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A Conversation with Stevie Dillon

hello and welcome to the smart women a
business blog and podcast today I am thrilled to be chatting with Stevie
Dillon from Stevie Says Social a former lawyer turned social media
marketer Stevie’s mission is to educate and inspire passionate business owners
so they lift their social game and build a profitable business they love so
welcome Stevie I almost said at Stevie says social because everyone does
that I had somebody messaged me on Instagram and say so is your surname
says social and I was like tell me about your business journey so far because
you’ve had a pretty interesting journey to get to this point yes I had my first
business birthday on Monday yeah super exciting so a year ago about a month ago
yeah I quit my job and decided to start the business which was one of the
scariest things I’ve ever done but before that I was working and decided at
the start of last year to start a social media blog so I don’t know whatever kind
of encouraged me in my mind to do it but I decided to like spend my weekend so
every Saturday literally I would sit down and write this 3,000 word blog post gave up my weekends anyway it was one of
the best things I’ve ever done because I spent six months doing that and I
started to have people saying so what are your services what do you do and I
was thinking that I would start a business at some stage in the future but
it kind of snowballs to the point where I could launch I had clients on day one
and so yeah so I’ve been doing that for so I did that for about eight months so
client work and working mostly on strategy and consulting and then I went
to Bali for a couple of months still working with clients which is great and
since I’ve gotten back I’ve been working on online courses and an online shop
with templates and resources which launch
on Monday yeah yes how your business is evolved and what the science where but
you needed to change so you’ve had such a short timeline in your business but
you have changed it so much so yeah what were the points that you reached where
you went all right I’ve got to change things up getting overwhelmed with
client work which was the biggest blessing like so amazing but I got to a
point where when I first launched it was great so I decided that I was not going
to do a lot of management work because I would cut out at five clients and that
would be it for me and sorry unless I kind of went and then started hiring
other people which I didn’t want to do it the onset so I started with meant
strategy so I would work with a client exclusively for two weeks but their
social media strategy together start to finish and then train them on how to
implement it in-house so I was doing that and booking myself out kind of
ahead of time and then I got to the point where I was getting so many
inquiries that I was like this is amazing this is so good but it either
means that I go down the agency route which I might still do one day and I’ve
still got some kind of plans for doing that but it didn’t feel right so I was
like okay cool so how can actually do the strategy work that I’m doing with
clients but how can I do it on a bigger scale and so that’s where the course
came about mmm so scaling and leveraging your IP is
where things get really tricky when you’re in business yes 100%
so one-to-one model is where we start my comfortable and it’s pretty
straightforward and it’s what we know but it’s the one-to-many model or and
the scale model where it gets really challenging and you and I talked about
our challenges in the past so yeah launching and getting through trying to
do courses and it’s been fun if I had have known six months ago like I kind of
I had all the frameworks right so everything I was doing with my clients
it’s pretty much what has gone into the course but it’s amazing that I’ve got it
now because I can use it with my clients and I’ve
obviously got it for the course as well but actually putting that all down
putting it into sort of workbooks putting it into modules having kind of
lessons under it oh my gosh like so much but it once it’s built it’s there
forever but do it over the Christmas break but with social media it’s
constantly changing so the thing is it’ll constantly be revised but I feel
like with marketing a lot of the things that I teach like general marketing
principles so that’s timeless my thing I used an analogy in my program the other
day but you know we talked about funnels and they’re big and they’re scary and
people get really intimidated by them and I said you know when you go into the
Queen Vic market in Melbourne which is where I’m from and someone says to try
this cheese and you go oh yeah please that’s a marketing funnel all they’re
doing is going try my thing here you go that’s free okay now buy my cheese
totally and people have been doing that for all time if you go to a souk in
Morocco they’re gonna go try my thing here try B’s smell this and all the
marketing funnels are a way of streamlining them and I love that
analogy I think it’s great though because a lot of the time people I have
clients as well you would have this as well they’re just so overwhelmed by the
word funnel and having a funnel is so important before you get into social
media I think like the way that I explain it to clients especially if
their service based is like what is the process that you’re taking people
through offline anyway and then literally it’s just a matter of applying
