8 Most Catastrophic Computer Failures in History
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8 Most Catastrophic Computer Failures in History

From millions of dollars in losses to tragic
airplane crashes, here are the 8 most catastrophic computer failures in history Number 8 Knight Capital Group Disruption
In 2012, activities from Knight Capital Group caused a major disruption on the New York
Stock Exchange. A code error in the firm’s automated systems
meant it began trading erratically, when the stock market opened on August 1. Knight Capital started buying and selling
millions of shares distributed among hundreds of stocks. It took roughly 45 minutes before the error
was contained and, over that time, the company bled out roughly $10 million per minute. By the next day, 75 per cent of Knight Capital
Group’s equity value had been erased. Number 7 Mars Climate Orbiter
This robotic space probe was launched by NASA, in 1998, with the purpose of observing Martian
atmosphere, climate and surface changes. 286 days into the mission, communication with
the orbiter was lost right as it entered the Martian orbit. The main problem was that a piece of ground
software, supplied by Lockheed Martin, showed measurements in imperial units while the NASA
trajectory calculation software used the metric system. Therefore, there was a discrepancy when it
came to the orbiter’s thruster impulse. It was calculated in pounds-force seconds
and interpreted in newton seconds. Calculations made after the error showed that
the orbiter was on a trajectory that would have taken it within 35 miles of the surface. At that point it either burned up in the atmosphere
or skidded off it and plunged towards an uncertain fate into the depths of space. Before we move on, answer this question. What was the reason for the Y2K scare, towards
the end of the 20th century? a. A computer bug
b. Pandemic
c. Global War
d. A terrorist attack
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Number 6 Ariane 5 Rocket
In early June, 1996, the Ariane 5 space rocket was lined up and ready for its maiden flight
out of Kourou, French Guiana. The rocket was the joint effort of 20 European
nations and reportedly cost about $8 billion to develop. At the time it was carrying four satellites
into orbit. 37 seconds after the rocket took off, hurtling
towards the sky, it started to veer off its path. The problem was that the rocket’s internal
computers and software had been reused from its predecessor, the Ariane 4. They were tasked with monitoring onboard speed
and orientation, but couldn’t cope with the newer model’s power. The rocket’s lateral velocity exceeded the
limits of the guidance system’s computer. The error basically meant “trying to stuff
a 64-bit number into a 16-bit space”. It caused the rocket to take a sudden downward
turn and self-destruct in an aerial explosion. Number 5 Prison System Error
A computer error in California’s prison system caused 450 inmates with “a high risk
of violence” to be released without having to report to a parole officer. It was a consequence of the state’s January
2010 initiative to reduce prison overcrowding. Prisoners at a very low risk of reoffending
were released in non-revocable parole conditions. This meant that they didn’t have to check
in with a parole officer and could only be arrested if they committed a crime. Unfortunately, the computer program used to
make the assessment didn’t access an inmate’s disciplinary history. This included gang members, people who committed
violent felonies or sex crimes as well as those who’d exhibited violent behavior behind
bars. Moreover, the program relied on a database
from the Department of Justice that recorded arrests but missed conviction information
for nearly half of the state’s arrests. What’s perhaps even more worrisome is that
no further measures were taken about the hundreds of inmates who’d been released because of
the error. Number 4 Chinook Helicopter Crash
The 1994 Chinook helicopter crash is among the worst peacetime disasters ever faced by
the Royal Air Force. In June of that year, the aircraft was flying
above Scotland, in foggy conditions. Among the 29 souls on board were almost all
of the UK’s senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts. The helicopter crashed on a tip of the Kintyre
Peninsula, killing everyone on board. For years the incident was blamed on pilot
negligence. However, further inquiries discovered another
possible cause connected to the helicopter’s FADEC or Full Authority Digital Engine Control. At that time FADEC was being implemented on
all Royal Air Force Chinooks. It had been responsible for a previous Chinook
crash in 1989 and tests performed on the software had found it “unverifiable and…therefore
unsuitable for its purpose.” Number 3 Patriot Missile Failure in Dhahran
The Patriot missile system, employed by the US and several of its allies, can detect and
shoot down incoming aircraft or ballistic missiles. In February 1991, a software error meant the
anti-ballistic system failed to detect an incoming Iraqi Scud. As a result, 28 American soldiers were killed
