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Abraham: THE SECRET BEHIND “THE SECRET” – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham Reveals the Secret
Behind “The Secret” More things. Right there. Stand if you think it’s you. Yes come. When my friends know that I listen to Abraham they said oh have you seen The Secret? Esther is on The Secret. And I said uh, no but I got the DVD and you weren’t on there. Abraham wasn’t on there and so I thought well they must have seen it someplace else and got mixed up with this, it’s a very similar teaching. And then somebody again said well have you seen Abraham on The Secret, and I said no Esther and Abraham are not on The Secret. Oh yes they are, they are and I was very confused about that. Last night I found out there are two versions of The Secret. But I wondered whether Abraham wanted to comment on how there are two different versions of The Secret. We would but it’s a secret. Well Jerry and Esther were approached by the producer of The Secret. She wanted to do a series of television movies based upon the work of Abraham. That was the way she approached Jerry and Esther. And so they met with her and listened to her ideas and agreed to have her come. She came on one of the cruises and brought her crew and filmed the entire seminar and then interviewed Jerry and Esther and Abraham in front of a green screen which was the footage that was to be utilized on The Secret. As The Secret unfolded and Jerry and Esther saw the footage while there were things that they if they had been the creator of it would have done differently for the most part they found it to be an extremely uplifting good feeling first step in understanding the powerful Law of Attraction. And this very delightful woman said that she would find others who understood Law of Attraction and that they would put together this collage and Jerry and Ester recognized some of the people that were on The Secret as people who had been long time on their tape programs and so on and some that they had not known before but Jerry as he watched it especially found it to be uplifting. Esther said for her it was a bit like being someone who hears perfect pitch and even though there is a beautiful piece of music being
played if it’s off just a little it was discordant to her. But for the most part they liked it very much. And then about 200,000 of those DVDs that had Esther’s face and Abraham’s voice were sold. It was supposed to be a television movie but the network in Australia that was going to air it for some reason was not. And so in order to recoup their dollars the production company began looking for other avenues in order to market it and did. Again Jerry and Esther felt uncomfortable
with the – the way it was being marketed. Not because there was something wrong with
it But it was just different from the style. Jerry and Esther are liking the idea of allowing things to be and it felt a little more assertive than they were comfortable with. But again it was really not their business so much it was the production company’s and so Jerry and Esther just used that experience as an opportunity to try to turn downstream over and over again and were doing a good job of maintaining their balance. And then they got an e-mail from the producer who said the contract that we have with you – because Jerry and Esther had sought out an intellectual property rights attorney before they allowed all of this to be filmed
– is hindering us from marketing this in the way that we want to. So you have two options you can either turn over your intellectual property rights to us or we will have to edit you out. And for Jerry and Esther that was a very easy thing. Turn over our property rights. Be edited out. And even though being edited out was certainly not something that they wanted it was clearly downstream for them. Now there are those who said oh there were other options. You could sue. You could hold to your contract. But all of that was upstream for Jerry and Esther and so they just took the path of least resistance and then they began to receive thousands upon thousands of e-mails from people who had seen it and loved it and wanted more who ordered it and were unhappy that Abraham was not present and so Jerry and Esther wrote an e-mail that they distributed to let people know that nothing has gone wrong just enjoy what’s coming next. Feel appreciation for what was there. And so that really is the story and that’s about all there is to the story. Nothing has gone wrong. Everything is right. The way we like to tell the story is that Jerry and Esther have been doing this work for a very long time and they had set forth a very powerful vibrational escrow of which this film was a part. In other words there is no question that that was based upon the dialog and the work that Jerry and Esther have been about for all of these years. There’s no question about that. And we certainly understand that after the fact now the woman who is selling it is not acknowledging that Jerry and Esther were a part of it because she can’t acknowledge that they are a part of it without detracting from what she has going on. And Jerry and Esther – while Esther suffered a great deal from it
initially have got themselves into alignment about it and the whole of the matter is that they are benefiting enormously from this exposure to The Secret. There are all kinds of people out there that are being activated to the idea that you can create your own reality and that the Law of Attraction abounds. We acknowledge that this woman held to her vision very tightly and created what she wanted to create. And we will say to you especially in the context of what’s going
on here what she did was not nice. It was not nice that she did to Jerry and Esther what she did but nice is beside the point don’t you think? In other words she came into alignment with what she wants she gave her undivided attention to it the universe is yielding to her she’s getting what she is wanting and for – and Jerry and Esther came around to understanding that for someone else to receive what they are wanting does not in anyway detract from them. In other words no one can detract from the work that Jerry and Esther are about you see. And so this is a secret that keeps on giving. The best part- The best and the most interesting thing about all of this and this is the thing that is stunning from our broader non-physical perspective
– The Secret movie tells a story about knowledge being suppressed. That’s sort of the basis of The Secret that there are laws and things that you have not been allowed to know and we think that by taking Abraham and Jerry and Esther’s part out of The Secret they are doing the very thing again that they used as the basis for their movie. Because – Indeed. Unless you put the non-physical part of it
in then you’ve left out the guidance. And when you’ve left out the guidance then you just leave people out there to all kinds of other random experiences. No one really gets a bead on how to deliberately create. When your traveling from point A to point B in your vehicle it’s easy to know just head in that direction and keep going and you’ll get there. But there are all kinds of people who would like to go from sickness to wellness or from a bad relationship to a better relationship or from confusion to clarity who haven’t been able to quantify those journeys. And the secret that – there isn’t a secret. Calling Law of Attraction a secret is like calling gravity a secret. Like – Like if we don’t tell them they will fall up instead of down. If we don’t teach them about gravity they might throw a baseball and it might just go off into outer-space unless they know that there’s gravity and we say that will never happen. Law of Attraction abounds and there’s not a shred of evidence to the contrary of it. And the secret that has been suppressed is that you are Source Energy in physical bodies. That is the secret that is suppressed. Even though everybody in the world is an extension of Source Energy. In other words people don’t keep the secret because they are trying to deprive you of
it. They keep the secret because they don’t think your ready to hear
it. You see. And there’s nothing wrong with that is there? Because a teacher a really good teacher understands where his student is. So – Very interesting. So really the story – the story of The Secret is I want to tell the world the secret to creating but I see that the world isn’t ready for the big story so I’ll just tell them the mini version and then I’ll call it a secret while I continue to keep the secret. Thats basically what happens. Wow.

