Adding Peer to Peer Texting to Your Marketing Plan
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Adding Peer to Peer Texting to Your Marketing Plan

– Ready Augustus? – Yes. – Let’s do this! Hello friends, this is
Zach from Blackbaud here at the Nonprofit Technology
Conference in Portland, Oregon. I’m joined by Augustus Diraviam. How ya doing Augustus? – Hey Zach. – Augustus is the CEO
and Founder of CallHub. Came all the way over
from India to join us. – Yes. – Thanks for coming, man. – Good to be here. – Let’s talk about peer-to-peer texting ’cause there’s been a
couple sessions about it. And for organizations
that aren’t quite familiar with what that is, can you just explain what peer-to-peer texting is? – So, peer-to-peer texting
lets you have your volunteers in check with your supporters and donors on a personalized basis
over text messages. – Okay, so is it just a, I
should add this as part of my marketing plan like it’s
not just email anymore. Like I should start giving
in to peer-to-peer texting as well, is that what you’re saying? – That’s right. So, most nonprofits are
confined just to email . So that works for you
know, the older generation of your donors and your supporters, right? So if you’re going to
invite newer millennials to donate to your organization
and if you’re going to contact supporters just on email, that’s not gonna work anymore. So you got to include emails, phone calls, and text messages as like a multiple-channel communication platform. You need something with that
for your nonprofits today. – All right, so adopting
this multi-channel platform how do I make sure I’m not
spamming people, right? ‘Cause you send out
these mass text messages. Does the user on the other end feel like they’re getting spammed? – So you use the same techniques
that you use in email. Make sure you get opt-ins
from people, right? So you get their permission
before you send them text messages and before you call, right? That’s number one. Number two, you should also
make it like personalized. You shouldn’t be sending
out blast text messages, the same messages to everybody. Make it a personalized
message, introduce yourself, and say you are not a bot, you’re a human. And you know, have back and
forth conversations with them. Then people don’t think it’s spam. It’s actually personal connection
with your organization. – Okay, so it sounds good. And it sounds like it’s
really important to do this because it’ll track that
next generation of donors, essentially. – Absolutely. – Great, well, how can people
learn more about CallHub? – So, they can talk to
anybody from our team. We are here in the booth
in Portland, Oregon. They can also like reach us
through hello, [email protected] – Okay, [email protected] – Yes. – All right, thanks
Augustus and if you’d like to follow the conversation happening here just follow the hashtag #19NTC.

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