it to online you know so give away something for free warm people up then
kind of get them to know like and trust you and then make them an offer anything
you know what I mean it’s just yeah Immokalee is it is universal yes it is
the same thing online offline you know if you if you’re giving someone a blog
post that is part of a funnel yeah pontem that you’re giving them for free
and developing that know like and trust yeah and that’s one thing I see like a
lot of people I like content marketing social media takes so
much time and I understand that when they’re not getting results from it and
I think a lot of the time people will be like writing blog posts or posting on
social without any end games so they’re kind of like cool I’m gonna do this blog
and hope that people buy from me from there and it’s like nori that’s kind of
step 1 that’s how you like start a relationship and then you kind of take
people down from there and I think like you would probably find this as well
when people understand that they’re like great ok I can actually say you are you
invest time in this yeah and explain it to people in a way that’s not this
six-figure marketing funnel which is in might to my mind a very masculine way of
approaching things if you hold people’s hand and take them through the process
and simplify it without using jargon just go all you have to do this this
this mess yeah and at the end you go do you want to buy my thing yeah terribly
people say oh yeah I do want to buy your thing yeah effectively you’ve become
friends yes trust their they understand what you’re talking about they go this
woman understands me I like her yep you know and and I have had people
call me up out of the blue and said a great job blog and you are my soul
sister and I go okay okay so don’t I you know people go you know look what this
person’s doing what that person’s doing and I go don’t try and be that person
because you just like them and they may just be you yes yes and that’s it being
like when you’re working in a service industry especially like I do this all
the time you kind of you the fact that somebody knows their stuff and that
they’re competent and it they good at what they do is like a given and you
really make a decision on whether to work with them based on whether you like
them and whether you relate to them and yeah we might yeah every single step
it’s pretty much obvious I didn’t know this stuff but and that’s why I think
social media is so powerful because you can get that kind of relatability across
and the right people will be like she’s cool and the wrong people were never
contact yeah that’s fine yeah so how do you
manage your life as an entrepreneur now you’re not in the commercial workforce
you’ve had 12 months of it I have how are you going I’m definitely not the
Guru unlike best practice here I’m still a hundred percent learning it is
completely different to anything I ever thought sorry one of the biggest reasons
why I decided at the end of the day to go out on my own was freedom and so
having the freedom to do things the way that I wanted to do them and I think
that’s still ultimately what drives me but what you find when you first start
working for yourself is that you have freedom but also you end up working a
million hours a day and there’s no boundaries especially I’ve been working
from home and there’s no boundaries like I’m working out of yeah yeah and my
partner gets remit 2:30 and he’s you know you like hanging out in the lounge
room and it’s just like it’s a completely different world like he’s the
only person that I might see all day totally like it’s a different world and
sorry I don’t have any honestly still working my way through that I think
that’s one of the biggest challenges um sorry no working progress on this side
self cares well we always let ourselves down ah yes it’s the last thing that
yeah a hundred percent I’m planning that at the moment sorry it’s really ramping
up for me at the moment and the first thing that goes out the window is
looking after myself so yeah I’ve actually in the last couple of weeks
been over the last month but the last couple of weeks been so busy I’m like
I’m not gonna let self-care go out the window
unfortunately social has gone out the window but that’s okay yeah yeah I pick
it up again yeah but you know Fitness is something you’ve got to work on
constantly totally I’m a hundred percent with that so my mental so I don’t
exercise for the health benefits even though obviously there’s health benefits
but mentally I am a completely different person if I exercise in the morning
versus when I don’t and that is literally the only
and I do it because I get so overwhelmed I get so stressed if I don’t and I
really noticed a difference if I go to Pilates do you find miss my level of
calm is just like completely different yeah yeah and it’s because you get all
those endorphins and all those things that your body needs and if I’m sitting
like a slug at my office at my desk for 10 hours every day yeah and and from
where I live you know it’s fresh air and it’s seeing beautiful nature and just
being outside and going for a run or being inside and when it occasionally
rains and doing benefit I’m like yeah I can take on the world sitting doing
nothing I’m like you know I’ll just have another coffee yeah and I do have days
like that but I’m like all right I’m gonna go for a run instead of scheduling
my social and I’m a better mom and a better way so what is a great day in the
office like for you so what are you what are you doing yeah so I’m always a
