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About Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki began with the pursuit of revolutionary new technology: 100% cloud-managed IT. Basically an entire network under a single pane of glass. After more than a decade in business, Meraki continues to innovate delivering the simplest, most powerful solutions around. Helping our customers stay ahead of the curve as demands continue to grow. This means that wireless is expertly designed and engineered, optimized for the real world. Which means a better user experience, and it’s easier to set up! Meraki’s best-in-class network security is updated automatically giving you a powerful defense, and peace of mind. So no matter the vulnerability, we’re always working to keep you covered. And ambitious goals don’t require cumbersome tools and a team of experts to achieve. So you can finally get rid of all out of these! Now your networks can be configured in minutes—even for hundreds of sites around the world. Wait, really? Yes, really! Plus, you can manage your networks from anywhere. Seriously, Dad? Today, IT isn’t just racks and cables in a server room. It’s working with sales, marketing, and the c-suite to solve business problems. It’s intelligent insights giving you an edge in decision-making. It’s giving you time back to focus on the work that really matters. It’s powerful technology—for everyone. So get smart, and work simple.

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