at a makeshift barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. At the time, the Patriot system had been operational
for about 100 hours. A software error caused its internal system
to drift by a third of a second thus compromising its handling of timestamps. When coupled with the speed of the incoming
Scud, the error translated to a miss distance of nearly 2000 feet. The radar had initially detected the Scud,
but couldn’t track in real time where to look next. Therefore, the Patriot missile system made
no interception attempt. Number 2 Therac-25
Software errors caused the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine to give patients massive overdoses
of radiation. Between 1985 and 1987, Therac-25 was involved
in at least six accidents, three of which resulted in death. One problem was that the machine depended
entirely on software safety checks and had removed any traditional hardware failsafes. The engineers who’d designed it were also
overconfident in their work and didn’t resolve any reported software bugs. As a result, patients were struck with over
a hundred times the intended dose of radiation in focused areas of their bodies. In some cases, the high-current electron beam
caused them to scream in pain and run out of the treatment room. After a few days, patients had radiation burns
and began showing signs of radiation sickness. So, what was the Y2K scare all about? The right answer is a, a computer bug. The Y2K bug would cause calendar data for
the year 2000 to become indistinguishable from the year 1900, because of the last two
digits. Millions of dollars were spent to address
the issue and there was a significant amount of global panic in the years leading up to
2000. The fear was that on December 31, 1999, computers
all-over the world would stop working. People feared that planes would fall from
the sky, power grids would fail and major institutions would crumble. Thankfully, very few computer failures were
reported and none were catastrophic. Number 1 Boeing 737 MAX
Repeated computer failures that claimed hundreds of lives have led to a worldwide grounding
of the Boeing 737 MAX. Originally developed in the 1960s, the Boeing
737 is a twin-engine, narrow-bodied passenger airliner. The aircraft has undergone constant upgrades
and updates so that it could adapt to the modern world of aviation. The 737 MAX was based on previous designs
but featured aerodynamics and airframe modifications as well as new engines that were more fuel-efficient. The engines were placed higher and further
forward than on previous models. Because of the difference in engine placement,
the aircraft had a tendency to pitch-up during flights. Boeing thus implemented a new flight control
system called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System or MCAS. The main purpose of the software was to lower
the aircraft’s nose, without the pilot’s intervention, whenever it was too high. Unfortunately, the MCAS was susceptible to
erroneous activation and 737 MAX pilots were often uninformed of its implementation. This led to two tragic crashes, only several
months apart. The first was Lion Air Flight 610 in October
2018 and the second was Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, in March of the following year. There were no survivors and, together, the
crashes claimed 346 lives. Thanks for watching! When it comes to life-and-death scenarios,
would you rather critical decisions were made by humans or machines? Let us know in the comments section below!

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24 thoughts on “8 Most Catastrophic Computer Failures in History

  1. When it comes to life-and-death scenarios, would you rather critical decisions were made by humans OR machines?

  2. I remember y2k freaked everyone out SO hard
    ya it was a computer issue and my friends dad worked mad overtime at ibm to try and fix it
    i honestly didn't even believe that it was a real issue at the time. seemed like a ridiculous oversight but o well

  3. The answer to the question is definitely (A. Computer glitch). Know one knew if computers would change the date to 2000 or not. Than knocking out all power systems from a crash. ALL systems!

  4. The computer bug scare ! I remember the bit of panic about that one ! The Chinook crash was bad , the pilots families were left feeling very bitter about the pilots being blamed .

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  6. The Mars orbiter was lost because of the computer using metric and instructions in imperial. Human error.

    Y2K was a programming oversight (my dad was doing data processing in the 1960โ€™s) computer memory was at a premium in the day, so each character was costly (as each character took a unit of memory to store) so, in the 1960โ€™s, they went with a two digit year (since for the next 40 years, theyโ€™ll have time to figure out how to deal with it) as the 1990โ€™s started to wind down, he would give me longer and longer talks about it. Not a bug, per say, but a programming oversight.

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