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100 thoughts on “Abraham: THE SECRET BEHIND “THE SECRET” – Esther & Jerry Hicks

  1. ive watched her videos and i feel they help me know how to use the secret in more detail. What i dont understand is who is Jerry and Esther Hicks? Shes Abraham Hicks right? Does she have 3 names?

  2. Chicky0708: Jerry and Esther are authors who have also been conducting "Law of Attraction" workshops for over 20 years. Their work is based on the teachings of "Non-Physical Source Energy" who they call "Abraham" and who communicates blocks of thought to Esther which she then translates. They don't think of this process as channeling. Their company is called Abraham-Hicks Publications and they have no organization to join – just a mailing list to be notified of new books, CDs and videos.

  3. Thanks for clearing that. So understand that Esther is getting thoughts from him. But why call herself Abraham? And where is Jerry?

  4. Chicky0708: She is not calling herself Abraham, Abraham is like another personality that refers to Esther in the third person. This personality, when it first manifested, identified itself saying "I am Abraham". Jerry is sitting off to the side in every workshop, operating the audio recording equipment and taking notes. For a much more detailed explanation, go to our Abraham-Hicks website and listen to the free download entitled "Introduction to Abraham".

  5. Wow, how ironic, don't ya think? that, the Law of Attraction, what you focus on, comes – worked in this way w/Abraham being a Secret now too! Another example of how powerful our thoughts are. Great info from Abe and being a big "Seth" fan myself from way back, I find the "Abe" info just as good and it's revived my knowledge and has helped me understand more thoroughly all of this. The "Abe on God" is a must see! Thank you for helping everyone with that message Esther and Jerry!! You guys Rock!!

  6. I've always had an intuitive sense of wanting to shun The Secret, and now I know why. The underlying vibration of the woman who originally promoted it is an ego vibration. Now that I'm tuned into Abraham, I can listen to his words and my intuition says they ring true. This is the difference between listening to the Source, and someone who is merely hawking the Source. Good decision to be edited out; the benefit to all is greater this way. I shunned the Secret; I have bought Abraham's books.

