A.S. Watson – Full Stack Marketing Intern – Akhil Garg
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A.S. Watson – Full Stack Marketing Intern – Akhil Garg

Hi, My name is Akhil Garg and I am currently
a Masters in Management student at HEC Paris. I am interested in the Full Stack Marketing
Internship at A.S. Watson and wish to start my internship from
1st June 2018 for a 6 month period I believe that in my role as a Full Stack Marketing Intern, I can improve the customer
experience in the following ways. In order to augment any customer experience,one
needs to dissect the process into 3 parts namely Understanding the customer, Top Line
growth and Customer Touchpoints. By working as a Full stack marketing Intern,
I intend to improve the customer experience via these three processes. 1st Customer Understanding – We need to
understand the customer buying trends and patterns and understand the customer behavior
and for that, we need to map the customer journey using the brand funnel starting with
creating awareness in our brand that can inturn generate interest in our product and drive
consideration and eventually conversion by way of purchase and retention. In this role, I will try to understand the
customer and improve their experience accordingly. 2nd Top Line Growth – We need to find new
and unique ways to sell our products to the customer.This can be done by running digital
marketing campaigns on various relevant social media platforms which are specific to a market. For E.g., In China WeChat is popular, so we
should focus more on using WeChat for marketing campaigns there. Furthermore by analsyisng these campaigns
using tools like radian6 and socialbakers, we can listen to the customers and understand
customer sentiment. This can also help create further campaigns
and content that can tug at the customers’ hearts since ‘content is king’ afterall. 3rd Customer Touchpoints – Customer touchpoints
are the brand’s points of customer contact, from start to finish with customers. Therefore as a marketing intern, I will try
to include market specific and by extension customer specific channels so that there is
a complete connectivity between our brand and our customer. This would include leveraging and developing
our existing channels such as social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and WeChat,
our own website and retail outlets and at the same time develop newer unexplored channels with
customer preference at the heart of all communications. So by focusing on these 3 aspects, I will
try to improve the customer experience at A.S. Watson. Moving on further: What makes me suitable
for this role? Having lived and worked in France, Singapore,
Indonesia and India I consider myself to be a global citizen. Coming from such diverse and relevant parts
of the world I believe that I would be able to better leverage my exposure and quickly
get up to speed with peculiarities of the markets that this position will require me
to work in. Talking a bit more about my experience:
I‘ve worked as a Freelance Website Developer in Bali (Indonesia) for 3 months where I independently
created a travel website from scratch, engaged in SEO marketing and ran social media campaigns. During this time I leant how to target specific
markets, using different marketing channels with focus on the EU and the US markets. This experience gave me hands-on experience
in geotargeting customers and understanding how digital marketing can reach out to a diverse
yet specific type of audience. I also started my own Venture in Mumbai called
Purepulp – a B2C Organic Ecommerce Startup whose idea was to bring farm fresh products
directly to customer doorstep. Starting my own venture helped me understand
the different aspects of Business Development and Marketing. Here too, I launched my own ecommerce website,
created posters on adobe photoshop, and carried out offline and online marketing. To summarize, the skills that differentiate
me from others are my experience in Google Adwords, social Media Marketing, Search Engine
Optimization, Advanced Data Analytics, Adobe Photoshop and WordPress. I think in the end I want to apply my skills
in the real world and gain more experience. I have realized that “having the best product
in the market is of no use until you know how to sell your product to your customers”. Therefore I am really interested in this position,
and my skills and passion to learn make me a good fit for this position. I hope that I am a suitable fit for this role
and I look forward to your response. Have a great day and talk to you soon. Thank you.

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