A Marketing Strategy for B2B Law Firms (This Concept Works For ALL Firms)
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A Marketing Strategy for B2B Law Firms (This Concept Works For ALL Firms)

Hey, everybody. So somebody contacted me recently that
they were looking to get some advice on how to market a B2B law firm,
not a consumer law firm. So the specifics are they’re
looking for B2B clients. They’re actually looking for car
dealerships, boat dealerships, RV dealerships, motorcycle dealerships. Basically any type of auto dealership and they’re trying to get in front of the
decision makers of these dealerships. What they do is consumer protection defense. So they defend Lemon Law cases. They defend product liability
cases, different things like that. So they’re wondering –
How do we market this law firm? Well it’s actually really, really easy. I love niche markets like this because
they’re so easy to market. So I’m going to show you the exact marketing
strategy that I would use for this market. So the first thing that I would do is I need to
figure out what do the dealers actually want? What is the scenario that they want and what
is a small problem that I can help them fix? You know, how can I provide some value upfront? Before asking them for anything
I want to give something. I want to give them some value. So for example, let’s say — and I don’t
know the specifics of your industry. If we actually — If you were a client of mine we’d
have a whole conversation about what small problem can you help them with that — You could help them with a small problem, but they still need a lawyer to
help them fix the big problems. So let me give you an example. Let’s say there is a piece of — Let’s say there is a line or a document that
they could add to the signing process. I actually just bought a car on Sunday, so I know
when you buy a car you’ve got to sign your life away. You’ve got five hundred different
pages that you have to sign. So maybe there’s one document that they can sign that will drastically reduce the
liability of the dealership, or maybe there’s even a line that they can add to
one of their contracts that going to make — You know, lessen their liability of some sort. So I’m just giving you an example. Anything that you can think of; it doesn’t have to be something
like that, but basically something where you can basically give them
some sort of piece of information that’s going to solve a small problem for them but they still need a lawyer for the big problem,
but you’re going to provide value. So what you’re going to do is you’re
going to put this into a PDF document. All you have to do is open up a
Word Document, just type it out. You don’t have to have fancy
graphics or anything like that. Just do a PDF document and then save it as a PDF. Sorry. Do a Word document then save it as a PDF. Now you’ve got a piece of bait that you can
then advertise, that you can run ads to, and run content and drive people to this piece
of bait and you’re going to provide value and you’re also going to capture
their contact information. So the next thing you’re going to do
is you’re going to go on Facebook and you’re going to create a Facebook group. So what I would do is I would create a group that is specific to Georgia auto dealers,
car dealers, motorcycle dealers. What else is it? RV dealers… all that stuff. So I would call it “Georgia Car,
RV and Motorcycle Dealers”, or “Georgia Car, Boat, RV and Motorcycle Dealers.” Make it very specific as to who the group
is for! Don’t call it “Bill’s Facebook group.” You know, you’ve got to call out who the group is for. So then what you do is you’re going to run
Facebook Ads to the types of people that are likely to own car dealerships, and let me show you how you’re going to do that. So let me switch over my screen here. So this is the Facebook Ads Manager. Now I want to show you this. This is the state of Georgia. Now this is one way that you can do this. There’s a lot of ways that you can get this, but
if we’re just looking at car dealerships… You can come into Ads Manager
and when we look by job titles we look at car dealer, dealership
manager, used car sales manager… So anybody that has that as their
actual title in their job description is going to be targeted here. Now also we can also have additional interests. So National Automobile Dealers Association, National Independent Automobile
Dealers Association. Now this is just cars. There’s probably interest like this and job
titles like this available for boats, RVs… what was the other one? Boats, RVs, motorcycles! Yes, so you can do that. Now what happens here is that
if you set this up correctly, if you set up the Facebook pixel and if
you actually set up the Facebook Pixel and start using custom conversions,
then what you can do is you can start. Basically you can start with this. Like let’s say this is the only — Let’s say that these are the only ones available and there was no options like this