  7. i have listsoned to one of the teachings and i felt relief from a unseen blame tactic that was going on in my life it was absured to be blamed for beliefs which where not mine and casting stones these are very healing teachings this reminds me to let go , i'll tell my sister

  8. Thanks so much for this. I watched 'The Secret' a couple of weeks ago, after having read several of Esther and Jerry's books, which I just cannot get enough of!! I wondered why they were not in it, when I thought they were. I knew there must be an explanation out there and today I found my way to it 🙂 Wonderful to hear what occurred and understand the interconnections there.
    Sunbeam 🙂

  9. turxxx: Esther and Jerry Hicks are best-selling authors who have been conducting "Law of Attraction" workshops for over 20 years. Their work is based on the teachings of "Non-Physical Source Energy" who they call "Abraham" and who communicates blocks of thought to Esther which she then translates. Although some have called this process "channeling", they don't prefer this word. Their company is called Abraham-Hicks Publications and they have no organization to join – just a mailing list.

  10. Abraham confirmed what I have been suspecting about 'The Secret', having watched the video and bought the book (which to this day I have never opened). Very well said. Puts alot of perspective into my world about some of my own situations where people just weren't "nice". oxo

  11. BolivarDan: Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, teaches the entire "Secret" – which is the co-creative role that Infinite Source Energy plays in all our lives.

  12. A1Jazz: If you Google the phrase, the first reference is an excerpt from Esther & Jerry's book "The Astonishing Power of Emotions" in which this is explained.

  13. Your attitude does indeed interact with the universe!
    "Everything can be taken from a man but …the last of the human freedoms – to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

    Viktor Frankl (from "Man's serch for meaning").

    As a psychologist, over the years I have seen evidence of the immense power for change in Frankl's wonderful truism.

  14. I actually found Abraham for the first time on the Secret DVD and while it was the greatest thing I had seen before, I now find Abrahams work far more uplifting and simple! And I KNOW that it was because I WAS READY that I found that DVD even though it was only the tip of the iceberg!

  15. popupwool: Abraham identifies themselves as "an aspect of Source Energy" analogous to Esther's soul, representing "unconditional love". They are not related to the Biblical figure of Abraham. Esther is "translating blocks of thought" in a process some have called "channeling", though Esther and Jerry do not prefer this definition. For a more complete explanation see our other YouTube videos, or go to our Abraham-Hicks website and listen to the audio recording entitled "Introduction to Abraham".

  16. Esther is translating blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy" – which she also identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul" – who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure). Esther maintains that her process of translating Abraham is not "channeling" though understands if others call it that. For more information see our video entitled "Abraham Explains Who They Are", or go to our website and listen to the audio: "Introduction To Abraham"

  17. I always had the feeling the Secret has so much missing – like it's a "clif-notes" but missing much of the things that make everything come together and "click" in a holistic way that Abraham describes.

  18. How true! If you do not have the tools to work with it, is DOES INDEED remain a secret!!!

    That's the whole point of telling the story!!

    I never saw either one, but how important it is to hear your explanation!

  19. The same happened to me. I am from Brazil and I had never heard of Abraham teachings before The Secret. The movie was a huge success and after I saw it I wanted to learn everything I could find about the law of atraction. It led me to Abraham. And I am grateful for that.

  20. When I watched the Secret I felt instinctively that the movie was for spiritual "beginners" so to speak, marketed for people whom would otherwise be put off by usual "new age talk". I did feel that the greater truth was missing but was still very inspired by it. I feel it has waken many people up & It has also led me to Abrahams clearly greater body of knowledge and wisdom & for these things I am grateful. Its just sad that there arent many exceptions to these types scandals in the industry.

  21. I so agree with you. The benefit I got from watching the Secret at the beginning of this year is that it led me to Abe teachings for which I am deeply deeply deeply grateful. I am their biggest fan!

  22. colinlikeschapstick: Esther is translating blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy" – which she also identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul" – who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure). Esther does not prefer the word "channeling" to describe her process, but understands if others call it that. For more info, see our video entitled "Abraham Explains Who They Are", or go to our website and listen to the audio: "Introduction To Abraham"

  23. MonsefBashDarHarKoja: Jerry & Esther made their first and so-far only trip to Europe in May of 2008, and conducted workshops during a Mediterranean cruise, as well as in England and Ireland. Audios of all of these seminars are available on audio, and the best of the England and Ireland events will be released as a 2-disc DVD soon. Visit our website for details.