million times more productive early in the morning sorry
literally from like 5:00 a.m. to like 11:00 a.m. I am charging on all
cylinders and it took me a while to realize this sorry I used to schedule
meetings in the morning and I would like kind of do all of that stuff in the
morning and then I’d sit down at my desk to do my work in the afternoon and I
would just be like flakes totally lunchtime like I’m just like gone so I’m
completely flipped to my day now and every day is different which is one of
the best things and one of the things that absolutely love about working for
yourself and what I’m doing at the moment but I like for example for the
last month or two it’s really been about course creation so your course creation
in the morning you obviously a lot of brainpower for that and I’ll do
that until I’m just completely fried and then in the afternoon it’s like
responding to emails one-on-one consultations that sort of thing where I
can get out I can be talking to people and getting my energy that way I can be
doing the admin tasks that don’t take that much time so it took me a while to
learn that but that’s how I structure my days now and my productivity is so much
higher as a result yeah yeah blog writing no yeah yeah I actually find
through with my podcast I put into a really bad habit of it goes live every
Tuesday and so I would be getting to Monday afternoon and it had been super
busy and I would be like scrambling to get a podcast together and it just was
not the way to go about it you can tell in the podcast recording that your
energy isn’t there the quality of it drops it’s just like it’s not ideal so
I’ve learnt my lesson morning your favorite tools to help you
with your productivity so I am right into project management software at the
moment sorry I used to have a desk full of notes and I would have like a to-do
list in a notebook and I would have like a to-do list in like the sticky notes on
my computer and it was all over the shop and it was reflected in how I felt about
everything so I in terms of project management I love the fact that it’s
spreadsheet based and sorry you can you can completely change it you can make it
look like it really combines hot table if you want to but I use a content
creation and I use it for to-do lists so use it for launch calendars I use it for
client databases I literally use it for everything yeah a table is my brain oh
it’s so funny yeah I literally came across it um in a Google AdWords ad I
think a little while ago sorry I didn’t realize it there are a lot of people
using it it’s still a secret so how many people I keep telling I tell everyone
about yes honest it depends on how your brain
works so true oh I can’t I can’t use the interfaces like it
yeah isn’t work yeah sign is sort of a hybrid and then airtime I’m like yes I
need totally rich spray yeah same I’m a details person so I love that you can
really put a lot of detail in there but then you can sorts up what I absolutely
love about it is you can color code things and you can sort them so you can
have like a big to-do list and you know you’ve got five things on there that are
admin and then five that you can sort it really easily just burn through it you
can check them off as you go so that is number one I love it yeah and then are
the productivity so social media related scheduling tools
I love plan and finally sorry they a life savers in terms of Instagram what
else they’re probably good sure you kind of like apps I love it the my men see
TVs whole life Evernote user coz I like get to school early and then be like I
can bang out a blog yeah you see a seminarian I just use my Google Drive
for everything now so um but obviously I yeah I see the benefit of Evernote in a
sense that I used to love it you can snag things so if you saw something that
was cool online you could snag it and it would save it down but the thing that I
do with these apps is I like sign up for everything and then I use it for like
five minutes and then I forget and I go back to my old ways
so it needs to be absolutely exceptional for me to like kind of stick with it
remember it yeah actually have you heard of lastpass oh god I live in lastpass so I love lastpass but I lost my password for lastpass
which is like disaster so I had all of my passwords stored in there
so that I could have them all easily accessible and then I lost the password
for the lot anyway so there must be a way to get it back yeah I actually I
figured it out so uh congratulations I build websites yeah and I’ll be off site
with a client managing their site with them yeah last class I just have it on
my phone so I can look up all their passwords because yeah this long and
yeah it’s great for videos as well so if you’re like outsourcing work on up work
or if you’ve got a VA or whatever you can just give them access without
actually giving them the password yeah yeah awesome yes every entrepreneur I
know at some stage of their business journey is imposter syndrom what are your methods
to overcome this how do you how do you deal with bad days and we all have them
but really no I deal with it by not ever thinking of myself as an expert and I’m
not so especially when it comes to something like digital like I started a
year and a half ago writing those blog posts to learn everything that I
possibly could and I think that’s kind of like the attitude that I have and it
actually really gets my goal when somebody is like you know I’m a digital
