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Abigail Graduate Internship Profile | Oxford Brookes University

My name is Abigail Villarroel. I am from Venezuela and the course I studied at Brookes was Communications, Media and Culture and International Relations. My job title is called Communications Intern and it lasts for a full year. When I read
the communications one, I felt very spoken to. I was like, that’s literally what I’ve
done and I don’t only have experience in it, but I also feel like I could develop more
experience in it. Usually, I’m so used to really long visa processes and this one was
kind of really straight-forward. Because obviously this is the first time I’ve applied for a
tier five visa and I think the fact that it was a sponsorship situation made it really
quick and made it so easy and stress-free. A lot of the things that I do right now are
to do with social media and making sure that, on a day-today basis, the websites, our Twitter
pages, our social media channels, Facebook, Snapchat, all of those things are working
properly, but behind the scenes. I’ve had a really supportive team. I’ve had a really
supportive, supportive manager which is all you can really ask for when you’re doing something
for the first time with someone who looks over you, who doesn’t restrain you in the
things that you want to do or the things that you feel more interested in. I get to do something
different every day. That’s a huge benefit for me because I’m not a person that like
monotony and that’s certainly, mixing it up and having new challenges every day, brainstorming,
using my creativity. I think one of the things I’ve learnt is probably how complex all the
interrelations within the university atmosphere are, and what it takes to actually have students
come in and it’s not just about having a room to teach in. It’s beyond that. It’s how do
you recruit the best students. How do let students know that we’re here for them. How
do we use our marketing campaigns and how does our faculty communicate. There’s so much
involved that I had never really thought about. My key takeaway is the way that in my future
job I’d like to be treated. I feel like the standard is quite high now for what I would
actually like from a job and that, hopefully, whatever job I end up wanting to do provides
me with the same kind of respect and the same kind of flexibilty and understanding to the
way I work. It’s a great way to kickstart your career. I’m really grateful to Brookes
for this opportunity and I think when you are a young person all you want is some sort
of affirmation that whatever you’re doing is working, or whatever you’re doing can be
appreciated or compensated in some way and to see that your own university is willing
to invest in you and trusts you enough to actually help you help it grow- it’s very
gratifying and it feels like I did something right. I’m working with someone who also wants
to work with me. That’s quite nice.

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