulfillment again in their career. Check this out. – In the last 90 days,
well less than 90 days, I’ve closed $200,000. – I got a contract signed
yesterday for $14,000. – On Wednesday, I reported
that I’ve closed $186,000 in sales, and I had four booms mid-week. It’s now Friday, and I’ve
just closed another three, bringing my total for the
week, a record for me, of seven booms for the week, and I have $40,000 as a
result in sales commissions.

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100 thoughts on “7 Warning Signs You Should Get A New Job

  1. I remember one of my old jobs they used to call us labour that's it. ie."do we have enough labour for today". That was a very good sign to quit.😀

  2. Hi dan, im new with sales, and i am in the industry of selling heavy equipments, its like selling the impossible how am i gonna deal with this, not to mention that i have no exp in sales yet

  3. Great points Dan! Too many ppl at my work place keep complaining about coworkers. Im trying to build a business and then I will quit for sure

  4. I had 6 out of 7 warning signs, stuck around for a while and am now opening a new company with the boss. No regerts!

  5. been losing on hope on my youtube channel these days but binge watching your videos just made wanna keep grinding 🙏

  6. I was before in a marketing business and loved it. But now in a marketing job and I don't like targets they keep.
    So I going to quit in my near future.
    Thanks Dan

  7. I have got all 7 signs. Tomorrow I will have 2 interviews. Whoever read my comment, please wish me the best of luck! Thank you.

  8. Dear Dan lok, what you are saying is very very true perspectives. And out of it. You look so cute and chubby. I wanna touch ur chubby cheeks and feel the real Dan lok.

  9. I have been offered a job that could later provide 10 times more than what I have now, but for right now I'm only offered a base salary and the rest in commissions. They say that most of my pay is 70% what should I do? Quit or not to quit?

  10. 2:23 😂 funny thing is i am watching this sitting in my office at my own company lol you made me hesitate

  11. hello mister Dan Lok, I just want to tell you a little about my story. I am a recent graduate in IT school and I really want to understand accounting for improving my high-income skills, but I want to understand it right away in the industry, I have offered myself in various companies to work as a junior accounting but they reject it, how should I study accounting in order to immediately look into accounting problems and study them, if I still don't get a job as an accountant, I have read accounting books but I think it is very lacking if only theory without action. thankyou…

  12. Oh this one is really ideal for my past.
    All signs ideal for me in those days.

    I hate my job because there is nothing for reach my future goals. So i feel like i was stuck in the same place.
    So i quit. and i started my own Digital Marketing Company. Now I am So happy about me.

  13. I get paid $9.25/hr. In a factory. I been there for over a year. The thing that pisses me off is, the temps get paid the same as me.

  14. I literally L O L'd! The fact that you are watching a video is a good sign you probably should quit your job!

  15. Every single one of those things on the list besides getting fired. Not getting paid commission and I have people pushing me to sell more even though I’m already ahead of everyone. Motivation is gone. I’m getting paid for time here at work vs what I do.

  16. Your comfort zone is your income zone. Never heard it like that, but it makes sense. Well, I ticked 7 out of 7. A timely and helpful video. Thank you.

  17. Honestly speaking, I tend to experience those 7 points at all the jobs I did. I've job hopped a lot and why I quit those places are exactly because of those warning signs mentioned. And then I got to my current job and thought that, I am not getting any younger and I couldn't be changing job way too often and started thinking things like 'maybe it's me' kind of thing. Like maybe there are things that I have to further improve and I thought it's normal to face such setbacks as human beings do need challenges to grow after all. But then again, it's like I'm sabotaging myself. Being in a workplace where people tend to take me lightly, taken for granted, and not wanting to cooperate just to feed their own ego. Bosses not wanting to do anything about it and say things like 'their characters are like that' and yet when the usually good and kind ones accidentally commits mistake like once in a while, they're being 'target' by them. So I thought enough is enough and coincidentally, I did went to try applying for job somewhere else earlier today. Hope this will be a good beginning to start afresh and advance forward.

  18. Mr dan lok, i would like to be enterpreneuer, but i don't like to work with other people. What can i do?

  19. Actually, all of it!
    Because of this, im going to file a resignation letter on monday. Which is inline with the feast of sacrifice. Im going to sacrifice my job.

  20. Your explanation is so precise and right to the point. If you're not growing then you're dying. Thank you for your sharing. David from Taiwan.

  21. I'm glad this video came out 2 days ago because I left my job 3 days ago just because I was uncomfortable with being satisfied with mediocre results & I wasn't getting feedback to grow.

  22. … I have all 8 signs! Lol, I am kidding, but the reality is not quite so different. Yes Sir, I have all the up mentioned 7 signs. About the sign "you feel to be fired everytime" is for me exactly the opposite: I know my skills and my boss will not leave me in order to cover a function with much more challenge, at the cost to lose me. I am totally bored … Yes, you have right Dan, it is really time to put the word "finish" at this chapter of my life and start a new perspective.

  23. Mr. Lok. I have a question. When is it time to cut out toxic family memes that are close to you. Like your mom and dad. I see them not pushing me higher on my road to a million. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

  24. Why you gotta call me out like that, Dan? Scared the hell out of me that you knew I was at work watching this 😂

  25. I have 6 out of 7 signs from my work in the retirement home.

    Imma save some money for that HTC programm so I can create a new life

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