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About us – Video Marketing – Digital Leopard

I’m Kathryn Bhat, the founder of Digital Leopard. Let me talk you through the importance of business videos and how we can help you get spotted. As you already know, video is a very important and popular medium. Not only is it the best way to talk about your business, but also search engines, such as Google, rank it higher than other types of content. A Business video is a long-term investment. Once we’ve created it it continues to add value to your business 24/7 even when you are chilling at home or on a well deserved holiday. Since you are here, on our website, I’m guessing you already know all this. So, let me give you three reasons why you should choose Digital Leopard. Firstly, we are a marketing specialist and not just a film production company. This means, that videos that we create with you will not only look great, but they will also help you achieve your goals and reach more customers. Secondly, the strategies we use are practice based and have a proven track record. Before starting Digital Leopard I have built and sold an adventure travel company, using solely video and social media. Thirdly, I’m a small business owner just like you. I know how stressful this can be. I will make every effort to make you feel comfortable on video and if you’re a camera shy, we can produce animations instead. Finally, check out our portfolio. Our videos speak for themselves. And if you like what you see, why don’t you email or call Digital Leopard for a quote today. Don’t let your competitors leave you behind.

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