marketing expert and blah blah blah and it’s like well actually nobody is
because it’s changing so much that we’re all constantly learning the benefit that
we’ve got is that we’re in it every day so I’m spending eight hours a day in
social media in digital and so you learn a hell of a lot more than somebody
that’s not in it like it’s not like science but you obviously learn more
because you’re doing it all day every day so that’s the way that I kind of
think about it so I would never kind of go I know it all because I would never
attest to that I’m such a geek about constantly learning but yeah that’s how
I deal with it that’s why I always say you know there is no such thing as an
expert you know it doesn’t if anyone calls themselves an expert or a ninja or
a guru I’m like I’m out yeah and so many people do do it and it’s kind of like
it’s a bit of a red flag for me especially like did you know such a
broad thing like I would say that my strengths are
like social and content and I have a good understanding of how everything
else works but same for everyone everyone’s got their strengths in
different areas and it’s impossible to know it all like it absolutely is sorry
I’ll just stick with websites and branding and social and content yeah
they’re the things I do really and yeah you know and I’m not gonna say I know it
all in any way since shape or form and if I don’t know something I learned and
I love like googling things and I love going to events and like I love it my
partner calls me a little gay constantly because I spend on my timeline with my
glasses on like reading about digital media digital marketing sorry yeah whereas
my husband’s like really understand we actually asked my partner the other day
I was like so what do I do and he was like you kind of do you like lemon Oz
and like influenzas and I was like oh my gosh she actually listened like he got
it so wrong but I like that you got the point
you tried buddy you try yeah yeah how do you maintain your sense of community
while working alone so I’m rural so yeah you know challenge I’m in the middle of
the Gold Coast but I think it’s pretty much the same because you spend so much
time but I definitely like totally by yourself yes so I will definitely be
moving to a co-working space beginning of next year there’s an all someone
actually that’s just gone in down the road and they painted their like walls
the exact color of my Stevie says social things and I was like this is meant to
be and I walked in and no lovely and I was like oh this is where I need to
start hanging out sorry I’m gonna do that next year but one of the biggest
things that I’ve found is like I don’t know if you found this as well like the
internet friends that you make so I have this network of the
most amazing people that I never expected that would be my friends and I
haven’t met a lot of them before how to say I know them like but I don’t and it
has been a lifesaver for me honestly it is one of the biggest blessings that
I’ve had in the last year yeah yeah the Instagram communities and Facebook
communities and Facebook groups I’m in yeah same say hey man because no one
else in my life understands what I’m talking about understand I need to get better at my
elevator pitch because I go to like tell my friends or even actually the worst is
family friends so like older family friends and I’ll start to explain what I
do and it’s the same look all of the time this is like glazed look we’ll come
over their face no sable no that’s really ahead of the times I need to get
better at this yeah but it’s very like the people on it’s mostly Instagram I
would say I’ve met like so many different people that are in the same
grade as me and we all share the same struggles we all help each other out so
much and it’s the best little support network ever it is and it’s fun and you
guys I bought my earrings from someone I mean subscribe it gorgeous
shout out to make designs and because we don’t have really have networking events
out here yeah kind of my demographic sure um the friends I make on insta and
I love the internet friends so um what’s your why what keeps you motivated every
day freedom I would say actually did one of three I don’t know if you’ve ever
done one before but it’s like a um if it was an answer all of these different
questions and it tells you what your core values are and I can’t remember the
name of it it was honestly so amazing I’ll try and think of it but it’s at the
end of it told me that my core value is freedom and I was like well I could have
told you that every day of the way to do an Internet quiz yeah but it was
so funny because a lot of the questions weren’t kind of like very obvious but it
still came to that conclusion and that has always been what it’s been for me so
I really love the idea of doing things on my own terms and building something
that you feel proud of and feeling like you know in five years you can look back
and feel really damn proud of yourself and that you’re doing things it’s a way
that you had always imagined that you would and for me that means not going to
an office every day not seeing the same people every day not feeling like you’re
living around home day every day so for me coming from the corporate world and
going into working for yourself because I’ve been out now so long I’ve been
working full-time in my business for four five years I’ve had the business
for ten yeah I take for granted that you know my daughter’s got fellowship in the
morning and all right I’ll just go I don’t need to tell anyone
