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6 thoughts on “8 Easy Email Newsletter Ideas πŸ’Œ | Getting Started With Your Email Content Strategy

  1. Thanks for watching! Comment below – how often do you email your list, and what kinds of content do you send them? πŸ˜€

  2. Love this video, Brittany! I do really like sending my subscribers newsletters. I try to keep mine more personal – for example, telling a personal story of WHY I chose to create a certain piece of content that week. I take most of my content ideas from people I speak to or questions I see online. I also like to include handy resources I've come across online.

  3. I think I got 4 more ideas for my newsletters!! I try to send one every week to let them know about the content I posted on Youtube in the past week

  4. Oooh love this one Brittany! I try to send an email at least once a week- it’s usually about new content or affiliate promos! I’m looking forward to adding some of your ideas in as well! Thanks so much lady!!

  5. I have a page full of ideas now! This is so helpful for me. I have just started building my list and get panicked about disappointing subscribers!

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