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100 thoughts on “Acai Berry Product Taste Test

  1. I love how we aren’t allowed to know what they’re watching, but they narrate everything that happens in them. Also, Link’s face while watching the videos was more entertaining than the actual videos.

  2. Link is getting better at lying; first saying a few weeks ago that he wasn’t cheating in the candy apple game and now saying he didn’t yank the cord

  3. I think that Rhett and Link should have watched funny animal videos.
    I love funny animal videos!! it would have been nice if we could have
    heard these funny videos that they were watching!!

  4. Dude. They should have tried the sambazon energy. That’s like the fuel of my household because it doesn’t have caffeine but works like an energy drink

  5. “Is he in a port a potty 🚽 ahhh 😱 the look on Links face 👀 haahaaa!! It’s almost better than knowing what they are watching 😂😂😂

  6. I saw it, rewound it and saw it again. It was looks fault. Rhett handed him nothing… He grabbed the cord and pulled and spilled the red bull. 😁

  7. 3:25…… Link yanked the cord and it spilled the redbull…. at first I was like Rhett c'mon, but then I watched back too. Oops, sowwy Rhett.

  8. I would have argued in Links favor that he was handed stuff and he took the corded headphones…. but… he said he didnt pull or yank. So because he thought that if he pulled/yanked it would it have been his fault, it then became his fault since he did pull the cord to early

  9. I’ve seen plenty of funny videos on Facebook and YouTube I don’t care what funny video you are watching mostly I’ve already seen what every video you guys are watching

  10. Link 🤦‍♀️ there was some slight pulling..😂💀 But you slightly redeemed it with your “ciya tomorrow” chia seed joke lol

  11. Was anybody else legitimately salty they couldn't see the vids Rhett & Link were watching??? Or is it just me?😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I remember going to my first Jiu Jitsu competition, and the first thing I saw was an acai stand. Ended up spending $20 on their Warrior Bowl. Preeeeetty sure that's how I got and gold and a silver lol

  13. The video was a 1 hour vine compilation published on August 31, 2018 by a channel called “Funny Vines” and the visible part of the title is “[1 HOUR] TRY NOT TO LAUGH…” etc.

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