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7 Work from Home Jobs (HIGH Income for Stay at Home Moms!)

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, I’m going to share with
you 7 work from home jobs that pays high income if you are a stay at home mom, or someone
who wants to work from home! By the end of this video, you will have a
list of 7 different jobs that you can work from the comfort of your home, so that you
can spend more time with your loved ones while making money. If you want more tips on growing your online
influence and building your online empire as a business owner, be sure to subscribe
to my channel and hit the bell to be notified whenever I upload a new video every Friday. Before I share with you the 7 jobs that you
can work from home, I would first like to point that it’s not about completing online
surveys to get vouchers or side income. In this video, I talk about developing skills
which can help you earn a high income while working from home. The thing is, a lot of people want to make
easy money online just by filling up some forms but to be honest, you can’t really
earn much from doing that. The best way to earn good money and eventually
turn your side income into a full-time gig is to develop a high income skill. Some of you might already have these skills,
but if you don’t, it is worth investing your time to learn something new. Once you master one of these skills, this
can eventually lead you to endless opportunities down the road if you choose to turn it into
your full-time career. Let me give you a good example of a high income
skill versus a high income job. If you work as an employee with a high income,
you can get paid for the number of hours that you work, and that’s about it. On the other hand, when you have a high income
skill, you can choose to charge more for your services with the potential to dramatically
increase your earnings, because you can close high ticket clients and you can increase your
rate based on your own terms. The fact that it is not a 9 to 5 job means
that you have the flexibility to work from home or while you are traveling. The first high income skill is copywriting. When you start out as a writer, you might
be earning a part time income from writing in general. But if you do take the route to specialise
in copywriting instead, you can eventually earn thousands of dollars per project to write
product descriptions, emails, sales letters and ads for businesses. If you are already good at writing, it would
be worthwhile to specialise in copywriting because copywriters are highly sought after
by business owners. The second job would be web design. Creating websites for businesses is highly
profitable and you can charge thousands of dollars to develop one website. Once you master this skill, you can use it
to earn a high income on a monthly basis. Websites are critical for marketing any business
online, because it acts like a virtual storefront which helps to drive traffic and conversion. The first impression of a company’s website
is extremely important as it needs to be able to attract and retain customers, which is
why business owners are willing to spend thousands of dollars on web design and development. The next skill is graphic design. Graphic design can also become a high income
skill if you become good at it, by dedicating the time required to develop those skills. On a freelance basis, you may start with getting
some part time income, and slowly build up your portfolio until you have a good reputation. You will be able to increase your rates once
you are well-known for your skills. The benefits of being a freelance graphic
designer is that you have the flexibility to charge your own rates and you get to deal
with clients directly without being employed under an agency. The next skill is to be a coach. Being a coach is another high income skill
that is highly sought after, and it is also a fulfilling and rewarding because you are
helping others be better in their lives and in their careers. You could be a business coach or a life coach
and work from home, providing consultations through video calls. There are many benefits of being a coach,
such as getting able to connect with other people on a global scale while getting paid
to give advice. The next skill is social media manager. If you have some marketing or social media
background, you can benefit from being a freelance social media manager. A social media manager helps with increasing
brand awareness, creating content and marketing materials to help your clients increase their
online presence. It’s a skill that can be picked up, especially
if you are already familiar with using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It would be worthwhile to upgrade your skills
and learn how to rank content by creating engagement and by learning methods on how
to market products and sales effectively. The next skill is to be an SEO expert. If you don’t know what an SEO expert is,
it is someone who does search engine optimisation to help websites rank on Google, so that businesses
can drive more traffic to their websites, collect more leads and get sales. Every business requires SEO to be done, and
specialising in SEO means that you will be able to rank your own business or website
on Google in order to get more clients for yourself in the process. Being an SEO expert means that you can get
paid to help people with their website on SEO, and you can also charge for consultations
that you provide. The next skill is to be an online teacher. If you are good at a language or skill such
as playing a musical instrument, you can conduct online lessons as a virtual instructor. You will be able to earn a decent hourly rate
if you teach on a platform under a company, but you will be able to earn and scale much
more if you create your own online course. You can literally teach anything that you
are good at and things which people want to learn. Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels,
is earning millions of dollars teaching people how to use sales funnels, and Kaelin Poulin,
the founder of LadyBoss, runs an 8-figure online business, teaching people how to lose
weight. Being an online teacher is about educating
others with what you know, to help them reach the results that you have already reached. If you market it well, this can become an
extremely lucrative work from home job. What other high income work from home jobs
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