8 Steps to Start and Grow Your Business | Mark J Kohler
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8 Steps to Start and Grow Your Business | Mark J Kohler

I am so excited about my new eight steps to start and grow your business work button. Not a book. It’s a workbook Thanks for just taking a minute to see what this is about because I want you to make an informed Purchase if you own a small business you want to own a small business you’re trying to develop a concept you’re trying to develop new Revenue streams in your current business this workbook is for you It took me almost two years to develop this workbook with over forty videos and end Podcasts and webinars that you can watch during the process of filling out this workbook. That’s right It’s going to help you start your small business and it’s only 99 dollars from the very beginning I wanted to make this affordable for anybody wanting to start a small business that needed the tools and resources To do it. Now. Did I say you get a business plan marketing plan and strapp plan? That’s right. They’re also in Word version You can download immediately and start filling out whether you’re doing it in print or the interactive version or online You can go through it. Fill it out And at the end it spits out a business plan a marketing plan and a strategic plan that you can take to the bank take to your partners and Start raising capital or just get started now There’s one other cool aspect of this workbook whether you’re doing it in print or online. Is that throughout the workbook? It’s got little QR codes or links to watch a video listen to a podcast Or watch a webinar so that you can be filling out Sections of it reading watching videos so that whatever whatever medium is best for you to learn you. Got it now You’re probably wondering what are these eight steps? Step 1 concept design and plan development step to building financials and raising capital step 3 maintaining a strategic plan step 4 banking and bookkeeping procedures step 5 utilizing a marketing plan step 6 legal structures and procedures Step 7 tax planning and savings and step eight Systemising the business and reducing expenses over my career I have helped thousands of clients whether on a call in person or teaching a workshop Helping them go through the steps of starting a small business. I finally been able to put it all together into one workbook That’s gonna help you get there. Did I say 99 bucks? Yes folks This was made to be affordable. It was made to help you take that next step to make thousands of dollars Doing what you love starting your own small business and living the American dream, please take advantage of this offer Did I say it’s a tax deduction I did but that’s besides the fact what’s most important is you need this resource this tool? To help you make thousands of dollars with whatever business idea. You’ve got to better live your American dream

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