  24. Well The Secret without Abraham was mediocre. Listening to Abraham is pure joy. There is no comparison. The Secret left out some vital information such as your emotional guidance which is at the core of Abrahams teachings.

  25. Abraham's teachings would have been the perfect fit, however the secret is still a great concept that has mainstream society asking those important deeper questions… its only the beginning…

  26. It was about time for The Secret to come out. To me, it was a confirmation of how I lived my life as a rebel and though I could not really put it into words. Whenever, it was down stream, I sure got there! And the Law of attraction has worked for me even before I came to planet earth 🙂
    It was aligned that we meet Esther and Abraham through the movie and we are thankful for that. Thank you!

  27. I really hope to see more mainstream videos with Abraham. I am new to their material ..but I have so far enjoyed watching them here on youtube. It's amazing how great this woman makes you feel. Thank you Esther

  28. Esther,
    You are my age and I remember very well that as a little girl I used to have pleasure in connecting with the source then I lost track and as an adult I spent most of my life reading self help books trying to find answers.Then I saw one of your clips only a feww weeks ago ..AND I found my track again.I feel that you are me speaking to my play mates as a child.

  29. Ester hicks is the best , I only watch the version of the secret that she's in it . I think that movie without her , is going to be like nothing , because she was the super star . but as she said , it's not important .

  30. A part of me felt incomplete when I saw the non-abe version of the Secret…. however my friends didn't feel the same. So i thought i must be broken..

    I gave my copy of the secret to a friend, whom i later fell out with, but never had the chance to get it back. So searched for the secret on Youtube. I found the older version (which i thought was the new version at the time) and was overwhelmed because this time, Ester-ham put the secret in another perspective…I was blissfully complete…

  31. thelifeuwant: Dr. Wayne Dyer has been a student of the Abraham material for years, and wrote the introduction to the first Abraham-Hicks book Hay House published, "Ask And It Is Given".

  32. @gokunarutosal Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author – along with her husband Jerry – of a series of best-selling books based on the Teachings of Abraham, whom Esther identifies as her Soul. Esther translates blocks of thought from Abraham, who teaches from the perspective of Infinite Non-Physical Source Energy with an attitude of unconditional love. For more information, see our YouTube videos entitled "Introduction to Abraham" and "Abraham Explains Who They Are"

  33. @saintben2008 Esther was in the first version of "The Secret" video that was released, but not in all subsequent versions.

  34. i am grateful to the film because it caused me to ask and find you Abraham and i love your non biased approach to life!! thank you!!

  35. You guys are amazing. You bring such freedom and clarity to people all over the world. If you are reading this, then it's for a reason. I hope to inspire as you all do as being a major part of my life soon. But feeling it is what I love. Thankyou very much. 🙂

  36. I brought the secret, after the secret I was thirsty again, something was a mist. Than I found Abraham and the Hicks. Now I am helping myself slowing emerging out of stressful situation into a wonderful feeling. It just open my senses all the time. I smile again… I am really my nickname again…just call me Smiley…thank you.

  37. My life changed tremendously after being the student of Abraham. I read lots of books from different teachers, i would say they are good but somehow deep in my heart i know theres something more for me And i stop searching for the teachers the moment i found Abraham's teaching. Abe's teaching are beyond words can describe which always comes from the pure, fast, high energy, non bias dimension……….

  38. I listened to the Secret (cd) several times before…beginning a few years ago. I loved it because I was on the frequency of receiving it at that time. I never learned about Abraham, Jerry, or Esther until a few hours ago. This is far more profound for me at this point in my life. While the Secret helped to positively change my "thinking," these videos inspire my "being." I am on the frequency to receive this now. Thank you for generously sharing these videos.

  39. I found Abraham after watching the Secret so I am glad I watched it but many of my friends watched Secret than they found it very stupid especially the introduction part, and Secret left many questions in my mind but Abraham just offers solutions :))) I love You Abraham, You ROCK!!!!

  40. @vnano "The Secret" was originally conceived as a film about Jerry and Esther, but in the course of production the producer added a lot of other voices to the film, many of whom echoed a distorted and/or incomplete version of what Abraham had been teaching for 25 years. Faced with their contract being violated, and their life work in danger of being diluted, Jerry and Esther elected to walk away and the producer elected to misrepresent their central rolls in the genesis of the film and book.

