A Social Media Strategy For Lawyers (That Actually Works!)
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A Social Media Strategy For Lawyers (That Actually Works!)

Hey everybody Andy Stickler here. I just finished recording kind of a, not really a commercial, I don’t know what it is, it’s probably an ad I’m going to run
on Facebook here pretty soon and it’s basically showing
my social media strategy and kind of the entire machine
that I call it the machine, the entire machine that I use to get people into my Facebook group
and to get people on my email list and to just basically become an overall
authority in the law firm marketing niche. And, you know, you hear me talk about social media,
all that kind of stuff and I really have never actually
shown the actual strategy of how this works and I wanted to show this here. Somebody’s texting me, I wanted to show
this actual strategy for how this works because I think it’s really
important to differentiate what you’re doing and what I’m doing and the reason I show this is because
what most lawyers are doing is incorrect. So I want to show you the strategy that I use
and kind of show how it works. So basically if you look at
this board right here, this kind of a, I don’t even know what you call this. Basically all this scribble,
all this kind of stuff is my entire strategy. Now, it looks very complicated but I’m going to work you through it, I actually have another white board over here. I’m going to walk you through exactly what I do and show you kind of how actually I really only, this whole thing only takes me
about five minutes a day to execute and it gets syndicated and all this stuff. I go all these different places with
my content and it just works really well and that’s very likely why
you’re watching this video right now is because you came through
one of these medium. So, we come over this white board right here, which you don’t have a choice because
you are not holding the camera. Basically, what you’re doing right now, what most lawyers are doing is this; you create a Facebook post
that goes to a blog post and then that’s it. Now, the reason that my method works is
because I create a Facebook ad that goes to a landing page that then drives people to my group, that drives people to my email list and if they don’t answer their email address
it ads them to my Facebook pixel audience. Now, keep in mind that whether they answer the, if they do answer their email address
they still end up in my audience but they don’t have to give me their information
for me to capture their information. So, again this one right here, this is very simple and basically
this system stops right here. That’s why this system right here doesn’t work, it’s a waste of time,
it’s a waste of money, it just doesn’t work. So, the way that this system works is I create a piece of content so right now what I’m working on is a cheat sheet and then I create one single Facebook post. I create this Facebook ad, that Facebook ad drives people
to my landing page where they can then download my cheat sheet. Now, to download my cheat sheet they have
to give me their email address. So, basically what happens is, it says enter your email address
and we’ll email you a cheat sheet. So once they answer their email address
they end up on my email list. Once they enter their email address also,
it takes them to a confirmation page that asks them to join my Facebook group. Now, if they don’t join there
they end up in my Facebook pixel and the Facebook pixel runs additional ads
that tries to get them back to the email list. So, what happens is, I’m creating one ad and I’m capturing, eventually I’m going to capture
three pieces of information. Now, the other thing that happens
is I create daily content and daily content only takes me
about five minutes a day to create. I can create a post, I create, I can either create a blog post, I prefer video, video is my preferred method. So what I do is I turn the camera
on and I create a video. Maybe it’s a five minute video like
what I’m creating right now. Now, what happens is once I create that video
I then send it to my content team or I send it to my team and
my team does all the work. So, basically they end up sending
that video to YouTube, to my email list and they write an actual email camp there right at email that will go out to my entire email list
that contains that video. They schedule a post on LinkedIn, they add the post to my Facebook page, they add it to Instagram, oh, this is Twitter, they add it to Twitter, they add it to Instagram, they add it to the blog post, right? And then they also write a blog post and they and so people can find me through SEO. So, everything is linked to everything. So, basically if you’re on my email list you’re getting daily emails
that are pushing you to YouTube. You’re also going to get an email
that’s going to push you to my LinkedIn. You’re also going to be invited
to my Facebook page and I think you can see what’s going on here. You’re going to end up going to my Twitter page, you go to my blog page. So this whole thing is all designed
to push everyone everywhere. Now, all I’m creating is one piece of content. This right here,
I create this content, this takes me five minutes everyday but by this,
from this one piece of content I’m optimizing my YouTube channel,
I’m going to my email list, I’m optimizing LinkedIn, I’m optimizing Facebook, I’m optimizing Twitter, I’m optimizing Instagram, I’m getting a blog post out of it and
it’s only taking me five minutes. And that’s the amazing part about
how this entire strategy works. Now, if you’re interested in
learning more about this strategy let me know and I’ll hop on the phone with you, I’ll kind of set up a custom strategy for you obviously I’m not going to say that
but give you a strategy and tell you that look, this is how we can make this work for you. You know, if you’re interested let me know. I’ll put the strategy together and
show you how it can work for you. If not at least you can kind of see, kind of how all this stuff works for me but honestly it works so much better
when you basically got this entire machine on. By the way this takes five minutes right here. This entire thing right here, this whole section right here
takes about two hours and it’s set it and forget it. You do it one time and it’s done,
it’s constantly running, it’s always running and
it’s directing people here and then you’re optimizing YouTube, email,
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog and it just works really well. So, if you have any questions let me know if you want me to set up a strategy for you
and show you how to, you can kind of customize this for your business, let me know. Talk to you soon, thanks.

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3 thoughts on “A Social Media Strategy For Lawyers (That Actually Works!)

  1. hey andrew im a brandnew media company and im trying to set up digital marketing for my first client that happens to be my attorney im struggling on where to start and how to gain him more leads and clients any advice you have would be awesome you are my biggest mentor and i love your videos im just overwhelmed on where to start ive developed his website and brand style guidelines already but when it comes to lead generation im stuck you can call text or email me (720) 5126483 [email protected]

  2. Awesome video! One of your best! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Do you have an Aussie law firm marketing team I can work with?

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