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Accounting – Natalie Regula

– My name is Natalie Regula. I’m a sophomore here at the university and I’m majoring in accounting. I actually started out
in a different major and switched after my second semester after taking a couple
classes and just decided that that was my passion area. Outside of the classroom, I’m involved in an accounting internship, I’m on the women’s volleyball team, I’m in the Oiler 10, Fellowship
of Christian Athletes, and student advisory athletic committee. The Oiler 10 is a student
run business, pretty much. Outside companies will come to us for their marketing needs and sales needs and we deliver those to those companies. The Oiler 10 has benefited
me in a lot of ways. You build relationships with
the people inside your group and then other relationships
outside with those companies. I actually had an
internship over the summer based on those relationships. You’re really developing your skills and learn what you’re really good at and what you’re passionate about. After I graduate, I
would like to get my CPA and work for a big business
or be in an accounting firm. (inspirational music)

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