A Better Career – Co-op and Internship Student Experience
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A Better Career – Co-op and Internship Student Experience

I’m Brenton. I’m an IT co-op student. I help developers and also am a developer
for the cooperators.ca website. Insurance, you think, a bunch of old people,
honestly. I thought, as a co-op student, I am going
to be like the one guy there, but there are about 20 of us here. We all have fun, we all get along, we all
work together. There is a lot of impact being made at this
office for the entire company as a whole and people are noticing. Being here, there is room to expand in the
future. You make connections and the experience you
have does relay into other roles, even though they are vastly different. It’s not just insurance, there is a lot
more you learn; IT skills, interpersonal skills. It is definitely different than what I was
expecting. Hi, my name is Geneil and I am working as
a co-op student for the talent management team at The Co-operators. If this is the first job you can get out of
college, you are basically set. The experience would be great on your resume
and you have the opportunity to be a part of one of the best companies in Canada. There are so many different avenues for you
to build your career and gain experience. It’s one of the best jobs
I have ever had. I don’t see why anyone else wouldn’t want
to work here. My name is Terry. I have been at The Co-operators since the
summer of 2015. I had my first internship here one the commercial
pricing team and since January 2017 I have been a full-time employee on the farm pricing
team. I think The Co-operators is an excellent environment
for students to have their internship. I feel that we are not going to hire an intern
to do the “dirty work”, or boring work. We are going to give the intern a fun project. When they finish their internship, they will
present to the other departments what they worked on. They are going to seem important here. That’s how I felt when I did my internships
here. I felt important. I felt that I had been valued here. My opinion always mattered. And there’s the family aspect. We are pretty tight group. I am so happy to have started my career here
and have been here ever since.

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