Adam Ruins Everything – The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses
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Adam Ruins Everything – The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses

Afternoon, Pierre. Adam!
It’s been too long. Is that a new pocket square? New to you. How’s Madeleine? She agreed to a second date. I told you she was
sweet on you. And how are your loved ones? My turtles?
They’re quite well. What do you got for me? Well, we have a number of
new styles to show you. So many styles.
How do I choose? Ooh, flirty. Classic. Tre fashionable. Daring ‘do. Actually, all these frames
are exactly the same. Ahh! I’m sorry,
she’s a contacts person. She doesn’t understand us. These are clearly
different brands. No, they’re not. I’m the Adam now. Think about this
for a second. Even the most basic pair of
glasses can cost around $400. That’s as much as my phone. Haven’t you ever wondered why
a simple piece of plastic is the same price as this
miracle of technology? No, and you can’t make me! I love glasses too much! Uugghh! Ooh, the power
of knowledge. 80% of glasses
and sunglasses brands are controlled by a single
company, Luxottica. But that would give them
a virtual monopoly over
the entire industry. Bingo. And because
they control both the luxury brands
and the cheap brands, they can charge whatever
they want for either. No, I’m not seeing this. I’m sorry.
You have to. Luxottica uses that power to drive up the price of
glasses for everybody, sometimes charging
as much as 20 times
what they cost to produce. All right. And it’s not just
prescription glasses. Ray-Bans used to be
bargain mass-market sunglasses worn by everyone from
jazz men to presidents to president jazz man. But in 1999,
Luxottica bought the brand and raised the price to over
$150 a pair, quintuple what they were. Maybe they’re five times better
at banning rays now? Get out of here, ray!
You’re banned! Oh, the ideas your hair has. 70% of Luxottica’s brands come
from the exact same factory. This one’s Prada. This one’s nada. Hey. This is just like what you did
with clothing outlets. Ooh, this is karma. I hate this. Glasses are really
important to me. They’re, like,
40% of my personality. Oh, suck it up. You know, we don’t have to
teleport everywhere. We can walk
around the store. Why? Well, I’m a smart boy,
and I know what to do. I’ll just go to
a different store. Good luck!
What is happening? It’s simple. Luxottica also owns almost all
the major glasses stores, too. Including LensCrafters,
Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical
and Sunglass Hut. Which means that the few brands
that they don’t own are forced to obey
their demands. When Oakley tried to dispute
Luxottica’s pricing, Luxottica retaliated by dropping
them from all their stores. Oakley’s stock price collapsed and Luxottica swooped in
and bought them out. Luxottica has so much power, that when a company didn’t
play by their rules, they brought them to the brink
of destruction then took over that company. I’ve never felt bad for someone
wearing Oakleys before. Oh, I still get plenty of
action. Wow, I know you’re not
the bad guy, but you are real unlikeable. Whatever, tits. Uhh! But I have to wear glasses. I don’t have a choice. Good point. For 75% of Americans, glasses
are a medical necessity. Too bad Luxottica also owns the second-largest eye insurance
company in America. That means it’s possible
for your optometrist, your insurance company, the factory that makes
your frames and the store that
sells them to you to all be owned by
the same company. So they can just rip us off? Everything is worth what people
are ready to pay, eh? Okay, that’s awfully cynical. Yeah, and it’s also
a real thing that their CEO said
to “60 Minutes.” The fact is,
most of these glasses could just be
labeled Luxottica, but they’re not, because what Luxottica
is really selling you is the illusion of choice. Et tu, Pierre? I’m sorry, Adam. I’m not who you think I am. No! So, what’d you think
of my lesson? pretty cool, huh?

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100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – The Conspiracy Behind Your Glasses

  1. Actually Ray Ban wasn’t bought by Luxottica. Bausch & Lomb was sold to them for $640m, and Ray Ban was one of their name brands. I still have a couple of pairs of Wayfarers made by B&L. They were $40 brand new and another $40 to get prescription lenses put in.

  2. I'm glad I have an old pair of Italian made Guccis frames that have nothing to do with Luxottica, and as they were a store display item I offered and only paid €80. Hope they last forever.

  3. Who buys designer brands and things that they are so much more quality anyways?? The only thing thats bad for me is that I have to pay A LOT for my glasses because I want them to be super thin and I have bad vision.

  4. It’s funny how they only talk about the frames and not the real cost which is the lens. That’s what your paying for to actually be able to see correctly. I personally can’t buy glasses online nor would I want too.

  5. My frames were 9 dollars at Walmart and I got the 10 dollar insurance and I’ve broken them 3 times and got new ones free

  6. So, if things are so horrile why don't you explain how to get cheap alternatives, apperently 20-30% of the market are not a Kartell…..