available for boats, RVs and motorcycles. What you can do is you can start to run ads to — for these types of people, and what you’re going to
do is you’re not going to advertise your service, you’re going to do advertise the free solution to
the small problem that you’re helping them with. So you’re going to run ads that say “Car dealers – did you know that you can reduce
your Lemon Law claims potentially by 50% by adding this one simple document
to the signing process? Click here to download it at no cost”, and then what happens is they click on the ad and then they answer their email address and
then you email them the actual document. Now again I don’t exactly what all
the copy in this is going to be. I’m kind of making it up. So take my actual words here in terms of the
copy and everything with a grain of salt, but the strategy is the same. So once they download it, you’re
going to get to a confirmation page. It’s basically a thank you page. When they get to the thank you
page, it’s going to say “Great! Your guide (or whatever it is)
has been emailed to you. Now join the Georgia RV, auto, motorcycle
and boat dealers Facebook group”, and then they’ll have a button there
with the Facebook group. Now, I have a free template that
I can give you that you can use and all you have to do is
plug-and-play your information. I got to figure out where that is. I think it’s bit.ly. Let’s see – bit.ly/lawyerlander, I think it is. Let me make sure here. Let’s see what the share funnel is here. This is a lead magnet. Yeah, you can use this one. This one will be good right here. So basically just make sure you got this and this. All you have to do is enter
your email address here. If you already have Click Funnels,
just use Click Funnels. Use Click Funnels. This is the best software for this. It’s only a 14-day trial. But anyway, what you can do is you
can start building your email list. Now once you’ve got that Pixel set up,
once you’ve got the email list, what you can do is Facebook is smart enough that
they can look at the people that downloaded this and they can figure out what
they all have in common and the thing that they’re all going to have in
common is going to be these interests here. They own a car dealership. They’re a dealership manager or a used
car salesman, other things like that. Now, there’s a lot of information that Facebook
has on these people that we do not have access to. So what you can do is create something called
a lookalike audience which is amazing, and what that means is you can say to Facebook “Okay. Here is a list of people that
have already downloaded this guide. So these are people that
I think are good prospects. Now what I want you to do Facebook is I want you to go out and find more
people that are just like them”, and you’ll be amazed at how well it works! So you can do this based on people that
have already downloaded your content, or what you can do if you have a list of
clients or if you have a list of people that have contacted you in the past
with their email addresses, all you have to do is upload that list
of email addresses to Facebook and then select “Create a lookalike
audience” from those email addresses, and what happens is Facebook will then match
those email addresses with Facebook accounts and they’ll probably match about fifty of them. You only need about a hundred of this,
a hundred email addresses to work. So if you have a list of two hundred
people or more, then you are good. So what you can do is you can then basically say “Here’s a list of people that have contacted
me or here is a list of my past customers”, and you’re not going to be advertising directly
to these people or anything like that. You don’t have to worry about you
know, spamming or any you know, anything like that of their
email addresses getting out. But basically what you are doing is you’re
giving Facebook a profile of people that are a good customer for you and then they’re saying “Okay,
go find more people like that.” So what’s going to happen is you’re going to run
your Facebook Ads using these audiences. So now you’ve got a piece of content
that you’re running Facebook Ads to and you’re targeting the Facebook Ads to owners
of car dealerships and RV dealerships and boat dealerships and motorcycle
dealerships and maybe even those sports… like ATV dealerships, I don’t know if you do that
but I would imagine you probably do as well. So there is a ton of people out there. Now what you do after that is you start
providing high quality content to your group and you start emailing the
email list every single day. Now the way that you do this
is you don’t overthink this. This doesn’t have to be difficult. What you do is you use your iPhone. Pull out your phone. Just record a video. You know, pull out your phone. Hit the record button and tell a story that is
relevant to solving some sort of problem or any type of frequently asked
question, anything like that. Basically it doesn’t have to be a long content. It doesn’t have to be hugely thought content. You don’t have to do all kinds of research