yes that I’m going I school holidays I go alright I’ll just work when I can and
my clients i’m sanna and one of the greatest things about working yourself
is is working with clients who respect you and value you and see your Worth and
then you and when you see your way from yourself and you step up into that role
you know that’s real freedom so yes I could not agree more and I just I’ve got
a lot of friends actually that have little babies at the moment and so
they’ve worked in corporate you know all through our 20s and it’s what you do and
super like high-flying very high-stress jobs and they’re at the point now where
they’re like how do we even go back to that with little baby do you know and
they’re looking to do something else and I think a lot of new mums do that and I
saw that ahead of time so I don’t have any kids or anything yet but it’s
definitely like that’s the freedom to be able to have fun with your family and
not to have to feel like you’re working all of the time like how amazing is that
mm-hmm and not having that guilt of oh I should be in the office yeah and having
and creating that that freedom yeah has enriched my children’s life um and
my daughter sees me I mean I sit in the corner of our family room it used to be
in the study but then school holidays I don’t need me but they like to see me
yes here and I’ll be like you I can hear what are you that is it’s incredibly
liberating yeah and I don’t have that guilt I can just do what I want and I
just thought all right I’ll just get up on Sunday and say yes to have created
that before I had my kids and then have that all my kids were little um well
they are still little but yeah it’s amazing so you you you’re studying self
up it’s gonna be great no I really like I could not agree with that more and I
don’t know I think you kind of start to take it for granted when you’ve been
doing it for a little while yourself to remember like so many people
that I talked to don’t have that and so yeah you should be happy to work yes at
the end of the day Sunday Oh feeling I know and I think even when like I like
my job I still have that feeling I just felt like I was going back into Brown
okay you know and yeah like I and I’m not knocking having a job because for
some people it is awesome you know it’s also the freedom of regular income and
it’s not for everybody and some people have jobs that they love sorry you know
it’s each to their own but I think at the end of the day it comes down to like
being treated yourself and what it is that you really love and if that’s a job
great if it’s not then you know you like to pull it into in create something yeah what are your tips for all the gorgeous
smart women across Australia and the world well smart women a business I
should say ha what are my tips for you talk to you my number one and I’ve just
said it already so I’m doubling up a little bit it’s just two stars sorry
some people will have a business already and some wines but I always feel like
there’s something in the back of your minds where you’re kind of like should I
go to the next level should I do this thing and there’s something holding me
back and I think like what I’ve learned in the last year is that there’s never a
right time so there was never a right time to resign there was never a right
time to stop me a course together there was never a right time and then you do
it and he look back and you’re like oh the reason why it was so scary is
because it was out of my comfort zone and you only grow it’s so cliched very
cliche but you only grow when you go out of your comfort zone and I look back at
all of the times I’ve been so scared and so like nerves rattling and should I do
this and is this the right thing and there’s something and you’ve got that
always tells you that it is and there’s a difference between recklessness and
following your gut it’s fun as all of your ducks in a row my advice is just to
go for it whatever that thing is that’s kind of in your head that you’re
thinking should I should I do this you know I may be scary yeah you know I
still have moments of sheer terror but try to get through it yeah and then you
go oh that’s why I’m scared but I’ve done it now and it’s it’s awesome yes
yes horses our respective courses No very challenging at the end of the day
like we’ll be hoping a lot of people that need help with their marketing and
how cool is that if we push through and did it you know one of the things
someone said to me last week you say I’ve had so many aha moments through
this she’s like it keeps coming to me in little stages why Jane made us do that
back then and then you know connects back up to this module but anyways
feeling yeah it’s not funny you take the granted what you know you see you’re
kind of like ah this is so just kind of a given for me but does everybody not
know because like no everybody um this is my new question because we’re
near the end of the year great I always have a theme word for my
yeah my my theme where for 2019 is focus yes you have a theme for 2019 probably
vibrancy so feeling more vibrant in terms of my health and wellness but also
in terms of how I feel about work and only doing things that light me up and
love is freedom yeah vibrancy brilliant thank you baby
anyone who wants to follow Stevie and Stevie says social on Instagram I will
put all her links in the show notes and you can find out more and thank you for
your time today Stevie thank you for having me it’s been great

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