  41. While going through a bit of a low period, I decided to watch a bunch of inspirational movies to keep my spirits high. One of those movies was "The Secret." After making a comment on a clip from that movie on Youtube, somebody suggested that if I was really interested in the Law of Attraction, that Abraham was where the "leading edge" was. I thought it was a silly comment, but looked into Abraham at that point. I'm very thankful for what I looked into!!!

  42. Thank you! The movie the secret was the catalyst that launched my fist real world creation straight from the source, What a revelation it has all become. It was your talks that answered all of the rest of the questions and eliminated all the obstacles I placed in front of me. I'm so grateful these talks manifested for me. Thanks you again.

  43. @L1661N6 Esther has explained that Abraham is her particular translation of Source Energy, or in other words, her Soul. For a more complete introduction, see our YouTube video "Introduction to Abraham"

  44. I saw the original version of The Secret online with Esther in it and I had no idea that Abraham was speaking through her. There was just an energy about her that let me know she knew exactly what she was talking about, way more so than everyone else in the video! She seemed way more knowledgeable than the others in the movie. The rest was history then I found Esther-ham and learned what the law of attraction really was about lol.

  45. @asalahuddin62 Esther is translating blocks of thought from a Source that she identifies as her Soul, using her own words. As part of her process to do this, she has identified that Soul – which is part of the Universal Source Energy – as "Abraham". Although some have called this "channeling", Esther and Jerry do not prefer this definition because Abraham is not "a smart dead person", Abraham is not whispering words in Esther's ear, and Esther is not in a trance as most people understand it.

  46. @paologeminiani Abraham has identified themselves as Esther's translation of Source Energy – in other words, her Soul.

  47. @shylathegreat Abraham is Esther's translation of the Divine aspect of herself – what many call the Soul. And, since Abraham holds the position that this greater part of ourselves is God, Abraham does personify an expression of All-Loving Non-Physical Source Energy. However, Abraham also says that each person's expression of their Source is unique, and so they don't use the word God to describe themselves because it connotates things they don't mean.

  48. Does Abraham speak to Esther and she merely translates whatever Abraham says or does Abraham somehow enter her body and mind and then Esther becomes possessed? And when Abraham uses "We" does he mean we as in Abraham and Esther?

  49. @shylathegreat Esther says that she receives "blocks of thought" from Abraham which she then puts words to using her own vocabulary. Esther is not in a trance in the conventional sense, which is why she no longer prefers the word "channeling" to describe her process. When Abraham uses "we" they are speaking of themselves as Source, which they explain is not singular but also has no particular number as we think of it.

  50. This is why when I read The Secret I didn't get it… I needed the "non physical" part, that is the
    key. When I came across Abraham-Hicks one year later, it clicked!

  51. I didn't read the secret–I admit being put off by the hype,the sense that it was just another corrupted version of the truth to hide the button and make the speakers rich by convincing everyone else they too could be rich if they had the secret (but of course they never will because they're missing a key piece). I think the true 'secret' is: rich or poor, it's okay. You're eternal and your choice does not diminish you. Love, live and be light. Thanks, Abraham.

  52. I didn't read or watch the secret–I admit being put off by the hype,the sense that it was just another corrupted version of the truth to hide the button and make the speakers rich by convincing everyone else they too could be rich if they had the secret (but of course they never will because they're missing a key piece). I think the true 'secret' is: rich or poor, it's okay. You're eternal and your choice does not diminish you. Love, live and be light. Thanks, Abraham.

  53. wonderful people here. I ask all good people to think with love and send love to our planet so the world soon became better and happier. love and light to all

  54. I am grateful to "The secret" movie – it helped me to find Abraham teachings. I saw version with Esther and Abraham. After waching "The Secret" 5 times or so, I felt, that it's not complete, a lot is missing in there, I want to know more… then I started to google all teachers who were in the movie, and listen to what they are saying. And when I found Esther and Abraham, oh my, what a feeling that was, I instantly knew, this is it. Esther radiates so much love and clarity. Thank You so much!

