A Smaller Business Cannot Emulate The Strategy Of Bigger Brands
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A Smaller Business Cannot Emulate The Strategy Of Bigger Brands

Elliot, has seen a big competitor
of hers, discounting. And sorry, she’s seen a bigger
discovered and not discounting. So big discounts. It doesn’t discount. And she’s trying to just copy those
guys and she’s not getting anywhere. Um, she is in clothing, she’s doing
clothing, a women’s clothing, and she’s doing similar dresses too, a big
competitor and they’re not discounting. And she’s like, Oh, well. They don’t discount, so I
don’t want to discount. So what, what would you talk to her? Well, I think, and I think, we’ve
probably seen this many times over the years, but there’s, it is a trap that,
that, you know, smaller e-commerce, it doesn’t actually
matter whether you small. I mean, when I say small, I’m saying
something like, you know, under five million, there’s a trap that you fall
into where you, you think, well, if. You know, if Ralph Lauren, how’s their website like this, then, you know, it must be great. You know, there must be, it must work. So we want our website to look like that,
and we don’t want to do discount because, we don’t want to do an off of that
because, you know, Ralph rundown, you know, you know that, you know, and
that’s how they’ve maintained it. But it’s very dangerous to do that
because, you know, for number one, everybody knows who
these big brands are. so the rules are different. You know, it’s incredibly easy to scale a
big brand that everybody knows, you know, it’s e-commerce marketers dream job, you
know, to get it, it’s like 10 easy, cause it didn’t, you know, 100 million. It’s like you don’t have to do it. If they’ve got this massive brand
recognition, you know, people totally different. And so, you know, probably,
you know, 10 million pounds a year of marketing budget. So it’s totally the value
propositions that are already there. You know, the, the reassurance
is that everything’s there. Whereas if you’re doing under 5 million,
um, you, you just cannot emulate, uh, the strategy of a bigger brand.

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