  7. OK i want to clear the air here. I dont know why people are so shocked my the eye care industry and issues such as this. YOU PAY FOR THE GODAMN BRAND. For years cheap glasses have been available at mom and pop shops. you just need to look around. the eye care industry in tricky because you are paying for 2 thing, frames and lenses. When it comes to frames people WANT BRAND NAMES. dont believe me? than why do all these high-end lines like gucci , prada , tom ford even exist in the first place? people like having pricey items because it makes them feel expensive. it what the entire economy of western soicety is based on. theres no amazing discovery in this video. in terms of lenses, thats where it can compromise in that you shouldnt necessarily be paying that much for lenses. but keep it mind that theres are ALOT of lenses and people also like to pay for branded lenses as well. Essilor, Nikon etc are examples of lenses that are expensive but have a brand attached to them and hence why people pay. people have to really grow up and realize that not everything is a rip-off, rather its just basic economics and consumer habits. you can buy glasses online for 5$ , but why dont people? because they feel cheap. its like a car, you could go buy a used toyota corolla that will fullfill the purpose of you getting from poitn A to B, but alot of people would rather have the bmw m3 or the audi a7. why? because its a status symbol and it makes you feel like you have more money. grow up and smell the coffee. luxoticca is not a rip off, they are just a luxury company. might as well complain about nike, adidas , gucci, LV and every other godamn company on the planet if your gonna be pissed about this.

  8. this is why i dont buy glasses from North America anymore. I just buy them overseas whenever family or friends head out overseas. i can usually get my prescription glasses for $20 per pair with frames vs $350 locally in canada.

  9. her argument could go with so many things, everything is price driven twords fashion or trends, not cost to make an item.

  10. This is old news, but still interesting news. Watch the 60 minute exposé here –

  11. When I heard that LUXOTTICA is monopolising eyesglass manufacturing,I feel this is very shameless
    They can freely set prices, they can set it very expensive in a non-competitive environment. This is very crazy!

  12. I stay neutral because although Luxottica control 90% branded Sunglasses and eyes glasses but there are some way to avoid expensive glasses .For example,we can buy glasses though online and maybe it can be cheaper than branded.We can go to non popular stores to buy glasses is also one way to find a pair of cheaper glasses 👓

    แว่นกันแดดแบรนด์เนม โปรโมชั่นลดราคา

  14. This is dumb. I live in one of the most expensive parts of the country (Orange County in Southern California), and my insurance covers up to $180 for a frame, but I literally cannot even find a frame over $130 at my local Costco.

  15. Good thing that I live in Poland where you can buy glasses from 5$sunglasses to somewhere 50$ for regular

    Lol take a look at this link to see how big of a lie and fake beta Adam Conover is

  17. Adam is a liar.
    anyone with even the smallest amount of knowledge of how markets work would know this from the start.

  18. The guverment should just stop corporations from dominating the market and encourage more competition between them.This will force each of them to drop the prices for keeping the customers!!

  19. Luxottica is in violation of the U.S ANTI-TRUST ACT's laws, anti-monopoly laws, anti-cartelization laws, anti-corporate raiding law, anti-cut throat anti-competition law, anti-indirect corporate subtle sabotage and takeovers laws, anti-oligopolistic laws, anti-merger laws, etc. All eyeglasses companies and eyeglasses insurance companies must be subjected to a government takeover under the RICO act in order to seize all documents, files, records, etc to investigate and check their unethical corporate practices and history backgrounds.

  20. FELIX GRAY!! It was free for me to get out of network glasses because they covered Felix Gray which comes with blue light and anti glare coating. Lenses and glasses would have been covered in network but I would have had to pay $95 for blue light and anti glare coating! My glasses were also only $145 but I didn’t have to pay anything with healthcare. It’s insane!!

  21. OH MAN, i remember when Ray-Bans used to be a bargain brand. I wondered about that for years, all of a sudden they were SUPER expensive. I remember as a kid my dad used to wear them all the time and they were super cheap.

  22. Boy I'm glad I don't need to use that $200 pair of glasses they prescribed me for my slightly imperfect vision

  23. Most companies:We like making money, in fact, it's the whole point of our existance. Adam ruins everything:It's a conspiracy!


  25. In Germany the biggest glasses Company is Fielmann. They are great! If you don't wan't to spend much money, you spend 17,5 Euros on the glass and 0 Euros on the frame. Furthermore you can give back every pair of glasses within six months and get your money back without having to tell an actual reason for doing so. The frames for 0 Euros are alright but if you want very high quality you might buy a frame for 20 to 60 bucks and if you wan't to buy very high quality glass it costs 87 Euros

  26. And these companies probably have contacts with the food industry to put stuff in food to make your cornea shrink and misshapen the lens on your eyes, so you experience premature loss of vision. Or something else like that.

  27. I bought a pair of sunglasses made with a titanium frame from a small sunglass company in California. They are made with incredible quality for the same price as the fragile Ray-Ban's. I took them to a sunglass hut and they were impressed and had never seen sunglasses like those.

  28. Guys, just buy it from outside. I am from India. I have really good glasses for less than $30. They can ship all over the planet for less than $10 extra

  29. Ray bans in the 80's cost around 60 dollar's. With inflation as of 2019, they cost around 150 dollar's. The same price they are around to day.

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