  55. Abraham mentions about the emotions along the line of resistance to non-resistance.along the way is Appreciation-after watching the secret a month ago i got so into it then got The Power book by Rhonda then The Miracle(which is all about gratitude)i found the true worth of this trait – the attitude of grattitude changes my day every day, if im full of it my day goes amazingly! so its 1 great thing to come from the secret movie…and now i have found you Abraham, and i am now whole and completexx

  56. Wow!!!. I didn't know Esther and Jerry were the ones from where this film came about. I always wondered, there was always something missing on the film, the knowledge of Abraham. There is no greater feeling than to KNOW the truth behind "The Secret" Thanks Abraham, Esther and Jerry!!!

  57. I was one of the fortunate 200,000 who got the origional Secret DVD with Abraham. I was so immediately drawn to Esther and Abraham that I googled them right away. That was 6 or so years ago. I am so APPRECIATIVE of Abraham, bringing the "secret" out into the open for all who have ears to hear. My life unfolding has been an amazing journey thus far and now that I really GET IT and choose to guide my feelings into better and better places, life is so good. Thank You A,E&J for the help in expanding

  58. Fascinating. I'm just learning of Abraham Hicks as of today. Now who & what Abraham is, is something I'm very familiar with. The "downloads" as I call them that I receive from my "Spiritual guide" are always thought provoking and revolutionary in idea & spiritualism. Many times when I hear the information again will be almost 3 years later in a much more watered down, filtered version. Most pointedly I've believed for some time that those that receive the downloads are purposed to teach

  59. he walked in faith by asking, believing and recieving (another principal straight from the bible). True faith that you act on truly can move mountains. Speak of things as though they already were. Allways be thankfull. The word of God formed the universe…

  60. In my understanding (and opinion), Abraham is Esther's unconscious mind. Again, in my opinion (and vocabulary), subconscious mind is the same as soul and soul is the same as God. So, I'd say, yes, I see Abraham as "God", but not the conventional religious God that many people think of. Our unconscious mind/soul is all-knowing, however, most of us have very limited access to our unconscious mind.

  61. I am SO GRATEFUL for the explanation in this presentation. When so many were raving about the movie 'The Secret', I viewed it, and thought, "Seriously?! It seemed more like a movie trailer, and went no where. Your closing statement says it all!

  62. So wait…. Is the secret the fact that we(all of us) are made of the same particles and energy as the rest of the universe(as quantum physics suggest), and can there for will things within the universe to be the way we want it to be?

  63. Nicely said. I've been brought to Abraham Hicks again because I too felt that I lost track with a connection that felt so effortless as a child. Then I realized through listening to the teachings again that I've listening way too much to the "peanut gallery" instead of following my inner calling. It's making so much sense now.

  64. Excuse me, but I have a question concerning your statement. I don't think Esther said at all that The Secret distorts their message at all, in fact in a wide spread email, She stated : "We think that "The Secret" clearly and beautifully presents Abraham's Law of Attraction in a way that is easy to understand. It is filled with stunning beauty and beautiful people, many of whom are our personal friends." You can find this email by contacting Abraham-Publications, no joke.

  65. I was watching "the Secret" first before knowing Abraham. I loved the message of the Secret so much but after a while I feel that something lacks there but I forgot about it. Then I met Abraham it was truly amazing: I felt that my confusions were are sorted out. I still appreciated that "the Secret" made me be on a quicker path to meet Abraham teaching. I love Abraham teaching so much.

  66. Saw a video of Louise Hay,she recommends on that video to check Abraham Hicks, It was just the right moment for me cause I needed to learn how to go from sickness to wellness… Stage one Cancer and changing my life through forgiveness, Love and understanding SELF to acces the vortex.. The "other Secret" doesnt tell you that.

  67. I gained control over my life through Abraham's teachings, and I am infinitely grateful of it. And I must say that it first started with a copy of The Secret. After reading the book I just could not stop thinking about these teachings and one day, all of a sudden, a very good friend from Sweden asked me to provide her with my address in the Dominican Republic in order to send me a gift that she keep as "a secret". A few weeks later I received by mail an amazing book "Ask and it is given", plus lots of the seminars and from then on my life has changed completely for good. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will see you soon!

  68. What a beautiful way to look at, what we may consider to be, "difficult" situations. A great example to us all. By the way, Ask And It Is Given was the catalyst and foundation to my awakening. Thank you!

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