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100 thoughts on “Adam Ondra #53: Spray Wall – An Essential Part Of Training

  1. A big shoutout to the directors/editors of this video here! I think the way you made it possible to actually understand the boulders by highlighting them 1. with the color and 2. with the circles was genius! I've seen many videos where watching people climb on these walls is just boring because you don't get the feel for that boulder. Really cool!

  2. My gym lost its spray wall for a bit when they added it to the rotation, but now it's back to its torturous 60 degree glory

  3. I would Love to have such a Wall in my Gym and i Love you Videos too maybe you could make them like 15 Minutes or a Bit shorter

  4. Hi adam, I am in the process of building a home wall. Possible may turn into a spray wall type wall. Space is a limiting factor. The only space available is in my loft. To maximise the length of the wall and to make the build simpler the angle (on one side at least) will have to be 60°. Do you think this is too steep for a home wall? I am concerned that the angle will limit its usefulness. I do have plans in the distant future to add a 45° or 25° on the other side of the loft but the pitch of the roof will result in this side being a lot shorter (I.e 2.5m ish) and cost is also a factor. I am currently climbing V3 to V05 and struggle to fit more than 1 gym session a week in due to work/family commitments. So the idea of the build is to increase this to two or even three a week. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  5. I don't think it's worth it for gyms to offer a spray wall as space is limited in climbing gyms and making a spot for spray walls just don't appeal to the mass. That's also why you'll hardly see a gym with a ton of difficult climbs as the majority of the members will never be able to do those problems.

  6. Thankfully I feel like tools like the Kilter board are striving to bring the splash board back into prominence.
    Also I feel like the splash board at my gym is going to see plenty of use now that this video is up!

  7. Thanks for sharing your amazing training tips and your vision. These “for free” series are unique and very inspirational.

  8. I didn’t quite get why these walls are better for training. Is it because you have more problems to do than on a normal wall? Also I wouldn’t be able to find any routes on one lol.

  9. Started climbing in 2002 with a 45 spray wall. Best indoor style. Creative, fun, and very social. I love how you’re advocating for it Adam!


    The insanely over-dramatic intro music was so unfitting paired with the strange silhouette of you hopping down a little ledge with a backpack on. Idk why this bothered me so much but I'm glad you changed it HAHA.

  11. Thank you for this, now I can use this as another piece of evidence why my home gym should add a spray wall lmao. Also awesome editing I really liked how easy it made each boulder easy to follow

  12. Another great video from Adam and his team! Completely agree spray walls should be a thing in gyms.. They can act as warm ups and training for a good bouldering session. For anyone who's interested, one good gym we found in Korea that has a good all around spray wall is Climbing Park in Seoul! (http://boulderinginkorea.com/climbing-park) 🙂

  13. Agreed! we have a small spray wall, where the holds never change, and its below other routes. Not inspiring at all. Here's hoping gym owners listen 🙂

  14. The only gyms near me are geared towards making the most money as possible. I use to be an employee at one of them for the free climbing lo, they just had us push all the programs and camps for kids that they had to offer and try to make people who can’t even climb V1s- V3s rent shoes and chalk. Not to mention the 5+ birthdays we had per day.

  15. would you say there is a certain level you need to be on to be able to train on this kind of wall?
    i mean i get that its a training tool, but can beginners use it as well? lets say someone who feel comfortable on V3/4?

  16. I really appreciate the use of the little circles it was a very elegant, unobtrusive and intuitive way to keep us from getting lost in the sea of holds.

  17. We have a spray wall at my home gym but it's so steep and the holds are mostly so bad that it doesn't make much sense to train there without a certain amount of power and technique. Thats pretty unfortunate.

  18. Our gym is just spray wall and coaches show us boulders and I think that this is great way to get better becouse they know what every single one can do and they try to push our limits

  19. Oooh this is probably my favourite indoor bouldering video so far. Perfect editing with highlighting the holds for each boulder problem. Awesome! 🍻🍻

  20. オンドリャの英語の発音、上手に成ったような?この前you tubeの英語のchannelみてたら、米国人native的な発音するなら、t・s・dは発音しないと、90%近づくそうです?確かに「little」なんて、tを発音してないよネ?

  21. I can't believe I've watched 53 of these. It is the only thing on Youtube that I have post notifications on for and religiously watch every week. Adam is such an extraordinary human and it is inspiring to watch his grit and commitment.

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