Action Bronson Eats at the Greatest Market in Barcelona (Extra Scene)
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Action Bronson Eats at the Greatest Market in Barcelona (Extra Scene)

so you were you never singing in Barcelona in a festival that it’s not very usual to rapper yeah put the up I don’t know people loved it did I tell you that you have to choose between cooking and rapping cooking I was always cooking first and then rap just happened destiny it was my destiny the first step was I broke my leg the second step is that I was crying because it hurt the third step I took some percocet the fourth step I threw cereal bowls of cereal at the wall the fifth step I stopped taking percocet the sixth step I started smoking weed every day again seventh step I became a rapper it sounds like alcoholic yeah but I only may add seven steps that seven steps a that’s it that’s it it’s no more [Music] so this is the main entrance this is it yes we go to eat something to be not to be done to the most famous guy here it’s Maura 80 years working everyday at 6 o clock in the morning all the chef’s come here to take breakfast in the morning this is the guy 80 how many years I’ve used biospheric Eakins the leaf to the spoon cool he’s right we were still in our now look we’re gonna have a very good hum okay and some tratar de patatas let’s go okay let’s go I want to see everything everything everybody wants fish so many different things look at all this now we’re in the far corner of the market [Music] [Music] like it raw here so I can order something perfect it’s okay yes you eat everything I hear bring it the speakers fighting around little bit no shoes you don’t get our muscles pickled vegetables I’m gonna go home upon a proposal what would not try some color thank you sir this is some traditional Spanish champagne for gala welcome to Tokyo to Barcelona thank you very much that’s beautiful garbanzos yes that this specialty here Lisa Munoz thank you oh my god the specials got a bunch of beans with a little squid I love that I swear it’s all a description beautiful that an almost tastes like fresh softly yeah now we’re going to have the fun you waiting for wait her so good lunch awesome oh sorry what’s going on they’re so big you say that’s the best one here whoa I’ll taste this on the cinnamon and yes I say the cinnamon right okay this has some African influence on what’s going on so big mission doing is soaked in oil for 38 days nothing you want to me ugalla Calabar hey yes look see look look I’m a huge and do that really changes what rides a million times on YouTube I can move you I do pictures you can awesome I have one of the best food places I’ve ever done you want to try some of our food we’re do that baby squid with to Friday it’s there Spitzer house specialty your hey today’s you for everything I mean you can use by for yeah it’s delicious oh [Music] thank you guys I was good stuff maybe after push garlic in its owning with eggs and this crusty bread unbelievable get it get it get it get it I don’t did you fit that piece and wide like that like this what the hell delicious but feed bag allow I got out with small beans also white beans get some Alejo somebody who’s like a macho alright but more more I guess smoky tomato cold tomato yeah alright yeah in Brooklyn alpha buggin Queen yes ed we’re gonna keep bringing food until he sing something okay go and get that shrimp is ridiculous you know about that technique [Music] nice to meet you nice to meet you you’re the man you like you’ve nothing what when I come back all right have the microphone ready we’re gonna get some organic wine here beautiful no sulfites no from Swedish mother looks good that’s a cool looking battle right nice artwork sometimes I’d buy one with the just a picture yeah chi-ching like I like a whiner song just you know this and it complements it [Music] fire was good [Music] he’s gonna make a special recipe for you I can’t wait and if you want to cook with him I do I need to roll a joint first so this is a typical recipe official manual they go to a diffusion denied then they take all the fees that is not nice then they cook a fisherman’s stew let’s call it yeah it’s not exactly catch of the day but it’s the lesser used parts and they just use it to make it delicious I’m ready to watch yeah now this is an ugly fish look at this monkfish yeah you got mouth it’s very underutilized because you thing is so ugly and disgusting looking but it tastes so good this is one of the best tasting fishes everyone hit that guy keep making a hate election keep looking at it you want to hit it what does I want sure tastes like lobster very meaty boom that is a saucepan and the head of the monkfish is in there you boil the head down make some sort of stock use for a sauce where you want to mash everything together and make a paste of nuts chilies garlic some sort of seasoning [Music] he’s a beautiful onions yeah I know is gonna be working today [Music] ah I love the way this goes this is gonna be good you could already tell all these quality ingredients is beautiful the idea is put all together okay you don’t let the pickle I cook a little bit uh no no it will do it all together you know it’s a bitter stop looking good okay so I tried it it’s it’s in Cleveland Browns holding tool in tool in tool in tow we use this for therefore sucsessful paella for this means the name is pasaje it’s all all received more than hundred years that’s crazy beautiful school [Music] thank you very much thank you man you’re the man I never try it try it one time like this aqui aqui aqui [Music] okay good job thank you ciao

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100 thoughts on “Action Bronson Eats at the Greatest Market in Barcelona (Extra Scene)

  1. Ey yo I'm your biggest fan! Wanna come eat some of the dregs and leftover bits off my plate ? Dont worry its been a couple hours since my gf licked the truffle butter off my knob

  2. Who the heck is Action Bronson ? Is this what food is about ? Some obese guy debaunching on drugs and food. Get real. Go back to your fat boy druggies.

  3. does anyone know what the seafood stew dish was at 7:15 does anyone have the recipe ? or point me in the right direction for it . Thanks

  4. What a lucky guy you are Bronson travel the world eat the best drink the your food show brotha keep up the good work

  5. Action probably has the sweetest gig with compated to others mayne the guy who does drugs but that would get off. AB gets to go to beautiful historic countries with a great food culture, new and old.
    I mean scenic view, alcohol meat cheese fruit and BREAD and he tokes lol. SIGN ME UP!

  6. Loved the food in Ibiza and Majorka. Awesome seafood paella’s and great sangria. And of course the late night early morning burgers and fries to counter all the liquor by 6am.

  7. Food is one of the great uniters of the world. Let us eat our way to a more diverse network of people ✌️🌎

  8. Does anyone know what song is used which starts at 8:01? The clearest and loudest part plays at 8:43. Thanks 🙂

  9. That's what good food is all about!! Friends enjoying a beautiful meal together, a nice drink with it laughing and enjoying each other's company. Good food brings out the good in humanity!! Gotta love this shit!

  10. He sounds like a combination of an Italian tough guy and wigger. Pretty major for a short bald fat bearded dude.

  11. Everything about Action, every word that comes out of his mouth, is hilarious in the best way.

  12. This is the one type of thing I wish we had in the US, these good markets. Instead we have boring Ralph's grocery store ,lol

  13. Umm… Where is clovis¿ este put vale verga. Kept up with his mf disrespectful ass. Action pls. Skip this ugly country and continue to Nuevo Mexico EeUU porffies!!!???

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