and worry about all that kind of stuff, but basically just think about
what are the issues that you deal with day in and
day out with dealerships? What are the things that people need to know? What are the questions that car
dealers ask you all the time? What are the mistakes that you see them make
all the time that opens them up for liability? If you can basically just record
content on all of that type of stuff and share it with your email list and then
share it with your Facebook group, then what will happen is you’ll
soon very, very quickly… I mean this does not take — This doesn’t take years. I mean this’ll take like two months maybe, but what’ll happen is you will very, very quickly
start to become the authority on legal issues pertaining to auto dealerships
in the state of Georgia, and what you can start doing then also is you can
start reaching out to different associations. I did a quick search. There’s the Georgia Automobile
Dealers’ Association. There’s the Georgia Independent
Automobile Dealers’ Association. There’s National Independent
Dealers’ Association and it looks like this is the Georgia Chapter. Metro Atlanta Dealers’ Association… Now there’s also things like the National
Council of Motorcycle Dealers’ Association. I don’t think there’s a Georgia
Motorcycle Dealers’ Association. Although, there could be. I didn’t really do a thorough search. Georgia Marine Business… and this
is a marine business association. I believe a lot of dealers and things are in here. There’s things like the National
RV Dealers’ Association. Now what you can start doing… Most of these have events
and they have education. So for example, this one right here – education. They have live events, they have email lists,
they have you know, all kinds of stuff like that. So what you could start doing is
reaching out to these organizations and offering to provide free
content to their members, and that can be in the form of speaking. That can be in the form of emails. So you are creating these videos. What you can start doing is you
can start sharing this content, sharing these emails and these videos
with these organizations and saying “Hey listen, this is totally free content. No strings attached; nothing like that. Just provide this content to your members.” Now, why are we doing this for free? The reason we’re doing this for free is
because you’re going to get publicity. You’re going to get known and people
are going to start following you because if you’re talking about
things that are relevant to dealers, then you’re going to be speaking to your direct
audience and helping them solve small problems which is going to make you
the absolute authority… and in the Facebook, in the videos,
you can also mention you know “If you’re a dealer in Georgia, be sure to join
the Dealer Association Facebook Group”… or I’m sorry – “The Dealer Facebook group
where I provide even more information and more tips and just pure value.” You can try to get everybody to download
your Cheat Sheet – all that kind of stuff – and what ends up happening is you end
up with this really big list of auto dealers, of car dealers, motorcycle dealers, RV dealers… all of these different types of people that
start looking at you as the authority, and it’s really, really easy. It’s really fast and it will absolutely differentiate you
from every other attorney out there because I guarantee you none of them
are going to be as pro-active as this. Now a lot of times people think this sounds like
a lot of work, but it really is not a lot of work. What it really comes down to is
just taking five minutes a day, finding some time that’s convenient for you,
pulling out your phone and then recording; and if you want help with the
rest of this stuff let me know. I can point you in the right direction to show
you how to set up the landing really easily, how to set up the Facebook Ads account. All of this is so simple. It’s not difficult at all. So that’s your strategy. I got my notes here. Let me do this… If you want
to take a screenshot of this. Let me pull this over. Here you go. There – so if you want to take a screenshot of that – that’s the strategy that I think you can use
and that’s what I think will work for you. So let me know what your thoughts on that are. It’s so simple. It’s so simple! This is what I do. This is what I do for myself. This is the same strategy that
I use for lawyers, you know? If I can target lawyers, you can target dealers,
car dealers and auto dealers and RV dealers. It’s so easy… but listen; you also — Now this goes for everyone else that’s not
targeting auto dealers and things like that – you can use this exact same
strategy in any industry. It doesn’t have to be auto dealers. This is just an example of how
you apply it to an auto dealer. So let me know if you have any questions
and I look forward to talking to you soon. Thanks guys.

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