A Nightmare in Candyworld – Minecraft Marketplace Map Trailer
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A Nightmare in Candyworld – Minecraft Marketplace Map Trailer

When one hears tales of Candyworld they think
of happiness and sugary delights. Candy canes and gumdrops. It’s a magical land where dreams come true. But this tale is not a dream. No, my friends… this… is the tale of a
nightmare. The kingdom was besieged by a dark army under
the command of the evil Lord Sugarbones. (Sugarbones) “I’m afraid your dear king is
not long for this world.” It is here my friends that a brave hero was
born. A brave candy knight was all that stood between
the forces of evil, and the destruction of Candyworld. (Sugarbones) “I do not wish to destroy it,
but I will if you defy me.” (Banshee) “You think the two of you can defeat
Lord Sugarbones? My master will destroy you all!” It is not often darkness comes to this land,
but when it does, there are heroes who will stand against the nightmare until the bitter

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21 thoughts on “A Nightmare in Candyworld – Minecraft Marketplace Map Trailer

  1. Oh my goodness It’s here!!! I though it’s going to be tommorow… this is everything!! Pluto and the team thank you!

  2. I have a question about the redwood tutorial, the angle replacement command won't work. Please help me fix it and somebody please reply, thanks!

  3. Oh my God! Pluto I beat A Nightmare in Candyworld I was new here surviving the evil candy minions and I beat the Banshee sisters, Momma Gummy Bear, Lord Sugar Bones, and NIGHTMARE!!! Thank you so much for this map I didn't find 24 Beyond stars and get across the Banshee's magic without taking the alternate path(I was so close to get through but I failed lots of times and Spaghettied until Old Man Snickety calls for Banshee's help she had made a path to skip through the Banshee's magic and I felt Mortified. (Why would you do that to a player that's great in Minecraft but sucked at parkour?) and just like Jurassic Depths there is no replay button after you beat the map) but I beat the map and it was brutal taking down Lord Sugar Bones' henchmen and I had no idea what's the secret when you collect all of the Beyond Stars.
    When you get steamed on the Banshee's magic section, the Banshee skipped your failures.

  4. Thank you for all the kind words about our map 🙂 !

    If you'd like to learn more, visit: http://everbloomstudios.com/maps/candyworld

    Or you can go directly to the store: http://everbloomstudios.com/marketplace/candyworld

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  5. Nice theme 😂 It's cool!
    Anyone missed the day that YOGCAST have casting minecraft? I always find those pure adventure map to play…

  6. Where is Jurassic Depths map in the marketplace? Is there something wrong with this Jurassic Depths map?

  7. Playing this map right now! So much fun so far! The voice acting is epic. I’m right now at the part where we have to defeat the big mama bear. Oof, I keep on dying lol

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