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A-Gas Internship Program

[Music] The A-Gas internship program began in the
Spring of 2016 and at the time we started with opportunities in sales, marketing, and
our analytical laboratory. Since then, we have expanded the program to
additional departments including engineering and environmental health and safety. To date, we have had 18 people successfully
complete the A-Gas internship program. What attracted me to A-Gas was the environmental
impact that A-Gas has on the environment. Being new to the field I definitely want to
do something that I know that I’m making a difference in and making an impact on what’s
going on in the world. I first got involved with A-Gas when I heard
about them at a career fair. So, I went and visited their table and got
introduced to some of their employees and right off the bat I knew that this was going
to be a good company to work for. Everyone was very welcoming and kind and they
really just were excited to have interns and you could just tell that they wanted you to
work for their company. Not only that, but some of the supervisors
in different departments can see the value that an intern brings to A-Gas. Oh I really like having intern students because
they come to A-Gas and they are so energetic. The youth, they just don’t have any restrictions. They just see everything as possible and they
turn around and they and they you know make me feel the same way because of their high
energy. And it’s just a wonderful work experience
working with young people like that. I decided to come back for a second co-op
rotation because I was trusted with the work that I was doing and also guided along the
way when I needed help, and I was treated like an actual engineer and not an intern,
and that was an amazing feeling to be trusted and to be so welcomed in the company We’ve continued to develop our interns by
creating a 2 year sales rotational development program. This program allows participants to experience
each of the different business units in 6 months periods. Two of our previous interns are currently
in their first rotation. A-Gas rotational program is a program that
helps you grow as a professional. Not only that, but endorse the company as
a Total Solutions program. So, we are going to be spending 6 months in
each department, as she mentioned, the four different SBUs and the goal is just to get
a good understanding of what each one does so that way we can collaborate our ideas together
and understand what we do and then maybe use that for leverage against the customer later
on. The culture at A-Gas is very unique. It’s almost like a family. Everyone is working together for the good
of the company and you, as an intern, you are very trusted. You get to work on real projects that are
valuable to the company and you get assistance from your supervisor whenever you need it Having so close of a family here. When you were in the fire protection department
it really seemed like you had a family. Everyone was kinda joking around with each
other, sense of fun, but still being able to get the business done. Ya and I think also it’s the opportunities
that A-Gas will provide us with. A-Gas is growing super-fast and the fact that
we get to go to a Rapid Recovery or Houston or you know any other company down the line
it is really awesome that will be able to learn, but we’re also a part of a company
that’s growing and we’re going to grow with it. One word I would use to describe A-Gas is
supportive. One word I would use to describe my experience
at A-Gas would be rewarding. Dynamic. Wonderful. I would use the word responsible. If I had to describe my experience at A-Gas
in one word I would use growth. One word to describe my experience at A-Gas
would be intriguing. We’ve got people who want to grow with the
company, who want to make an environmental impact, and who want to be a part of a team
doing something better for the world. [Music]

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