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adidas Intern Series | Finance & Sales

Day to day responsibilities… well, they’re growing. Getting into keeping the sales team updated with shipping. as well as ad allowance, dealing with returns, analysis. So basically, if a retailer wants to send back some shoes or apparel or whatever it is, we look at their request and maybe make a counteroffer or whatever
it may be. Currently, I’m building tools basically to take a couple
of different reports that they have and combine them together. Basically make it easier and faster
for them to manipulate the data that they’re doing. Right now I’m working on building up a whole
new program. Using a data dump and what they already have, being able to extract that into
a front end where they can then pull those into the analysis they need. Exciting… Ya For people to get an internship here, make
sure you’re doing school. Honestly, a lot of the stuff in accounting and finance are
from school and from textbooks. Know what a balance sheet is and that kind of stuff.
If you don’t know that stuff coming into here, you’re going to be hurting. Excel is a big thing. You’ve got to be good
at it to manipulate big data. Those tools are just necessary if you’re going to start
off in finance. Ask the right questions or get good at asking questions. I’d say for any intern, it’s a lot of multitasking.
You’re going to have your big projects and then as time goes on, they’re going to throw
little stuff at you and say ‘Hey, can you do this for me, can you do this for me?’ You
kind of have to manage your main projects while also making sure that you’re getting
everything else done. Be proactive. Just gain as much exposure as
you can in the company, before you even get a job. Take every opportunity you can to get
your name out there cause it’s very competitive.

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